Brylin Sergey Vladimirovich - career in the NHL and the KHL

Sergey Vladimirovich Brylin- famous Russian hockey player, playing in therole of the central striker. After completing his sports career, he did not give up a lot of hockey, and at the moment is the chief assistant coach of the Albany Devils club.

Throughout his career, Sergei Brylin has won a lotawards and cups. But, without a doubt, the three Stanley Cups are the most noteworthy, the owner of which was in 1995, 2000 and 2003 in the New Jersey Devils. Also, according to the attacker himself, the receipt of the title of ZMS of Russia in 2003 is no less a success than the Stanley Cup.

Biography of the hockey player

Brylin Sergei was born on January 13, 1974year in the capital of the Soviet Union. Since the childhood he began to be fond of hockey, and even in a small boy it was already possible to notice the makings of a good striker. The first to see the potential of Brylin coaches of the children's team of CSKA Moscow, and since then he began to play in this prestigious club.

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In the main CSKA team, Brylin Sergei made his debutin 1991. In that season the young striker played 36 matches. In them he managed to throw 6 goals and make 6 assists. In general, CSKA Moscow played three seasons, during which time he took part in 117 games, scored 15 times and made 16 assists.

Moving to the NHL

In 1992, a promising hockey player"Drafted" "New Jersey Devils." The first match for the new team Brylin Sergei spent only in the second half of the season 94/95. Before that, I managed to win back half a season for "Russian Penguins" and "Albany RR". In the debut season, the hockey player played 38 games and scored 17 points on the "goal + pass" system, 3 of which are already in the Stanley Cup playoff round. The start in the NHL could be called successful.

In general, in the "ND Devils" Sergei Brylinspent 13 seasons, without taking into account the two half-seasons as part of the farm club of the main team - "Albany RR", and one season 04/05 in the "Chemist" because of the lockout in the NHL. Almost every summer, the athlete with his family came to rest in Moscow.sergey brylin

The most productive for Sergei was the season 2000/2001. For 75 games he managed to throw 23 goals at the opponents' gate and give 29 assists.


Brylin Sergei left the NHL only in 2008. The management team did not want to continue the contract with the 34-year-old striker, and the hockey player decided to return to his homeland. In the same year, Sergei joined the KHL SKA club from St. Petersburg. He personally called the coach of the St. Petersburg club Barry Smith and made an offer that the hockey player could not refuse.

A talented striker was immediately offeredthe place of the captain of the team, and Sergei without hesitation agreed. He used to be responsible not only for himself, but also for his partners on the site. In St. Petersburg club, Brylin spent three seasons and managed to take part in 155 games, in which he scored 24 goals and gave 32 assists.

His family moved with him to St. Petersburg, the eldest daughter began to go to a Russian school. Problems with the language of none of the children of Sergei was not, because at home all spoke in Russian.

Before the end of his career, Brylin Sergei had another season to win for Novokuznetsk Metallurg, taking part in 41 games, and in total to score 9 points in the famous hockey system.

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But completely find yourself in the Russian hockeycommunity, he did not succeed, and in 2013, as previously mentioned, Sergei Vladimirovich began coaching in the overseas league. He was offered the position of assistant head coach of the Albany Devils team. Currently, he continues to hold this position and resides in the United States.

Sergey Brylin - hockey player of the Russian national team

International career as a hockey player began in 1992year at the Junior European Championship. He won the bronze with the team, having played in 6 matches, in which he scored one time and gave also one assists.

Then there were two youth world championships. The first ended in failure - 6th place, the second team completed more successfully - won bronze medals. For the youth team, Brylin spent 14 matches, in which he scored 12 points.

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In 1996 he made his debut at the World Championshipthe main national team. The team took the 4th place, and Sergei played 8 matches and scored 3 goals. The next international tournament for Sergey was the World Cup in 2007. The Russian team won bronze. Brylin played only two matches, but without a doubt, he deserved his medal.

Career statistics

"CSKA"- 128 matches, 16 goals and 16 assists. Russian Penguins- 13 matches, 4 thrown washers and 5 assists. "Albany RR"- 166 matches, 61 goals and 88 assists. "ND Devils"- 874 matches, 143 goals and gave 199 assists. "Chemist"- 35 matches, 8 goals and 19 assists. SKA- 173 matches, 25 suspended goals and 39 passes. Metallurg, Novokuznetsk- 41 match, 5 wasted goals and 4 assists. Team boys- 6 matches, 1 goal and 1 pass. Youth national team- 14 matches, 4 goals and 8 assists. National team- 10 matches, 3 washers and 2 assists.

Personal life

Sergei Brylin is not only a talented hockey player and coach, but also a wonderful family man. Together with his wife Elena they raise the son of Fyodor and two daughters - Anya and Marusya.

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According to the hockey player himself, the most difficultThe periods of his career were moments of separation from the family. Sergey Brylin, whose photo rarely appears in authoritative sports publications, contributed to the development of Russian hockey and never refused to play for his country's national team, as many modern NHL stars do. In his opinion, a hockey player should make a name for himself on the ice, and not beyond, drawing attention to his person by scandals and rumors.

At the moment, Sergei Vladimirovich is constantly with his family. This opportunity appeared after the start of coaching in the States.

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