Built-in refrigerator: how to choose and correctly install + TOP best models

Equipping the kitchen, I want the room to be as functional, convenient and comfortable for all family members. On a small square to implement this task is not so simple. The optimal solution is to combine kitchen appliances, in particular a refrigerator, with a furniture set.

Under the built-in refrigerator you need an individual project, the participation of the master furniture maker, but the interior will be exclusive.

Main types of refrigeration

There are two large groups of equipment of this type: units, fully embedded in the furniture and only partially.

The location of a fully integrated refrigerator will never be determined by a stranger, since it is hidden behind the same decorative panel as the kitchen cabinets.

It can only be issued by a ventilation grill located on the base.Due to the fact that the walls are additionally insulated, such refrigerators work almost silently.

Embedded in the kitchen
Embedding the refrigerator in the kitchen - a good design reception. This solution expands the room, allows you to place additional items that increase comfort

Dimensions of embedded units are different. Manufacturers with each new release will improve the products, add new functions.

There are models with a capillary defrosting system, with antibacterial coating on the inner walls, with shelves equipped with protection against overflow of liquid.

Separate copies are equipped with an electromechanical control system, can maintain a negative temperature after the termination of power supply for 15 hours.

The facade of the partially embedded unit is open. Free access to it is convenient because without opening an additional door, you can adjust settings, disable or add some functions.

Classification by fastening method

According to the method of attachment to the frontal part, there are two types of fasteners: fixed and movable. The first is implemented by hanging the panel on the door of the device, through a system of round hinges.

The second - the use of sliding guides. Fastening using the first method involves hanging a decorative panel directly on the door.

These two surfaces will fit snugly together. Opening the panel is possible only in conjunction with the facade of the refrigerator and only at 90 ° maximum.

In the second case there is also no space between the front part and the appliance door. An average opening of 112 ° is acceptable. To accommodate the hinge, a small circular niche with a diameter of about 3.5 cm is made from the back of the facade.

Types of mounts
Each manufacturer offers its own system of fasteners. Therefore, the accessories attached to the refrigerator are different for different models.

When using the third method, the appliance door is shifted to the side along the guide, as if on rails. There will be a certain gap between it and the finishing panel. This is not very good, because there can get dirt, and even fingers.

The door itself, as in the first version, can open at around 90 °. In addition, a fixed connection is considered more reliable than a mobile one.

One and two-chamber refrigerators

A single-chamber installation is actually a refrigerator and a freezer - two electrical appliances in one housing. The second type is an exclusively freezer with freezing of different types.

Separate fridge and freezer - it is not only convenient, but also practical. Opening the door of only one of the chambers, and not two at the same time, you will save energy.

Built-in appliances in the interior
The two-chamber model of the refrigerator is chosen by families of 3-4 people, noting the excellent capacity of such units compared to single-chamber ones.

Wine coolers

There are also built-in wine coolers. We are not as popular as in Europe or America, but such models can be found in the kitchens of compatriots who consider them not a luxury item, but rather a necessity.

They are distinguished from other representatives of this category by improved insulation, which allows them to maintain conditions suitable for storing wine inside.

The optimum temperature for this product is 10-12 ° C, and the humidity of 50-70% must be maintained at all times.

On sale the range of this type of refrigeration units is large. There are options in the form of suck small lockers and bulk large capacity.

Built-in wine cooler
Built-in type wine coolers are distinguished by their original design.You can choose a model with drawers. This design greatly simplifies loading and unloading wine bottles.

The subtleties of the choice of built-in refrigerator

The range of built-in refrigerators is constantly updated with new models. To make the right choice, you need to use the main criteria as a guide.

Control. So, immediately be interested in the type of control. There are only two options: electronic and electromechanical. The system with touch fields, a set of a number of buttons, an electronic display.

These options make it possible to control the refrigerator with minimal human intervention, and not only the general climate inside the refrigerator, but also in each compartment separately.

Function "self test»Allows you to immediately identify the fault and take steps to eliminate it.

Electronic temperature control, unlike the electromechanical, in the process of adjustment does not include the evaporator.

The main ones here are temperature sensors located in the chamber itself. According to their signals, the compressor engine is turned on or off by a relay.

Electronic refrigerator control
By setting the temperature and humidity in the refrigerator chamber, the user can be sure that these parameters will remain stable and will not change under the influence of the environment.

The device of an electromechanical control system is simpler, therefore many consider that it is more reliable. But this statement is true only for suspiciously cheap units equipped with electronic control.

Refrigerators with electromechanical control do not differ in a large number of functions. Often it is only a regulator of the intensity of work.

If there are two compressors in the refrigerator, then there are two regulators. The process occurs by changing the volume of cold air mass entering the chamber. The criterion is the coldest point in the evaporator.

Compressor. The next thing you should pay attention to is the compressor. It can be ordinary or inverter. The first, reaching a maximum in power, turns off for a while, then turns on again and so on in a circle.

The inverter compressor maintains the set temperature continuously and operates without interruptions.

It is more durable, consumes less electricity.Models with such a compressor have a lower noise level, and the products stay fresh longer.

Building "Atlant"
The built-in model with an inverter motor is the quietest option for modest in size apartments. The only drawback is that for its installation it is necessary to provide that the size of the refrigerator and the parameters of the niche are identical

If the device has two compressors, then each camera can be adjusted to individual conditions, and if one of them is free, then it is possible to turn it off completely.

Energy efficiency class. To choose, you should decide on the class of the refrigerator. Regarding the power consumption, the most profitable is the model, indicated by the symbol “A».

More energy efficient modelsAwith the prefix "+", While there may be several advantages, and the more of them, the higher the classiness. In general, energy efficiency is denoted by symbols fromAbeforeG.

European Refrigeration Classification
The photo shows the European classification of refrigeration units. Its calculation is performed according to a rather complex formula. Manufacturers in order to increase the demand for their products, produce equipment with various markings.

Defrosting. Details should be familiar with the defrost system. There are three types of it: manual, drip, No Frost. Units equipped with manual defrost, are budget. They are turned off to defrost the freezer on average once every six months.

SystemNo frostprovides for a fan, due to which the frost is removed independently.

The disadvantage of the system is the presence of constant air circulation, therefore, increased requirements are placed on the integrity of the product packaging. The price of such models is quite high.

Drip system is present in the design of most modern refrigerators. The ice formed on the back of the unit begins to melt with a small intensity of the compressor or when it is completely turned off.

Additional features. Some models have options"Superfrost»,"Supercooling", and also function of multithreaded cooling.

It is important that the built-in refrigerator has a sound indicator. When you open the door, he reacts to a rise in temperature indicators.

If the refrigerator is hidden behind the furniture façade, then it will surely inform that the appliance door is not fully closed.

Countertop installation
A small refrigerator can even be built under the countertop. In this case, there is no need to build a cabinet. Limit the space will be the side walls of the furniture located nearby, as well as the tabletop itself.

Storage areas. Such question as the presence of separate shelves for storage of different categories of products is subject to study. A large percentage of built-in refrigerators have so-called freshness zones.

In some, conditions are created for the storage of meat, in others - vegetables, etc. Some models have two zones - dry and wet.

Additional and folding shelves will help to model the interior space. At their presence also need to pay attention. Their presence will allow large-sized containers with products to be placed in the refrigerator.

Volume. You can not ignore the internal volume of the refrigerator. The choice is made by the number of people living in the house.

If it is one or two people, optimally 120 liters, or even less. Three - not less than 150 liters, but for four this is not enough - just a 180-liter chamber; A family of five people requires an expansion of up to 300 liters.

Climate class. Few people pay attention to such information in the equipment passport as the climate class of a refrigerator.

This parameter is no less important than the previous ones.It indicates which temperature for the operation of the device is optimal for the qualitative saving of products.

Climate class is usually denoted by symbols.S,T,SN,ST. They are applied to the back wall of the unit or indicated in the instructions.

Climate class table
For the purpose of targeting the climate class, you can use this table. For operation in conditions of temperature difference of 10 - 35 °, the models of classes SN and ST are most suitable.

OptionT- it is the equipment working in the conditions of extreme (to + 45 °) temperatures. Such devices are intended for the southern regions and for rooms where this temperature is the norm.

Ranking of the best embedded refrigerators

Built-in refrigeration equipment has a higher price when compared with free-standing models with the same characteristics. But this solution allows you to create a unique interior, realizing even the most original design project.

We propose to consider the TOP-7 best models offered by the market. The rating is made by popularity among buyers. In the first place are the most purchased refrigerators.

Place # 1 - ATLANT XM4307-000

The ATLANT XM4307-000 model has an increased volume and a large warranty period. Produces its company from Belarus "Atlant". Class built-in models for power consumption - A and A ++.

The reason for the popularity of this model is the affordable price with excellent technical data.


  • management -electromechanical
  • Energy consumption -class A
  • coolant -R600a
  • number of cameras -
  • freezer location -below
  • defrost the freezer -manual
  • freezer volume -
  • volume of refrigeration department -
  • dimensions (WxDxH) -54x56x178 cm

The advantages of the model buyers primarily include noise - the declared 39 dB is completely inaudible after embedding the model. Also, the undoubted advantage of the ATLANT XM4307-000 refrigerator is simplicity and ease of use.

Of the minuses, it should be noted a small freezing capacity, which corresponds to a maximum of 3.5 kg of products per day, and a small period of autonomous preservation of cold - only up to 16 hours.

Place # 2 - Indesit B18A1D / I

Indesit refrigerators are rightfully considered one of the most affordable for most buyers, and the Indesit B18A1D / I is the best-selling built-in unit of this brand.

The owners especially like its simplicity, well-thought-out interior space and quiet operation with correctly performed installation - up to 35 dB.

Technical specifications:

  • Energy consumption -class A +
  • coolant -R600a
  • management -electromechanical
  • color / coating material -white / metal
  • compressors -
  • cameras -
  • volume of refrigeration compartment -
  • freezer capacity -
  • freezer defrost type -manual
  • Rfrostbite freezer -drip system
  • gabarity (WxDxH) -54 × 54.5 × 177 cm

The advantages of this refrigerator, users include comfortable and strong glass shelves, which even after 5 years of operation do not break. And also the ability to outweigh the door if necessary, which is useful in a major overhaul of the interior of the kitchen.

Among the minuses of the model, the owners indicate the lack of capacity for storing eggs, the inability to regulate the temperature in the freezer, the price.

Although the cost of this refrigerator for embedding is too high, it looks more than attractive against the background of more expensive brands.

Place # 3 - Whirlpool ART9811 / SF

Buildings of the American company Whirlpool belong to the economical class of energy consumption.But the price tag of the models is in a higher range. So, the popular model among buyers is the built-in model Whirlpool ART9811 / A ++ / SF.

This refrigerator stands out for its excellent capacity with small dimensions, which is ensured by its high growth.

Model Specifications:

  • dimensions (WxDxH) -54 × 54.5 × 193.5 cm
  • built-in refrigerator type
  • cover / shelving material -metal / glass
  • cameras 2
  • compressors 1
  • overall volume
  • freezer capacity
  • noise- up to 35 dB
  • antibacterial coating - there is
  • blurrefrigerating room -drip system
  • additionallysuper-freezing, temperature indication

The owners speak positively about the electronic type of management, the large capacity of the refrigeration department, the volume of which is, as well as low energy consumption.

The latter fact is particularly pleased with the size of electricity bills almost does not increase after the purchase of this refrigerator.

Among the shortcomings, users call the need to maintain the freezer - it implements the STOP FROST system. Those. in the chamber there is a plate for the accumulation of condensate, which periodically needs to be taken out and cleaned manually.

Place # 4 - Korting KSI17875CNF

The equipment of the German manufacturer Korting is highly reliable and affordable price tag compared to other German brands.

One of the purchased refrigerators built-in type of this brand is Korting KSI17875CNF. He likes above all good-quality assembly and smooth operation. Moreover, if necessary, the unit quietly transfers several crossings.

Technical characteristics of this refrigerator:

  • unit type built-in, two-chamber
  • class uenergy consumption -
  • control type electronic
  • compressor - 1
  • and 2
  • systemit was freezingc / refrigeration departmentNo Frost / Drip
  • abouttotal volume -
  • freezer
  • specialcapabilities -supercooling, super-freezing, sound temperature indication, child protection
  • gabarity (WxDxH) -54 × 54.5 × 177.5 cm

The Korting KSI17875CNF refrigerator is equipped with convenient glass shelves and spacious boxes for vegetables, fruits and other products. Also, its advantages include the possibility of hanging the door and modest dimensions.

Of the minuses, the owners mark only the price. True, with such equipment, it justifies itself. In similar models, such as Bosch or Indesit, the build quality is significantly inferior.

Place # 5 - LG GR-N319LLB

A more modest line of embedded refrigerators from the South Korean company LG. A small variety is compensated by excellent quality and high manufacturability.

The LG GR-N319LLB is in great demand among buyers, which is due to its good equipment.

Technical parameters of this model of technology:

  • overall volume
  • control type electronic
  • compressor - 1
  • camera 2
  • defrosting the fridge / freezer is not necessary, technologyNo frost
  • class uenergy consumption -
  • case cover / shelves material metal / glass
  • dimensions (WxDxH) -55.4 × 54.5 × 177.5 cm
  • geice hub - eat
  • zoOn freshness - yes,dry and wet
  • additionally -superfrost, sound indication, LED-backlight

The advantages of this built-in model is an excellent freshness zone, where various products are stored for a long time and no stench is formed.

Of the disadvantages of the owners called the small capacity of the boxes and shelves involve the storage of small batches of products.

Another significant disadvantage is its extreme noise, although the manufacturer claims only37 dB, but in practice this figure is much higher.

Place # 6 - Bosch KUL15A50

Bosch leads the market. Its refrigeration units are recognized as the best, but they are also the most expensive. Among the popular embedded models - Bosch KUL15A50.

This is a single chamber unit with a capacity of 125 liters. Completion and feature set, like all representatives of the brand, he has the most modern.

Technical parameters of this refrigerator:

  • dimensions(WxDxH) -59.8 × 54.8 × 82 cm
  • useful volume
  • the freezer is, by volume
  • Rfrostbite - required manually
  • toamer - 1
  • compressor
  • controlelectronic
  • shelves / case cover- glass / metal
  • additionally -super freeze, antibacterial coating, door hanging

The advantages of this model include a good build, excellent and uninterrupted work, sufficient capacity for 1-2 people, the remarkable preservation of all products fresh, modern technology.

As for the shortcomings, here it should be said about the expensive spare parts, the difficulty in independently outweighing the door, the small freezer compartment, the high price tag. However, the latter is inherent in all representatives of the refrigeration technology of this brand.

Place # 7 - Siemens KI39FP60

Siemens is a brand no less popular. The equipment of the German concern is assembled in Europe, the USA, and China. The first two assemblies are of higher quality, while the assemblies assembled in China and Latin America are budget ones.

Of the built-in models, Siemens KI39FP60 is of most interest to buyers. This is a premium segment, characterized by impeccable assembly and equipment, but the price tag (more than 100 thousand) does not allow to place it in a rating higher than seventh place.

The main parameters of this model:

  • consumption classenergy -
  • control method - electronic
  • camera - 2
  • compressor - 2
  • noise -
  • usefulvolume -
  • freezer / chamber volume62 l / 57 l
  • defrosting - not needed, technology is usedNo frost
  • sizes -56x55x177 cm

Indisputable advantages - the presence of a huge zone of freshness and the absence of the need for regular defrosting. SystemNo frostshe takes care of the condition of the refrigeration and freezing departments.

Also, the owners speak positively about the convenient shelves and drawers, about the almost silent operation.

As for the minuses, but here users call a small capacity - for a family of 2-3 people is enough, but in other cases it is better to choose a more roomy option.

Installation of the built-in refrigerator

The kit of the built-in refrigerator should include instructions in the pictures for its installation. Under the installation of a furniture opening, you need to arrange so that the heat from the working refrigerator does not accumulate, and was removed to the outside.

The design can be included in the kitchen set, and you can make such a case and separately under the order. Optimal conditions include:

  1. The presence of a gap equal to several centimeters between the back of the refrigerator and the wall.
  2. Lack of batteries or other heating devices opposite the free back of the opening.
  3. Unimpeded air circulation between the walls of the furniture opening and the refrigerator.
  4. Holes in front of the ventilation grille on the refrigerator at the bottom of the cabinet.

Before you install the refrigerator, you need to think about where it will be connected. A smart solution is a separate grounded outlet.

If there is such a need, pave the wiring from the junction box or shield. The diameter of the electrical wire must necessarily match the power load. Power model can be found in the passport.

Installation of the embedded walker
Built-in refrigeration equipment must be strictly vertically. The power cord must be positioned so as not to damage the insulation.

If, in addition to the refrigerator, other electrical appliances are built into the kitchen unit, a group of sockets is required. In this case, when choosing the cross-section of the wire, you need to take into account the total power of all this kitchen appliances.

Sockets should be in the access area, but if possible not be in an open area. The best solution is the space under the table top.

Outlet layout
The photo shows the most convenient places to place sockets for connecting various kitchen appliances. Here they are hidden from public view and at the same time they are convenient to maintain.

Great attention deserves the system of hanging doors. If such a moment as the side of opening the door is important, then it is better to take the unit with the outwelling door.

The installation process begins with hanging facades on the hinges. It is necessary to initially install them a little more so that in the event of the failure of one of them there is no need to remove the refrigerator from the niche.

Next, perform the adjustment of the door, thrust the refrigerator in a niche, check the level of the horizontal and vertical.

Sometimes for reliable fixing it need foam pads of a certain thickness. They are placed closer to the back between the walls of the refrigerator and the canister. For individual models such seals are attached.

Then install the brackets of the upper, lower and middle parts of the unit, fixing them with bolts. Included are necessarily guides.

Two of them are installed in the lower door of the refrigerator, the other two - at the top. Having fixed a corner, mount the bottom door itself.

Oven door refrigerator
Not all models of refrigerators provide for overweighing of the door. This fact should be considered even before buying the model you like.

The next step is to install the middle axis and fix it with screws. This is followed by the installation of the upper corner on the lower door, its fastening and checking the fit of this door.

Now you can install the upper door in the middle axis. The installation is completed by installing the upper axis, fixing it and installing the upper and lower corners in the upper door of the refrigeration unit.

Important when installing such a nuance as the rigidity of the door. In order for the large of them to be fixed as stable as possible, the guides should be fixed not at the very edge, but by stepping down from the bottom and from the top centimeters 20.

After all, it remains only to connect the unit to the power supply and check its operation.

Properly fixed door when closing will emit a sound characteristic of the closing refrigerator. If the sound resembles a chipboard strike on a chipboard, the door is secured incorrectly.

It is necessary not to miss such a nuance: so that the runners do not creak, they are greased with oil a little.

Assembly process
The refrigeration unit has fasteners that must be adjusted. Otherwise, distortions and quick breakdowns are inevitable.

If the accessories for fastening the facade is selected separately, you must look at the material. More quality is metal fasteners with as few plastic elements as possible.

Plastic parts - the "weak link". They quickly go out of order, then you have to change the whole set.

Conclusions and useful video on the topic

Very accessible about the intricacies of installation when embedding refrigeration equipment in the kitchen:

About the nuances that require special attention when installing embedded equipment:

The choice in favor of the built-in refrigerator, as well as other similar household appliances - a step to the perfect kitchen.It will be distinguished by high comfort and great functionality.. The main thing in the realization of your dreams to choose high-quality buildings, suitable in their parameters to a specific room.

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