2019 Chevrolet Silverado

At the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019, a new generation of large, powerful and reliable Chevrolet Silverado pickups, which gained popularity not only at home in the US, but in many other countries, including Russia, should enter the market.

Many owners chose Silverado because of the advantages of the model, such as:

  1. excellent driving performance;
  2. reliability in the realities of the Russian roads;
  3. stylish spectacular design;
  4. capacity and impressive carrying capacity (up to 3.5 tons);
  5. a large selection of modifications, allowing you to choose a car with optimal technical characteristics.

New 2019 Chevrolet Silverado pickup

Interest in this car is largely fueled by the fact that Silverado can be seen in such cult paintings as “Kill Bill” and “Sabotage”. It is this model from the whole variety of large and powerful cars that chose Lady Gaga for her shocking video.

What will be the new pickup 4 generations and what concern General Motors plans to surprise this time the experienced motorists?

Exterior Chevrolet Silverado 2019

Model history

The first full-size Chevrolet Silverado pickups were introduced in 1998.Cars were produced in several trim levels and fully met the needs of American farmers, which quickly gave the brand fame. In America alone, more than 600 units of Silverado were successfully sold annually.

The second generation model was released in 2007. In addition to numerous changes in the exterior and interior, the model has received a number of technical improvements. Like the previous model, the pickup was produced in a “standard” and “heavy” version (Heavy Duty).

The third generation has been produced since 2013 and is on the market with a large assortment of modifications:

  1. WT;
  2. LT and LT Trailboss;
  3. LTZ;
  4. High Country;
  5. Custom and Custom Trailboss;
  6. Rst.
1st generation Chevrolet SilveradoChevrolet Silverado 2 generationChevrolet Silverado 3 generations

Exterior of the new Silverado

We offer to evaluate the photo, which will be an updated version of Chevrolet Silverado, which should appear in the US market before the advent of 2019.

The first photos of Chevrolet Silverado 2019

The model was first introduced to the public in the fall of 2017. It was a truly enchanting show with a pick-up delivery by helicopter and a demonstration of the car’s capabilities.

The new Silverado 2019 is a big pickup with a 4-door SuperCrew cab and a roomy body. Already at the first glance at the new product, it is obvious that not only General Motors engineers, but also the company's designers paid maximum attention to the new model.

The exterior attracts attention with such elements as:

  • stylish grille;
  • modern three-level head optics on LED elements;
  • New bumper with built-in fog;
  • original form blocks taillights;
  • powerful rear bumper into which the twin tailpipes of the exhaust system are integrated;
  • tailgate with an exclusive stamping name brand Chevrolet;
  • large 18 or 22 inch wheels.

Chevrolet Silverado 2019 in a new body

The pickup has a frame structure, which will now be 80% made from high-strength steel and 20% aluminum, which allowed a 10% increase in strength and ease the design by 40 kg. Another feature of the model can be considered the use of spring sheets made of high-strength composite materials.

Frame pickup Silverado

The dimensions of a full-size car with a 4-door cab have also changed. Thanks to the new platform, the car has become 41 mm longer and has received an additional +100 mm wheelbase. Now the width of the body of the pickup is 1473 mm, and the net volume is 1784 liters.

New Silverado 2019

The official presentation of the serial model was held at the first Motor Show 2018 in Detroit.

Interior novelties

Unlike the exterior, there are not so many innovations in the cabin. The interior is designed in the classic style of American pickups, the characteristic features of which are space for the driver and passengers, large massive elements of the central panel.

The interior design is made of high-quality, high-quality materials: natural leather, polished wood, high-strength plastic and stylish chrome-plated elements.

Interior Silverado 2019 in gray tonesInterior Chevrolet Silverado 2019

The new version of the popular pickup will receive:

  • modernized instrument cluster;
  • functional servo with customizable settings for individual driver parameters;
  • full power;
  • comfortable chairs, for which there are several options for upholstery, from high-quality fabrics to the elite types of natural leather;
  • a large number of niches for storing small items that should be on hand;
  • multimedia system with the ability to integrate with devices running IOs and Android;
  • dual-zone climate control.

Salon Chevrolet Silverado 2019

Technical characteristics of the Silverado pickup

It is expected that the production version of Chevrolet Silverado, which will appear in Russian car dealerships already in 2019, will receive 6 different combinations of power units and transmissions, which will allow the buyer to choose the optimal model in a combination of parameters “price” and “possibilities”.

Like the previous version, the new pickup will be available in six trim levels, which will allow you to choose a car with full or rear wheel drive, taking into account the expected operating conditions.

Chevrolet Silverado by 2019

Engine range includes:

engine's type



Petrol V8

6.2 l.

420 hp

Petrol V8

5.3 liters

355 hp

Turbodiesel Duramax

2.7 l.

310 hp

Petrol power units are equipped with a cylinder deactivation system. The manufacturer announced that in order to save, it will be possible to turn off 7 of 8 cylinders.

The most powerful 6-cylinder diesel engine will be combined with an innovative 10-speed automatic transmission.

Silverado 4 generations

Safety of the driver and passenger will provide the most advanced systems of active and passive safety, helping to prevent emergencies.

Price and start of sales

The release of the first models of the 4th generation starts in the middle of 2018. It is known that the cars will be assembled at the plant in Fort Wayne (USA, Indiana) and the novelty will appear in American salons in the beginning of autumn.

Presumably, the price of new items in the US market, depending on the configuration, will vary between 28.5 - 49, 5 thousand dollars.

While the manufacturer does not specify whether American 4th generation pickups will be available in Russia.

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