Bathroom shelves

November 24, 2009
DIY furniture

Bathroom shelvesA bathroom is such a small space where there is so much of everything: a washing machine, a mirror, a laundry basket, but what we really lack is shelves. It is difficult for them to find a place, but we have found a solution: place them under the sink.

Choosing furniture, doing repairs in the bathroom, we rarely think about the details. But it is precisely small, but sweet to heart objects that create coziness and warmth in our home. Without coziness, the house looks lifeless and cold, so you need to pay attention to small details.
If we are talking about a bathroom, then here is a moot point. It is difficult to place the vases, statues, and why they are needed in the bathroom. And yet the bath should be multifunctional and comfortable. So, we need different lockers, shelves. And the choice here determines the taste and preference of the owner of the room. Some do not like their lives in sight, therefore, personal hygiene items will be hidden in a locker, because guests often look into the bathroom. However, more often, people prefer that the necessary things are on hand so as not to waste time on opening the doors, quickly get and use the necessary item.
Take a look under your sink, if you don’t like the look of pipes, counters, valves, that is a great solution to the problem, you can make shelves there, or a locker of your choice. You can buy a ready-made rack or cabinet in a hardware store. So you hide the pipes, but there will be no functionality. Or you can find a locker that fits your size, but there is no guarantee that it will fit into your bathroom. And if you have a desire to do everything according to your taste, then it is better to do it yourself. And this can be done quite simply and most importantly does not take much of your time.
We offer you two options for making this design. For example, in order to make a U-shaped column with shelves, it is necessary to prepare MDF sheet, varnish, glue, screws and rubber feet. For the second option, you can buy a locker, which does not necessarily fit the entire length.
Before starting work, it is necessary to make accurate measurements of the space under the sink. Our data is designed for the European standard, but not necessarily suitable for you. It all depends on the parameters of your bathroom.

Option One: a column with shelves on the sides

In this case, the foundation will be a U-shaped (if viewed from above) column. The lower part of the column is mounted on rubber feet, and between the sink and the upper borders of the column, you must leave a gap. Little will be visible pipe water, but by arranging items on the shelves, you hide them.

  1. stage bathroom shelves
  2. The sides of the column and the shelves are made of MDF, 16mm thick, the dimensions depend on the height of the sink and from siphon to the wall. So that the column was tightly pressed to the wall, in it are cutouts for pipes.
  3. When we drilled the holes for the screws on the shelves, we fasten the shelves to the column, where the screws are already screwed.
    We made the shelves symmetrically, but if you like asymmetry more, then you can make the shelves in a checkerboard pattern. But it is important that they are not on the same level with the tubes.
  4. Glue the side parts will be using clamps. The width of the column determines the width of the siphon.
  5. Finally, completing the work by gluing the front side to the sides. If you make it a little more than you need, then we will hide the flaws of the sides.
  6. It remains to attach the rubber feet. They will protect the shelves from MDF from moisture and raise the column.Now we can install the column by connecting the underwater pipes and the siphon.

Option Two: bathroom cabinet

bathroom cabinetIf you like lockers, then you need to buy a ready-made locker of the required size, making new doors for it. They need to be made so that they are ideally suited to the size of the sink. So that they coincide in the shape of the sink, we place the slats of different lengths tightly to it, and then transfer the arc to MDF sheet. Mirroring such an arc, we get the right and left doors.
We proceed to the manufacture of the locker.

  1. First we remove the old cabinet doors. Cut into the tabletop place under the siphon and pipe. And set it in place.
  2. We fix the strips with clamps to the crossbar, which is attached to the table top.
  3. Next, you need to determine the curve of the upper boundary of the door. We fasten the laths alternately to the timber that is attached to the table top.
  4. Having done this, remove the template and put it on the right-sized piece of cardboard. We draw a stepped line, which we have turned out, you can use for convenience a flexible strip of fiberboard.

    stage bathroom locker

  5. Now connect the top points of the curve on the cardboard.Measure down 1.5cm, draw a second parallel curve. Along this line we will cut the top of the valves. The doors are made of MDF 16mm thick. The height must be determined by the patterns with the curve. New doors have turned out more, but old ones should not be thrown away, they will be useful to us. As soon as you transfer the curved lines from the templates, trim the MDF sheet with the jigsaw.
  6. To determine the attachment points for the doors, we will use the old ones, transfer and carefully make holes.
  7. It is important not to drill through, so you can use the stopper, which is located on the body of the drill. Instead of handles on the new doors can be made through holes.
    We also put the locker on rubber feet. Cabinet is ready.
  8. Now proceed to the finish. It is the same for the column and for the locker. First you need to grind the edges and front surfaces of the column, shelves, panels, side walls and cabinet doors with sanding paper. Cover them with lacquer or paint, pre-coated with a primer.

We wish you easy work and pleasant use of the selected design.

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