6 secrets, how to care for a room rose. She will surely bloom!

Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers. This flower looks great not only in the garden, but also at home. I love to grow small indoor roses in a pot and tell you the subtleties of how to care for a room rose. So that she blossomed and felt well, she would have to sweat, but she was worth it. Beautiful indoor rose - real interior decoration.

She is like a real queen of capriciousness. So what to do to get not a dried twig, and a gorgeous flower? Of course, create conditions that are comfortable for flower growth. To begin with, in order to start a rose, you need to know how to take care of indoor roses after purchase and observe it. I'll tell you in more detail about the conditions for growth of a room rose at home.

1. Temperature.

To keep a room rose at home, the temperature should be between twenty and twenty-five degrees.

2. Humidity.

The air must be humid. Approximately 60 - 65%. Otherwise - shrub room roses will be attacked by parasites. And yet - on sunny days do not spray on the flower. This can trigger a disease.

3. Light.

Rose - lover of light, like many plants. But she hates heat. In summer, it is necessary to protect the flower from direct sunlight.

4. The soil.

In how to properly care for a room rose, the primer in which the decorative rose grows is of great importance. Soil or soil must pass air and moisture. Namely: sod earth (four parts), humus (as much as sod earth), sand (one part).

5. Watering room roses

Proper watering is essential in how to care for a room rose in a pot. Depending on the time of year, watering changes.

  • In summer. In summer, the rose must be watered often. But you can not fill. Flower flooding can cause fungus.
  • In the winter. In winter, the “queen of flowers” ​​is watered after two to three days after the ground has dried.

6. Top dressing for a decorative rose.

Home care for a room rose should include top dressing. Without them, the rose blooms weakly and rarely.It is best to choose a special liquid dressing for roses and make them when watering. Bred them according to the instructions, and use them regularly.

room rose care in a pot

Pests and diseases, as well as their signs.

Inadequate care of the room rose, as well as regular planting of the plant, sooner or later will lead to the fact that the rose will begin to weaken, and diseases and pests will appear. But what are the signs of these ills?

  1. Leaves are stained. This is a sign of fungal disease. The solution is to remove all diseased leaves. Then you need fungicides, or soap against the fungus.
  2. Another danger is powdery mildew. Its danger - the deformation of flowers, as well as reduced immunity in the plant.

How to deal with powdery mildew on a room rose? First you need to cut all the amazed. After removal of the infected parts of the room rose, the bush must be treated with a fungicide. You can also use folk remedies to deal with powdery mildew.

1. Recipe:

  • Whey (1 liter);
  • Iodine (ten drops);
  • Water in the amount of ten liters. All this mix and spray leaves and stems every seven to ten days.

2. Recipe:

  • Soda (about forty - fifty grams);
  • Soap - forty grams.
  • 10 liters of water.

All components mix. Spray this composition twice a week. Spraying is carried out in the evening to avoid burns on the leaves.

 care for indoor roses after purchase

Disease prevention.

Caring for a room rose in a pot necessarily includes disease prevention. The disease is easier to prevent than to cure. But how to protect the rose from ailments?

  • It is necessary to plant a rose where it is well ventilated and illuminated.
  • You can not overfeed the plant.
  • As a top dressing, the solution of mullein (one in thirty) will do.
  • Every spring you have to dig a flower bed with roses.
  • After trimming the roses - the leaves and branches burn.

How to transplant a rose room after purchase

We will not continue the bad. Suppose the rose managed to bypass the diseases described above. She grew and she became a small pot. It is time to transplant a miniature “queen of flowers” ​​into a new pot. I'll tell you how to transplant a rose in a new pot.

how to transplant indoor roses

To begin with, the pot purchased in the store needs to be washed with warm water. Next, you need to fill the drainage layer, which consists of shabby foam. A broken brick or fragments of clay pots will do. Another option for room drainage is small pebbles.

The soil for planting a decorative rose consists of three types of soil: humus, turf soil, and sand. The soil is poured in a layer of about five centimeters. Further, it is compacted and the roots of the rosebush are planted on this “pillow”. After that, you need to pour about sixty milliliters of water. Bush hiding in a room where it is warm. Do not water in the next six days. Rose bush can be returned to its original place only after a week. And two or three weeks later, fertilizing is made, consisting of minerals. And then they continue to take care of the room rose, watering it regularly and feeding it, until the pot becomes small again.

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6 secrets, how to care for a room rose. It will surely bloom 38

6 secrets, how to care for a room rose. It will surely bloom 90

6 secrets, how to care for a room rose. It will surely bloom 23

6 secrets, how to care for a room rose. It will surely bloom 80

6 secrets, how to care for a room rose. It will surely bloom 47