BMW 1-series 2019

BMW cars are known and appreciated in all countries of the world. Due to their reliability, comfort, excellent dynamic performance and exclusive solutions to the exterior and interior, they confidently hold the leading position in the global market. Without exaggeration, it can be said with confidence that BMW cars have long been a symbol of success and high status.

In an effort to cover all the niches of the automotive market, in 2019, BMW’s concert plans to release not only SUVs, crossovers and sports coupes, but also a five-door 1-series hatchback that is convenient for moving in city mode. The presentation of the novelty is scheduled for 2018. But today we know quite a lot about the expected novelty.

Exterior BMW 1-series 2019


Although the BMW 1 Series is positioned as a city car, its style and character, as in other models of the concern, is sporting.

In comparison with the previous model, the BMW 1-series will receive:

  • large air intakes, giving the car an energetic look;
  • new grille shape;
  • updated head optics with narrower elongated headlamps;
  • L-shaped taillights;
  • Bued LED headlight components are already standard;
  • smooth vyshtampovki on the body;
  • spectacular alloy wheels (16 or 17 inches) with 5 V-shaped spokes.

Each element presented in the photo BMW 1-series does not indicate that the car will be a premium novelty in 2019!

Experts today openly say that the expected BMW model will become a direct competitor to such cars as:

  • Volkswagen Golf R;
  • Mercedes-AMG A45;
  • Ford Focus RS.


By design, the interior of the new model will fully meet the style of BMW. Elegance and luxury unite in a harmonious combination of high-quality plastic, chrome and leather elements. The elite level of the car is read in special attention to the smallest details of the cabin.

The main color of the interior is glossy black, against which chrome-plated elements, acrylic glass inserts and leather upholstery in Path Silver and Pearl Gray colors look especially luxurious.

BMW 1-series 2019 interior

Of the interesting features of the model worth noting:

  • sports three-spoke steering wheel, covered with genuine leather;
  • exclusive dashboard design;
  • large informative display;
  • functional multimedia system;
  • background lighting of the cabin, including the leg area and door handles;
  • adjustable armrest;
  • sports seats with excellent lateral support and a lot of advanced settings;
  • modern climate control.

Salon BMW 1-series 2019

Although the price of the novelty is clearly not affordable for everyone, a trip to the BMW 1-series will bring a lot of pleasure to the owner, who has decided to purchase this luxury hatchback 2019. It is worth noting that the second-row passengers will be equally spacious and comfortable.

The trunk volume of the new car is 360 liters, which can be significantly increased by folding the rear row of seats.


The car is based on the UKL platform and, as stated by the manufacturers, will be equipped with front-wheel drive. Most likely, the BMW 1-Series in 2019 will be equipped with power units from the range of MINI.

  • 3-cylinder diesel volume of 1.5 liters;
  • 4-cylinder diesel volume of 2.0 liters;
  • 3-cylinder petrol with turbocharging;
  • 4-cylinder petrol of 2.0 liters.

BMW 1-series 2019 engine

But the 6-cylinder power unit of 3.0 liters. Most likely it will not be installed on this car segment, since it is not suitable for integration into cars based on UKL platforms.

Some models will be additionally equipped with xDrive system. Also, the BMW concern in the future plans to release a hybrid model of the 1st series.

The network contains information that the new BMW models, including the expected 1-series, will be released without side mirrors, the role of which will be assumed by special cameras (an example could be seen in the BMW i8 model).

BMW 1 Series 2019

Price and start of sales

The presentation of the new car is scheduled for 2018. There is no official date for the start of production and the start of sales, but most likely, the first BMW 1-series will enter the stores not earlier than the spring of 2019.

The price of the novelty will be slightly higher than the cost of the previous model and will depend on the type of engine, as well as the chosen configuration of the car. Presumably it will vary from 37,120 to 45,130 US dollars.

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