Advantages and disadvantages of gas boilers

April 25, 2018

Currently, many home buyers prefer to have autonomous heating systems. This desire is systematically reinforced by the unsatisfactory quality of work of centralized utilities services. However, making a choice in favor of autonomous heating, you also get some problems. The main one is the right choice of the boiler. In addition, the choice of pipeline valves and control valves, of which the optimal and uninterrupted operation of the entire system depends on the reliability of operation, is of considerable importance. The fittings and gas equipment from the company is checked by long trouble-free work and good reviews of grateful customers.

Advantages and disadvantages of gas boilers

One of the key selection parameters is the type of boiler depending on the fuel used. Solid fuel (wood, pellets, etc.) are suitable exclusively for use in private homes, as well as boilers for diesel or gasoline.For residential use are gas and electric boilers.

Consider the advantages of a gas boiler:

1. Modern heating systems - gas boilers - have serious automation that monitors the combustion process. If the flame goes out (and the gas supply is not shut off), the boiler will automatically resume burning by applying an electric spark to the burner. This significantly increases the safety of the boiler and simplifies its management.

2. The efficiency of gas boilers is quite high, and gas in our country belongs to cheap types of fuel. Thus, the use of gas boilers is energy and economic efficiency.

3. A medium-sized gas boiler can heat large areas, unlike an electric boiler, where power, as a rule, is directly dependent on size.

Boilers made by German manufacturers have become particularly popular in our country, which is not surprising since they are distinguished by their quality and durability. Among them, we note gas boilers, a characteristic feature of which is an excellent combination of price and quality.

Преимущества и недостатки газовых котлов

However, the disadvantages of gas boilers are also present:

1.The need for tedious approvals when installing gas equipment.

2. For atmospheric burners, a venting channel is required.

3. Gas boilers require stable pressure in the gas pipeline and regular maintenance. If the pressure in the gas pipeline drops or burner wear is observed, the boiler can start to smoke.

4. Gas boilers are more dangerous from the point of view of fire safety than electric ones.

5. It is recommended to install automatic equipment that prevents gas leakage.

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