Calculation of the metal roof


The calculation of the metal roof: the main advantages of metal trusses are:

  • Resistance to high mechanical loads;
  • Low material cost
  • Strength;
  • Durability.

The disadvantages include:

  • Poor resistance to high temperatures (for example, in case of fire, the probability of roof collapse due to metal deformation is high);
  • Complicated installation;
  • Big weight of a design.

Metal truss is the support of the whole structure. It consists of straight rods that are connected to each other. The joint can be articulated and rigid. In the component parts of the truss (lower and upper belts, stands and braces) there is only a tensile or compression load.

Using metal trusses

Metal trusses are used in construction to block large spans. They are able to withstand a large load, because they are indispensable in large-scale construction, for example, of a bridge. In industrial buildings, they help to cover the vast areas of buildings.During the construction of sports facilities, metal trusses can also take care of the safety of the roof and floors.

Calculation of metal

Independently calculate metal truss is quite difficult. Starting the calculation of the roof, you need to know the quantitative value of the constant load on the roof, additional load, periodic load. The constant load includes the weight of the roofing and the structure, the additional load is wind and snow loads, and the periodic load is random factors, for example, an earthquake, if it is possible in this area.
Nowadays, ready-made farms are often bought, because when calculating it is necessary to choose the material for the structure, calculating the load on each part. The whole construction may be paid for the mistake.

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