2018 year of Russian ballet in Russia

Russian classical ballet rightfully occupies a leading position in the world.

Under the leadership of Olga Golodnets, an initiative was organized to organize events in honor of the 2018 Russian ballet. The period of the complex of events was not chosen by chance, it is dedicated to the celebration of the 200th anniversary of one of the outstanding personalities of the world ballet school. Ballet master Marius Petip laid the foundations of Russian classical ballet.

Representatives of the Ministry of Culture took part in the forum, during which a special meeting of the organizing committee was held, where issues of celebrating a significant event were discussed. The main goal is to focus on this kind of art, both in Russia and in other countries.

This initiative was supported by the president. Vladimir Putin signed a decree.

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The interaction of French and Russian culture

On the occasion of the year 2018 of the Russian ballet, the organizing committee has planned to invite representatives of culture from France and the best choreographers and heads of ballet schools from various countries to Russia.According to Olga Golodnets, this will be a new level of interaction, and in order for all the planned activities to be carried out clearly and smoothed out, the work has already begun. She also noted that the year 2018 will become important not only for the ministry of culture, but also for the education system, since ballet should transcend the existing framework of one industry and become part of the culture for the whole of Russia.

The school subject devoted to world culture will include topics where the basics of the history of this dance will be presented. After all, even Pushkin in his work described him with such words as “a soul performed flight”. Some lessons will be devoted to the work of Petipa. Olga Golodets is confident that teachers will be able to interest the student and tell in beautiful language about an important part of Russian culture.

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The secret of the popular recognition of Marius Petipa

Creativity Marius Petipa had a huge impact on this kind of expressive art. The ballet master is a native of France, but Russia has always been considered the second homeland. On the stages of Moscow and St. Petersburg, more than 60 performances were staged, among them the well-known “Sleeping Beauty”, “Swan Lake”, “Talisman”, “Don Khot”, “Pharaoh's Daughter”.He happened to collaborate with Alexander Glazunov and Pyotr Tchaikovsky, who studied his musical and stage plans and composed music.

Olga Golodets also launched an initiative to open a memorial plaque to Marius Petipa; this idea had previously appeared at the Vaganova Academy, but was not implemented. During 2018, it is planned to publish a number of publications devoted to the French ballet master, to hold interesting festivals and exhibitions.

Scheduled events

Celebrating the anniversary of the ballet mayor will be an excellent occasion to attract particularly close attention to ballet. The rector of the oldest Russian ballet university said that the Ministry of Culture was entrusted with an important mission not only to preserve, but also to increase its contribution to art.

ballerina in a green dress with balleron

As part of the celebration of the year 2018, the ballet was decided to open a branch of the Academy of Russian Ballet in Vladivostok.

In honor of the anniversary of Matius Petipa from March 10 to March 12, 2018, the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Hommage à Petipa” will be held. The program will be attended by prominent figures of the world ballet theater, French and Russian statesmen, famous researchers of choreographic art.

What to expect in 2018?

As part of the events, special emphasis will be placed on Russian-French cultural contacts. France will also celebrate the anniversary. The beginning of the events dates back to October 21, 2015, when a large-scale international meeting “From Bordeaux to St. Petersburg” was held at the Grand Theater of Bordeaux. The main theme of the symposium was the work of Marius Petipa and his contribution to art.

The fourth session will be held in Russia under the name “Petipa Bridge”, which is symbolic.

The event is attended by the interaction of the two countries, demonstrating common choreographic traditions.

ballerina with jester and mime

Among the planned activities will also take place:

  • speeches by specially invited guests of honor that will allow you to enjoy uncommon action;
  • organization of creative evenings;
  • master classes;
  • open lectures;
  • holding exciting lessons in school facilities;

Gala concert, where many of the performances will be presented in the original interpretation.

Event organizers plan to recreate the outstanding works of the famous ballet placer. This will help guests to feel the splendor of the period of formation of the dance, as a form of art.2018 Russian ballet will be the most vivid and memorable over the past decade. The organizers hope that their task of promoting Russian ballet among the masses will be successfully implemented, and the events will be reminded of the greatness of the Russian cultural heritage.

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