Bathroom design

Different builders and designers may not agree on the design of the bathroom, but they agree that the repair and design of the combined bathroom should be based on the principles of zoning and a visual increase in space.

General rules

In such a room there should be a minimum amount of plumbing and furniture, and each object should be as spacious and functional as possible. When buying bathroom furniture, pay attention to its quality, it is false to be durable and moisture-proof. Bathroom can be replaced with a shower, if possible, give up bulky cabinets and shelves. When choosing a washbasin, give preference to models with a narrow high pedestal, which will give a visual sense of space. Immediately decide where the main elements of plumbing will be placed, it is necessary for the plumbing work.

First of all, decide on the style. It would be nice if it was combined with the general style of the apartment. Although it is not excluded and the option when the design of the bathroom is built on the contrast with the rest of the rooms.Refer to the professionals who will help calculate and properly put the tiles on the floor and walls, decide which shelves you plan - mounted, floor or built-in niches.

If your bathroom is spacious, you can afford any color, but owners of small rooms should prefer light colors that visually enlarge the room.

Select items

When choosing lighting devices, keep in mind that the diffusing light will give a coziness to the adjacent bathroom, and small additional lamps can be made near the mirror. Lamps, recessed into the ceiling or walls, will help to visually expand the space. But the curtain for the bathroom is one of the elements of zoning, so it should be contrast and bright.

If you plan to install a washing machine, you should do it in a special niche: you will not only save space, but also get additional space for storing cosmetic accessories. You can not limit yourself in the number of mirrors: shiny surfaces also make the bathroom more spacious and larger.

It can be mirrored ceilings, mirrored doors of lockers, cosmetic mirrors, glass inserts for ceramic tiles and much more. Do not clutter up your bathroom, put all the jars and boxes in the lockers - and then even a small space will look more voluminous.

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