Cartoon Everest (2019)

DreamWorks Animation studio in the sector of animated paintings is no less respected and famous than Disney and Pixar. She also has a significant difference from the two giants named - the ability to quickly develop success at the expense of sequels of popular cartoons.

In the coming years, DreamWorks Animation will release Boss-Milk 2, Trolley 2, Madagascar 4, Shrek 5, Kruds 2, Cat in Boots 2, How to Train Your Dragon 3 ... It seems Only Kung Fu Panda is resting! But it was found in the release schedule and the place of the original project - a speech about "Everest".

The plot of the cartoon "Everest"

Everest is a very long adventure. Producers promise that the path of the main characters will stretch over 3000 miles. It will begin in the busy streets of Shanghai, and will end, as the name implies, in the picturesque Himalayas on Mount Everest.

The main characters are a group of schoolchildren who accidentally find out ... who would you think? Baby Yeti! The kid traveled with his family, but at one moment he was lost. Friends will help him return to relatives.

The only landmark is the traces left by the fellow snowmen.

everest cartoon 2019

The motivation of the heroes is simple - they don’t want to allow the Yeti to go to the science lab.

Well, what can we conceal - the children are delighted with the suddenly turned up friend! The snowman and the children will have to face their secret fears and even be in parallel dimensions, after which the conquest of Everest will seem like an easy walk!

What studios are working on the project

DreamWorks Animation is occupied by a new animation tape is not alone. Pearl Studio helps her - for her, “Everest” will be the debut project.

Pearl Studio is restarted by Oriental DreamWorks (founded in 2012). The studio was 100% bought by the Chinese organization CMC Capital Partners (previously - China Media Capital) and reopened its doors under a new sign.

Production team

everest 2019 actors

Directors:Jill Calton (set "Hunting Season" and "Bug and Eliot", was involved in the scenario "Monsters' Corporation"), Todd Wilderman ("Hunting Season 2", "Almost at Home"), Tim Johnson ("Ant Antz", "Tale "). It is known that at the very beginning the project was led by Calton, later it was replaced by Wilderman and Johnson, but in the end Calton regained the chair of the leading director, and Wilderman is now listed as co-director.

Screenwriters:Jill Calton (idea author) and William Davis.Davis has a series of famous paintings behind him: “Agent Johnny English”, “Flush”, “Puss in Boots”, “How to Train Your Dragon” and others. Unfortunately, one of his first works, ““ Stop! Or my mother will shoot ”was marked by the anti-award“ Golden raspberry ”.

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Produced by:already mentioned Tim Johnson and Suzanne Burghy. Burghie is quite an experienced producer. Just look at the list of movies: “How to Train Your Dragon”, “Kung Fu Panda 2” and “House”.

Composer:Rupert Gregson-Williams ("For conscientious reasons", "Wonder Woman", "Aquaman").

Roles voiced by:at the moment we only know that Chloe Bennett is working on the picture (“Agents of Shch.IT.”, “Nashville”).

The release date of the cartoon "Everest"

Everest starts in the North American box office on September 27, 2019. A computer cartoon will reach Russia on October 3rd. Universal Pictures, the parent company of DreamWorks Animation since 2016 (USA, Germany, Russia), will be engaged in the distribution of Everest around the world.

Everest plot

In Ukraine, the tape will show the B & H Film Distribution, and in China - Pearl Studio. The last will get a solid piece of "cake", because the Chinese market in recent years is considered a gold mine in the film business. For example, Kung Fu Panda 3 raised $ 154.3 million to China.

Coincidentally, one Everest was already coming out of Universal's wing - a drama of 2015 with Jake Gyllenhaal, Jason Clark, John Brolin, Sam Worthington and other stars.


The synopsis of "Everest" looks tempting, and the names of the directors inspire hope that the new cartoon of 2019 will turn out to be of high quality. "How to tame a dragon", "Ant Antz", "Monsters Inc." - the creators have something to be proud of.

Hopefully, DreamWorks Animation will flash the original picture against the backdrop of many sequels - no matter how good Shrek is, you expect a fifth of his adventures with less enthusiasm than Everest.

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