Chest of drawers

Thanks to the variety of furniture materials andaccessories in the modern market, furniture production is now available to virtually everyone. Self-made interior items can significantly save money, as the creation of their own hands, even considering all the costs of cutting and materials, will cost many times cheaper than the store analog. Until recently, the chest of drawers was an undeservedly forgotten piece of furniture, but today it again restores lost popularity. And then we will talk about how to make a chest of drawers with our own hands, even without special skills.

Before you get started, you need toDetermine what size the chest of drawers will be, and from what material you plan to make it. It is important to consider not only the cost of the material, but also its weight. If you carry this object out of furniture boards or natural wood, it can turn out to be quite heavy. If you prefer a laminated chipboard, the product will be much easier. In order to further facilitate the construction, it is possible to produce a back wall and a bottom of a laminated fiberboard. So, the chest of drawers by our own hands is made as follows: after pre-ordering the sawing of the sheet, we purchase the necessary accessories, we bring everything home and collect it together. But first let's look at all in more detail.

To assemble a chest of drawers with your own hands, you will needdetailed drawings of the future design, as well as some tools: a pencil, a tape measure, a drill, a wrench for tightening ties or a drill bit, guides, screws and, of course, a hammer and nails for installing the rear wall. In addition, you must purchase accessories in advance.

As you know, the chest of drawers belongs to the subjectscabinet furniture, and when assembling it will need wooden blocks and plywood. The bars are needed to make the base of our chest. Materials can be ordered in specialized workshops, where they will be cut according to the required dimensions.

When the necessary materials are purchased andfully prepared you can start to collect furniture yourself. We will make the chest of drawers by first making the base of the structure. Four bars are adjusted to the required dimensions, then these bars are fastened together. After that, you can and attach to them the side parts of our chest.

When the base of the chest is completely ready, you canboldly start to make a frame. To do this, you need to take the sheets cut into the required sizes and install on them the supports for the furniture boxes. It is best to pre-attach a special skid to advance the boxes, they can be purchased at a specialized store. After this, you can be taken for connecting the side and back walls of the future chest. Before you start the assembly, do not forget to glue the visible sides of the parts from the chipboard with a special tape that matches the color.

When the chest of drawers is fully assembled, the resultingthe design must be installed on a secure base. Then we'll take the top cover of the dresser. In order for it to lie down as it should, it is necessary to adjust the trailing edge to the level of the frame, while it is desirable that the edge protrudes slightly from the front, and also from the sides.

The final stage of the assembly includes manufacturingboxes. Details of boxes can be fastened with screws, or with the help of good glue. If you have all the necessary materials at hand, the chest can be assembled quickly enough. You just need to calculate the dimensions correctly.

When all the stages of assembly are over, you can safelyproceed with the decor. For sure, seeing your creation, friends will be delighted, because to collect a chest of drawers with their own hands will not be decided by everyone, although nothing complicated in this work and no. The main thing is desire, a drop of patience, and a little bit of diligence.

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