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15 creative puzzles for inquisitive minds

1. Two people approach the river. On the coast of the boat, which can withstand only one. Both men crossed to the opposite bank. How?
2. Sherlock Holmes was walking down the street. And suddenly he saw a dead woman lying on the ground. He approached, opened her bag and took out the phone. In tel. the book he found her husband's number. He called. He speaks:
- Come here urgently. Your wife is dead. And after a while my husband arrives. He looks at his wife and says:
- Oh, honey, what happened to you ???
And then the police arrive. Sherlock points his finger at the woman’s husband and says:
- Arrest this man. It was he who killed her. Question: Why did Sherlock think so?
3. Where is it that a horse jumps over a horse?
4. Bank is on the table. It is worth it so that one half of it is in the air and the other half is on the table. What lies in the bank, if in half an hour it falls? And why?
5. A man went to sea and fell into a storm. He was carried to an island where there were no men, but only girls lived. In the morning he woke up all over the ropes at some ritual and learned that they wanted to kill him.And he asked for the last word. After he told him, the girls made him a boat, gave him food, water, and sent him home. What did he say?
6. A student of the 1st grade solves this riddle in 5 minutes, a high school student in 15 minutes, a student in 1 hour, the professor will never solve. Riddle: decipher oddchpshvvdd
7. One train travels from Moscow to St. Petersburg with a delay of 10 minutes, and the other from St. Petersburg to Moscow with a delay of 20 minutes. Which of these trains will be closer to Moscow when they meet?
8. It is known that among nine coins there is one false one, which has less weight than the rest. How to determine a fake coin with the help of two weighing scales?
9. There are two cords, each of which burns by the hour, but burns unevenly. How to measure 45 minutes using these two cords and matches?
10. On a smooth board they put 2 bricks - one flat and the other on the edge. Bricks weigh the same. Which brick slips off first if you tilt the board?
11. Cat - 3 Horse - 5 Rooster - 8 Donkey - 2 Cuckoo - 4 Frog - 3 Dog -?
12. There were three criminals: Belov, a bear cub, Chernov the bastard, and the pickpocket Ryzhov. "It's amazing that one of us has black, the second is white, and the third is red hair, but none of the hair color matches the last name," said the black-haired. "And the truth is ...", said Belov, a bear cub.What is the pickpocket's hair color?
13. You are standing in front of three switches. Behind an opaque wall are three light bulbs off. You need to manipulate the switches, go into the room and determine which light bulb which switch belongs to.
14. There is a wall of concrete with a height of 3 meters, a length of 20 meters and a weight of 3 tons. How to knock it down without any tools and tools?
15. A father with two sons went camping. On their way there was a river, on the shore of which there was a raft. He stands on the water or a father or two sons. How to cross to the other side of the father and sons?
Do not peep) First, think for yourself!

1. They were on different shores.
2. Because Holmes did not tell him the address.
3. In chess.
4. Ice
5. Let the ugliest kill me.
6. 1,2,3,4... 
7. At the time of the meeting, they will be at the same distance from Moscow.
8.1th weighing: 3 and 3 coins. Fake coin in the pile that weighs less. If equal, then fake in the third pile. 2nd weighing: From the heap with the lowest weight, 1 and 1 coins are compared. If equal, then fake is the remaining coin.
9. It is necessary to set fire to the first cord simultaneously from both ends - this is 30 minutes.Simultaneously with the first cord we set fire to the second cord from one end, and when the first cord burns out in 30 minutes, we ignite the second cord from the other end - we get the remaining 15 minutes.
10. Bricks will begin to slide simultaneously. Both bricks put pressure on the board with the same force, which means that the friction forces that they have to overcome are the same. The specific friction forces per square centimeter of the contact area between the bricks and the board are naturally not equal. But the total friction forces acting on bricks, equal to the product of the specific friction force and the surface area of ​​contact, will be the same.
11. Cat - meow (3), Horse - and-go-go (5), Rooster - ku-ka-re-ku (8), Donkey-i-a (2), ..., Dog - woof ( 3)
12. Belov is not white because of a surname and not black, as he answered black-haired. That is, Belov - red. Chernov is not black because of his surname and not red, as the bear red bear is ours. Pickpocket Ryzhov was black.
13. Turn on the two switches. After some time one turn off. Enter the room. One light bulb will be lit from the on switch, the second one will be hot from the on and off, the third one will be cold, from the untouched
14.The thickness of such a wall will be no more than two centimeters, which allows you to push it with your hand
15. First, both sons are ferried. One of the sons returns to his father. Father moves to the opposite bank to his son. The father remains on the beach, and the son is transported to the source bank after the brother, after which they both are sent to the father.

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