19 ways to cook zucchini for the winter - delicious recipes!

Squashes grow in every garden. Even from one seed can grow such a crop, which is enough fresh to eat, and then make harvesting. Recipes of how fast and tasty for the winter to save canned zucchini, many. They are fried, boiled, stewed and marinated, there are incredibly tasty recipes.

Caviar or adjika recipes are considered popular. And for the first of these dishes, vegetables can chop, grind with a meat grinder or grind in a blender. And for adzhika vegetables are always passed through a meat grinder in order to achieve the necessary grain.

Caviar from the zucchini for the winter simple recipe

Products that are necessary for delicious zucchini for the winter, depending on the recipes.

  1. The main part is always zucchini (one and a half kg).
  2. Almost as much need to take ripe tomatoes (1.2 kg).
  3. Carrots with onions need the same amount, namely 0.75 kg.
  4. Salt, granulated sugar,Pepper (peas) completes the list of products recipe caviar from zucchini for the winter. The first two need to take tablespoons 1 and 3, respectively. And pepper add at will.

How to cook squash caviar at home?Steps in order:

  • prepare onions (crumble) with carrots (rub);
  • on hot oil, fry them with salt;
  • coarsely chop zucchini with tomatoes;
  • grind everything with a meat grinder;
  • add sugar, pepper;
  • stew (2 hours), stirring eggs;
  • You can add chopped parsley;
  • hot caviar from zucchini put in sterilized in any way banks, roll them;
  • wrap to leave to cool (such an action will be required for all blanks that will be left for the winter).

squash caviar for winter

To diversify zucchini recipes for the winter in the banks can be a variety of spices. For example, replace parsley with dill or cilantro. A sharper dish will turn out, if you replace the allspice with spicy black or red.

Squash caviar with mayonnaise for the winter

It is recommended to take young zucchini. Then they can not remove the seeds, just cut off a thin layer of peel.

delicious recipes from zucchini

The recipe for squash caviar with mayonnaise for the winter will require the following products:

  1. a kilo of onions for 6 pieces of zucchini;
  2. 350 g tomato paste;
  3. 250g jar of mayonnaise.

Step-by-step delicious recipe for the winter of how squash caviar with mayonnaise should be cooked, which is an excellent snack on the winter table:

  • cut the zucchini with onions into pieces, which will be held in a meat grinder;
  • let them through it;
  • add a glass of vinegar (9% required) with sugar (the same glass), tomato paste and two times a tablespoon of salt;
  • stew for 2 and a half hours;
  • pour mayonnaise with chopped garlic (two heads) and pepper (black teaspoon);
  • cook caviar from zucchini with mayonnaise for another half hour.

snack from zucchini for the winter

Squash in caviar in winter

Here you need to navigate in the modes of operation of the device. If there is no specified or they work less time, then you have to run others (similar) or re-enable.

Squash caviar in a slow cooker should be prepared in several stages.Firstwill be roasted onions (1 pc.) and carrots (3 pcs.). They need to grind, that is, cut and rub. In a slow cooker pour vegetable oil (say the option when it is not used) and cooked vegetables. Use the "frying" mode for 5-8 minutes.

Second phase:quenching.For him, zucchini (4-5 pieces) and sweet pepper (1 piece) must be crushed, cut or grated. Add them to the multicooker tank, set the "quenching" mode for 2 hours.

The third stage:evaporation of the liquid. First add salt (st. Spoon), pepper, paprika (h. Spoon) and greens, tomato paste (2 tbsp. L) to the mass. Ingredients for which the amount is not specified must be taken to taste. Turn on the “multi-cook” mode at 100 degrees Celsius or the “Rice” program for 15 minutes. Squeeze the garlic (2 cloves) and put the butter (a tablespoon). Turn on the same mode for 15 minutes again.

Such caviar from zucchini in a slow cooker turns out to be airy, if after cooling it is whipped in a blender.

Council How to file squash caviar?It can be used as a salad with mashed potatoes, buckwheat, millet, or pasta; cold snack - caviar on a slice of bread; garnish to a slice of roasted meat.

squash roe

Recipes adjika zucchini

This harvest has as many variations as vegetables grow in the garden. In addition, every nation invents, contributes something of their own. Do not stand aside zucchini.

Spicy zucchini adjika

Prepare 3 kg of zucchini (young just wash, cut into a meat grinder, with a thick peel to clean); half kg of sweet pepper and carrot; 1.5 kilograms of red tomatoes; a glass of sunflower.oils; salt and sugar in tablespoons of 2 and 4 (if the carrots are very sweet, then the last number can be slightly reduced); garlic with red pepper - to taste (at least 5 heads and 2.5 tablespoons) of hot spicy lovers. By the way, the latter is allowed to be replaced with fresh hot pepper, which will be required to be passed through a meat grinder.

Adjika is prepared from zucchini for the winter: everything is ground in a meat grinder. Add butter with sugar and salt to simmer for 40 minutes. Add hot pepper, cook again (10 minutes).

recipe adjika from zucchini spicy

Adjika from zucchini with apples

Ingredients: carrot and sweet pepper are taken in the amount indicated in the recipe of the acute adzhika, and half a kilogram of zucchini is replaced by apples; the amount of garlic remains unchanged. oil and hot pepper; 100 ml of vinegar, greens to taste are added; as for salt and sugar, they will need 1.5 and 3 tablespoons.

These delicious recipes are the easiest to prepare. Grind all the vegetables. Then cook for 1 hour. Add greens with garlic and continue cooking for 10 minutes. Add salt with sugar and vinegar, turn off after 5 minutes.

adjika with zucchini and apples

Zucchini adjika with tomato paste

At 2 kg zucchini need to take 350 g tomato.paste, a glass of sunflower oil, 1.5 tbsp. l salt, 8 tbsp. l sugar, 6 cloves of garlic.

Cooking adzhika: skip zucchini through a meat grinder, add to them everything except vinegar and pepper. Stir adjika on low heat for 30 minutes. Add 6% vinegar (½ cup) and hot pepper (tsp.). Keep on fire for 3 minutes.

delicious adjika recipe

Squash adjika with celery

Ingredients for non-acute harvesting for the winter: for 1 kilogram of zucchini you will need to take one whole celery plant; 1 sweet pepper; 100 g of tomato paste (or replace with a large ripe tomato); on a tablespoon of salt and sugar.


  • zucchini and pepper grind with a meat grinder;
  • celery finely chopped;
  • zucchini stew in a saucepan until cooked;
  • celery fry;
  • add celery, tomato paste, sugar and salt to the pan, simmer for 10 minutes;
  • decompose into cans to sterilize about 30 minutes.

Council Do not immediately eat adjika.She needs to brew for a month. During this time, the ingredients are mixed and have time to penetrate into each other. From this all components reveal the taste. In addition, the extra sharpness disappears from the blank.

zucchini adjika

Recipes zucchini salads for the winter

These vegetables are good because they can not only be crushed for harvesting, but also left fairly large. For example, in a salad called Teschin language, they are very long. And in other cases, zucchini cut halves of circles.

First: salad of the teschina tongue from zucchini for the winter

Teschin tongue from zucchini - a very popular and tasty snack that you can cook to eat immediately, as well as teschin tongue from zucchini can be rolled into banks using a delicious recipe for the winter.

Tashchin tongue squash salad

In tomato paste (100 ml) pour water (glass), add:

  • salt (2 tbsp. l.);
  • ½ tbsp. Sahara;
  • according to art. l grows oils and 6% vinegar;
  • chopped garlic (head);
  • two pieces (finely crumbled) bitter and sweet pepper.

Boil the cooked mixture. Cut the young zucchini (1 kg) along, so as to get something like tongues. Put them in a boiling paste. Cook for 30 minutes.

Teschin language from zucchini for the winter

Second: a salad of cucumbers and zucchini for the winter

Cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini must be taken in 500, 400 and 300 g. Add them with two bell peppers, one carrot, onion, and a head of garlic. More will be required: art. spoon of apple cider vinegar, two tbsp. l vegetable oil.

Preparing salad for the winter:

  • browned finely chopped onions and carrots;
  • grind the tomatoes, add them to the fried vegetables;
  • stew for 10 minutes;
  • crumble the garlic, pepper, add them to the vegetables in the pan;
  • zucchini and cucumbers cut into half rings, attach them to the rest of the vegetables, together with a tablespoon of salt, vinegar;
  • cook for 5 minutes;
  • put in a half liter jars to sterilize 20 minutes.

zucchini salad for the winter

Third: a salad of zucchini "Fingers lick" for the winter

In ¼ cup of sunflower oil, fry onion (3 pcs.), Cut into half rings, shabby carrots (2 pcs.). Put milled tomatoes (800 g), fried vegetables, salt, pepper in a pan. After boiling add zucchini (1 kg) and sweet pepper (2 pcs.), Cut into cubes. Stew 25 minutes. In the salad for the winter Fingers Slip put garlic (3 cloves) and 9% vinegar (Art. L.). After 15 minutes, the finished product for the winter can be removed from the fire.

zucchini salad for the winter

Fourth: winter salad of zucchini and eggplant

Eggplants are perfectly combined with zucchini and from them you can make a delicious and original salad for the winter according to the following recipe.

10 minutes in vegetable oil (about a glass) you need to fry grated carrots (1 kg) and onion crumbled into half rings (3 pcs.).Add to them sliced ​​eggplant (3 pcs.), Continue to fry for another 5 minutes.

Coarsely chop a kilogram of tomatoes and a few sweet peppers (straws). Add to roasted vegetables, simmer for 10 minutes. Pour a glass of tomato juice. Add zucchini (one large enough), cut into strips like pepper. Simmer under the lid closed for 15 minutes. Add salt (2 tbsp. L.), Sugar (glass), dill seeds (1 tsp.), Peppercorns, crumbled garlic (5 cloves) and vinegar essence (1 tsp.). leave on fire for 10 minutes.

salad of zucchini and eggplant for the winter

Fifth: squash salad with beets

Four kilograms of zucchini cut into cubes. Mix with two kilograms of beets, cut into cubes. Add chopped onion (2 kg) to vegetables. Pour a teaspoon of cinnamon, black pepper (the desired amount) and a few cloves. Separately combine a glass of sunflower oil with sugar (400 g) and salt (4 tbsp. L.). add with a mixture of 3 tbsp. l 9% vinegar. Mix vegetables with marinade. Boil the salad for 25 minutes after boiling. Banks with the billet put in a preheated (180 degrees) oven for 5 minutes to sterilize.

Council Do not store canned vegetables for more than three years.It is advisable to eat them until the next harvest. Of course, if all conservation rules are observed and there are no signs of damage to the product.

zucchini and beetroot salad recipe

Recipe "Squashes like milk mushrooms" for the winter

The undeniable advantage of the following two pieces is that they do not boil at all. True, the second must be sterilized. This allows for the most part to preserve the vitamins and nutrients that zucchini and other vegetables are rich in.

This simple technique allows you to achieve such conservation, which few would take for zucchini. Most often, small pieces of pickled zucchini are produced as milk mushrooms. They crunch, as well as have a pleasant aroma.

For harvesting "Squashes like milk mushrooms" you will need to take 3 kg of them, then cut them into small cubes. Ingredients for the marinade must be taken in tablespoons. It is necessary to start cooking it by mixing sugar (6) and salt (2), add chopped dill (1 cup), ground pepper (1), vegetable oil (1), 9% vinegar (1). All must be mixed until smooth. Finely chop a bunch of parsley, chop the garlic (2 heads), add them to the spice mixture.

Put zucchini in marinade. Leave for three hours. To save zucchini as milk mushrooms for the winter,sterilization will be required. If decomposed into dry liter jars, sterilization should not last more than 7 minutes. Then roll up the banks, put them cool without additional wrapping, so that the squash remains strong.

zucchini as milk mushrooms

Recipe "zucchini in Korean style for the winter"

For this preparation will be needed: zucchini, carrots, onions. They are supposed to be taken in kilograms of 3, ½ and ½, respectively. You will also need a sweet pepper (pieces 5), a head of garlic (if you want to get a sharper dish, you can take two). Spices: seasoning for Korean carrot (20 g), a glass of 9% vinegar, 150 ml of plant. oils.

To get a real salad of zucchini in Korean style for the winter relies to use a special grater. On it you need to rub carrots and young zucchini. Sweet pepper should be cut into strips, onions - half rings, garlic very finely. Vegetables mix.

Now in the zucchini in Korean for the winter you need to add twice a tablespoon of salt, sugar (glass), spices, vinegar, oil. Mix thoroughly, you can even mix after adding each individual ingredient. Cover dishes with a lid. Let stand for 2.5 hours, put them in half-liter jars to sterilize 40 minutes.

zucchini in Korean

Recipe "Squash in pineapple juice for the winter"

The following two recipe blanks too long kept on the fire. Therefore, their benefits increase compared with squash caviar or adjika.

Billet like sweet tooth. It is not always possible to buy canned fruit. But you can make pineapples from zucchini with pineapple juice. For this recipe, it is desirable to choose such varieties of zucchini, which have a dense and white flesh. For example, the squash.

Ingredients: squash - one and a half kg, pineapple juice or nectar - 750 ml, citric acid - 1.5 tsp, sugar around a glass.

To cook the zucchini with pineapple juice for the winter, they need to be cut into cubes. Pour juice into the dishes, add citric acid with sugar, boil. Put in prepared syrup zucchini. Cook for 20 minutes. It is necessary to remove the foam. Banks with zucchini in pineapple juice sterilized for 15 minutes.

zucchini like pineapples

Zucchini Jam Recipe

The most unusual recipes are delicious for the winter obtained when cooking jam from vegetables. From squash, including you can cook jam for the winter. To do this, 1 kg of peeled and minced zucchini relies on taking 1 kg of granulated sugar.This sugar should be combined with half a glass of red currant juice. After boiling this syrup, it is necessary to put zucchini in it. Cook until done. Add the rind of one lemon and turn off the heat after a couple of minutes. This jam should be stored in the cold under plastic covers. It goes very well for breakfast - it can be spread on toast.

zucchini jam for the winter

Recipe "Squash in tomato sauce for the winter"

At this delicious snack you will need to take 5 kilograms of young zucchini, which you need to cut into cubes. For the winter zucchini in tomato sauce will be boiled in this mixture: 2 liters of tomato juice, 2 cups sugar, 150 ml of 9% vinegar, a glass of rast. oils, finely chopped garlic (2 heads), Art. l salt, tsp red pepper. Add zucchini to this tomato sauce. Stew them half an hour.

zucchini in tomato sauce

Canned fried zucchini for winter

One kilogram of young zucchini split circles. Their thickness should be about 1 cm (in this recipe, the peel from zucchini is not cut off). Sprinkle them with salt (tsp.) And set aside for a quarter of an hour.

Since there is a recipe for fried zucchini for the winter, they will need to be fried. In the pan pour 2 tbsp. l oil and bring zucchini to golden brown.It takes 3 minutes (on each side). The oil is gradually absorbed zucchini, so it is supposed to pour.

Finely chop the average bunch of dill and parsley. Chop one garlic clove. Heat and cool 100 grams of vegetable oil. Spread the herbs in sterilized jars and pour in the oil.

On top of them put fried zucchini for the winter. On each piece of zucchini pour a little garlic. Press them hard. Oil will rise up and cover the workpiece. Top with 9% vinegar. He will need 2 tbsp. l for the entire specified volume of products. It remains to sterilize the jars for 30-35 minutes.

fried zucchini for the winter

Marinated Zucchini Recipe

In a jar of 700 ml, about 400 g of zucchini can be placed, which should be cut in even circles. For them you will need to take 2 bay leaves, 4 clove blossoms, 5 peppercorns.

Marinade for preparation will be prepared from a liter of water. Dissolve in it 2 tbsp. spoons of sugar and 2 tsp of salt. Pour in marinade for zucchini 150 ml of 9% vinegar. Boil it and pour cooked zucchini over it. For reliability, it is recommended to perform sterilization within 1 hour.

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