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Anapa is a wonderful Black Sea resort andVery nice town with a population of only about 70 thousand people. It's amazing how in a relatively small area could accommodate as many zoos as there are half a dozen here. Which one to choose for a visit, because the time at the resort, where they come mainly for the sake of the sea, not so much? What zoo in Anapa is so interesting that the trip there will be remembered for life? To decide, let's make a small excursion to each of them.


This zoo was called a safari park and given it a namebears Baloo - one of the most loved by all the characters of Disney cartoons. Here, as it should be in safari parks, animals are kept without cells. Zoo "Balu" in Anapa has an unusual design. The iron gratings that are familiar to all here are replaced by glass, that is, in fact, the same cells, only in a new way. On the one hand, this is pretty good, because you can better consider all the representatives of the fauna and even "touch" the hand of a formidable tiger, a lion or a bear, if that suddenly comes to mind to lie down next to the glass. With such innovation, this is the only zoo in Anapa. The photos here, if there is no bright sun and get up at the right angle, turn out to be unique. In addition to glass cells, Balu has several open-air cages for large animals and ponds with small islets in the center, where amateurs of water bodies live. The entrance to the safari park costs 300 rubles for everyone without exception, who is already 5 years old. This wonderful place is located not far from Chamburk Lake on Pioneer Avenue, 20A. You can get here on foot or on the minibuses 128, 114 or 134. Get off at the stop "Dolphinarium". Nearby there is a parking place. On the territory of the zoo, trade is not produced.Zoo in Anapa

Exposition in the Safari Park "Balu"

Everyone who has visited this zoo, mark itclean, well-groomed territory and well-fed, healthy, happy animals. From the first glance it can be seen that here they are being watched as for their relatives. To touch animals and feed (those that are not behind the glass) is strictly prohibited. This zoo in Anapa boasts a white blue-eyed tiger - a rarity even in the largest zoos in the world, leopard, lions, llamas, wonderful cute ponies, reindeer, brown and Himalayan bears, porcupine, a large collection of primates and birds. In reservoirs live nutria, turtles, fur seals, crocodiles. There is also a special corner in the territory called the night world. Here live animals, which are liking the darkness. The main disadvantage of this zoo is its compact size. Even if you take a leisurely stroll to see all the animals, 30 minutes will suffice.

"Animal world"

This zoo in Anapa is called contact, becausethat here, in contrast to the "Ball", all animals can not only be touched, but also fed. To ensure that the food does not run counter to the usual menu for the guests of the zoo, at the entrance they sell food for each of them. Animals here are kept in ordinary cells, clean and spacious, or in well-equipped enclosures. The price of the ticket to the "World of Animals" is also pleasantly surprising and is only 200 rubles for adults and 150 for young visitors, and children under 3 years are admitted for free. In addition to other advantages, this contact zoo in Anapa is very conveniently located. The address of the establishment is the Park of the 30th anniversary of Victory. It is in the center of the city, near the cinema "Victory". There are many minibuses. You need to exit at the stop "Mail" or "Second School". Entrance to the zoo from the side of Gorky zoo in Anapa

Inhabitants of the "World of Animals"

This zoo in Anapa is one of the smallest. It is called mini, but, despite the rather modest territory, it leaves good impressions in adults and enthralls kids. There are not a lot of animals here, but not a few. Among them, the kangaroo family with the rarest albino in this species, the worldly pigs, monkeys, raccoons, goats, lambs, lambs, a manual ostrich that was born here from the eggs brought, peacocks, toucans, talking parrots, a lot of other birds, a terrarium and an aquarium with fish. Reviews visited here are only enthusiastic. Although they are written by adults, in this wonderful corner of nature, where you can communicate live with our younger brothers, they for some time seem to again become children.

Crocodile farm

This place is difficult to call a farm as such. Most likely, this is another contact zoo in Anapa, only to iron and feed here are not nice fluffy rabbits and guinea pigs, but toothy crocodiles and insidious pythons. This fantastic corner is located along Grebenskaya Street, 4. It is not so far from Pionersky Avenue, but it is more convenient to drive there by taxi or by car. Nearby are the aqua park "Golden Beach" and the stadium "Spartak". The territory of the farm is beautifully decorated, lots of greenery, there are funny animal figures, where many visitors take pictures of the kids, there is also a pavilion with ice cream, and next to the farm there is a cafe where you can have a snack. Above ponds with crocodiles, suspended and classic bridges are arranged to make it more convenient to examine toothy animals. Prices here are very different. So, adults pay for entry 600 rubles, children over 3 years old - 500 rubles, feeding a crocodile with a fishing rod costs 200 rubles, and feeding another livestock - 100 rubles. It is also possible to iron reptiles in this zoo, but only with the permission of the instructor. And here you can take a picture with the most dangerous predator in your hands.Zoo DoDo in Anapa

Residents of the crocodile farm

Here you can see a lot of crocodiles of differentbreeds, both adults and toddlers. In addition to these, there are other reptiles on the farm, such as an anaconda, a python, predatory and peaceful turtles (on the last kids they skate and take pictures with pleasure, they are so huge). Children and adults, of course, like pavilions with birds and animals, where you can see monkeys, rabbits painted in different colors of goats. In addition, the farm has a pavilion with butterflies, where beautiful creatures from all corners of the Earth are collected. In addition to contemplation of guests, they are allowed to feed. Meat is bought right here on the farm, fishing rods are given out. During the day, useful and interesting information about animals living in this amazing place can be obtained from instructors, and in the evening visitors can see an extreme show.Zoo Balu in Anapa


This zoo in Anapa could be calledin another way, for example, "Beast Paradise", so everything here is wonderful! There is a zoo "DoDo" not in Anapa, but in the village of Natukhaevskaya, to which the city is 23 kilometers away. More precisely, on the outskirts of the village, so there are plenty of places for animals. But it's not very convenient to get here. By car, you need to drive along the A290. At the right turn there is a big shield-banner of the zoo. You need to take a taxi or board an Anapa bus or minibus, going to the village, and then either go on foot, or again take a taxi. Ticket prices are as follows: children under 3 years old do not pay, from 3 to 5 - 50 rubles, from 5 to 12 - 200 rubles, from 12 years - 300 rubles per entrance. In the zoo there is a horse club. Riding is worth 700 rubles per lesson, and 10 lessons - 5000 rubles. The territory of the zoo is not only huge, but also very beautiful. There are many flowerbeds, benches, funny figures. There is also a toilet, a shop, a playground, a large parking lot.zoo in Anapa photo

Animal world "DoDo"

Zoo "DoDo" in Anapa is so big forSquare that at the entrance there is offered to buy a card so as not to get lost. Aviary for animals is as close as possible to their natural habitat. Among the happy inhabitants (all of them forty species): meerkats, camels, llamas, monkeys, lemurs, peacocks and many others. On the territory there is a large pond where you can see a variety of waterfowl, such as mandarin ducks, swans, pelicans, there are cranes, ostriches, a large collection of chickens, pheasants and parrots. Many of them happily go to contact, completely without fear of man.Zoo in Anapa Madagascar


This zoo is not located in Anapa, but nearwith her - in the village Golubitskaya on the embankment, 1a. The ticket price for adults and children from 14 years is 300 rubles. Up to 5 years - without payment, from 5 to 14 - 200 rubles. Photography here is paid and costs 50 rubles. Zoo "Lukomorye" in Anapa is one of the largest. On its territory there is a pancake where they will treat themselves to delicious pancakes and omelettes from eggs of ostriches. The internal arrangement of the zoo is very convenient for its inhabitants and visitors. The first live in unusually spacious enclosures, always clean and well-groomed, and the latter can not only admire many animals, without looking through the lattice of the cage, but also stroking all who come close to the fence, and even feed them. The fauna of Lukomorye is rich and diverse. There is a huge collection of birds, a lot of different animals, there is a terrarium.


The most interesting zoo in Anapa is Madagascar. In any case, it is so diligently advertised. It is located in the park area of ​​the 30th anniversary of Victory, on Gorky Street 1B. Adults pay 600 rubles for admission, children under three years are admitted without payment. It offers a look at the numerous inhabitants of the seas and oceans, including the world's largest shark, bloodthirsty crocodiles, poisonous snakes and spiders, peaceful animals and birds, even microbes. Here is such a rich exposition. Photographing all the inhabitants of "Madagascar", except for the shark, is not prohibited.Zoo Lukomorye in Anapa

Impressions from the visit

"Madagascar" is the most controversial zooAnapa. On the one hand, the organizers did a lot to attract as many visitors as possible. On the territory of Madagascar, a tunnel aquarium, a zoo, a terrarium and a hall with microorganisms, that is, microbes and other microscopic animals, were placed. On the other hand, there are many animals, but there is not enough space for them. In the aquarium, the glass is not the first freshness, it's hard to see through them. In the terrarium, snakes and other inhabitants are squeezed into small aquariums of small size. Therefore, many who visited this zoo in Anapa, the reviews leave far from enthusiastic. Superiority in terms of criticism is occupied by the hall of microorganisms, which is a small room with two working screens, on which something incomprehensible is projected. Why incomprehensible? Because there is no guide in Madagascar, every visitor himself understands what is before his eyes. Even in the reviews there are comments that in the halls an unpleasant odor from the livelihoods of animals, not on all cells and aquariums, there are explanatory plaques.

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