Bad Guys 3 - 2018 Movie

  • Premiere: November 8, 2018 (with a possible postponement of the release to 2019)
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Genre: action, thriller, comedy
  • Producer: will be appointed later
  • Cast: Will Smith, Martin Lawrence, Derrick Gilbert and others

The film "Bad Guys 3" 2018 release waiting for many. Yes? I want to believe that this project has not yet been forgotten. True, more than 10 years have passed since the release of the second part of the franchise. As you can see, there is reason to doubt that the cult action movie is still remembered. Therefore, here is the question to your head: do you still remember Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in the images of extraordinary cops?

How to forget about them! Best friends, the storm of criminals. Perhaps the “Bad guys” - this is Michael Bay's calling card. However, she was so up to a certain point. Before the advent of robots. With them, he began. In a sense, from "Guys." At that time there was neither Armageddon, nor Pearl Harbor, nor Transformers, or those robots. Even the "Rock" has not yet come out.

But then producer Jerry Bruckheimer at that time was already known for his successful work on projects such as “Beverly Hills Policeman”, “Thief”, “Best Shooter”,"American Gigolo", "Days of Thunder" and so forth. By the way, after a while this person will give the world the "Pirates of the Caribbean".

Michael Bay: from the cult action movie "Bad Boys" - to the summer blockbuster "Transformers"

Michael bay
But that will be only in 2003. When the Bad Boys 2 came out. “The Curse of the Black Pearl” was released a little earlier than the continuation of the 1995 hit hit. Both films had a budget of more than $ 100 million. At all costs, the authors of Pirates felt more confident at the finish. Michael Bai and the company at this time managed only to fend off, and if they go into a plus, then a very small one.

Interestingly, the budgets of the two first films in the bad guys franchise are very different. If Michael Bey had to get about $ 20 million for his debut in the director’s career, to create a continuation of the “Bad Boys” he needed to attract an investment of $ 130 million. Wow! And this is without regard to marketing. Prosperous.

Then the future author of "Transformers" could afford it, as his "Armageddon" and "Pearl Harbor" more than paid off at the box office. Note, with approximately similar budgets in the amount of 130-140 million.The collected funds reached the level of 500-600 million, and this is only the revenue from cinemas.

After a kind of failure of the Bad Boys 2, Michael Bay decided to focus on the “Island”. But even this tape, albeit very instructive, unlike its previous militant film productions, failed, and cleaned up. Then the Californian stage director became thoughtful. What should he do next? And to be?

Bay is not Hamlet, and if he is familiar with Shakespeare, it is distant. It seems. In general, we can say he spat on everything that happened before. I didn't even ask myself. Probably. Michael Bay simply decided to combine all the previously accumulated experience, which ultimately personified Transformers. Together with him and with the hope that fans of robots will definitely want to see the gaming tape about the battle of the Autobots and the Decepticons, the production of the picture was started. Result: more than 700 million dollars in box office. Budget: 150 million. Wow how much!

“Bad guys forever”

After this career success, Bay seemed to have completely forgotten about the Bad Boys. Somewhere in the beginning of the 10th of the 21st century, news began to slip about a possible continuation. But they now and then sunk into oblivion.

Then they returned. To stay. It seems that they began to look for a screenwriter. After that, the leading actor of the franchise - Martin Lawrence - confirmed, they say, the development of the project is progressing as planned. A little later, Joe Carnahan was invited to work on the script. Then he was also offered the opportunity to sit in the director's chair. Naturally, at will.Bad Boys

In early 2016, the author of "Kozyrny aces" began to flirt with fans in social networks in terms of what, perhaps, he will take up the production of the trikvel "Bad Boys". In summer, Sony studio announced its release date: January 12, 2018. On this day, the rent of the sequel to the sequel was to begin all over the world.

It should be said that the original name of the project is “Bad Boys for Life”, which can be translated roughly as “Bad guys forever.” Is this a hint of the final part of the trilogy? Quite possible.

For all the time of its existence on the sidelines of Hollywood studios, the project spawned many rumors, among which it was possible to find one that said that the continuation of the cult action movie of the 90s will be released in 2017. As you can see, did not work out.

Joe Carnahan: a man who knows well the "bad"

Now, it seems, the preparation for the shooting is still underway, but somehow slowly. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence will return to their roles in the sequel.True, this time they will have to obey no longer Joe Carnahan.

Michael Bay, it seems, is headlong at Transformers. Despite what he said, they say, he is not going to shoot anymore the epic battles of robots, leaving behind him mountains of destruction in various parts of the planet Earth. In 2017, the fifth chapter will be released. Let her and the second after the completed trilogy, but the meaning is the same.

Will the new “Bad Guys” have the same meaning? I want to believe that, yes. At the same time, I want to believe that no. We argue our point: “Bad Boys”, directed by Michael Bay, certainly had their own charm, but I want something new. And it seems the author of the full-length “Team A” with Liam Neeson, Charlto Copley and Bradley Cooper in the lead roles can give it to the audience. He has his own narrative style. Such an inimitable style will definitely be the way.

Presumably, Jerry Bruckheimer will remain as a producer for Trikvel. Recently, his business is not going very smoothly, but not to say that it is bad. Hopefully, “Bad Boys 3” will delight him personally, the audience and the authors of what is necessary for the film. Someone - fees, someone - the quality of the material. To each his own.

Release of new “Bad Boys”

Bad guys 3
It remains to wait for confirmation from the persons involved in the project regarding the launch of the film into production. Then you can safely believe in his future.

It is no longer January 11, and November 9, 2018 in the cinema of the Russian Federation delivered action. And his director will not be Joe Carnahan. And who is in his stead?

One way or another, the action should still be enough to charge each person who came to the session with a portion of adrenaline that lasts until next summer. We wait, go and enjoy.

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