Chinese living room interior

July 3, 2018
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Designers are advised to follow the traditions of Feng Shui in the design of residential premises. But it should be remembered that this teaching was not as widespread in the Qing Empire as it is in the modern world. Therefore, make your living room functional, spacious, and let it respond primarily to your taste.

Chinese bedroom interior

Do not be afraid that the combination of red and white will be too bright for the bedroom. You will find that these colors will calm and relax you. In addition to natural sheets, mahogany for the bed here are required wardrobe from, successfully located today at the height of fashion, and traditional Chinese screens - two are better with different sections. The sliding wardrobe will add air and spatial volume indoors and will emphasize originality and refinement of an interior. Fabric screens should be painted in gold with blue small elements, like on the flag of Qing, and stretched over wooden frames. For screens well suited images of birds and flowers made in the Chinese technique. Above the head of the bed look great fans with Chinese scenery.The fan can be of any color and will become the brightest element of the bedroom interior.

Chinese living room interior

Living room interior

The interior in Chinese style suggests low, at the level of the floor sofas. They are comfortable even for not every modern-day Chinese - limbs that are awkward in uncomfortable postures will not allow them to admire the refined atmosphere. Therefore, it is better to choose comfortable ergonomic sofas with not very high backs and right angles. On the sofas there should not be round rollers and curlicues, and on the sofa textiles there should not be any floral or geometric pattern. Upholstery select royal red or crimson. The sofa should be the main piece of furniture in the living room. For upholstery of upholstered furniture, as an exception, it is permissible to use artificial material - the most modern, which repels dust and dirt and looks new for many years.

Китайский интерьер гостиной

In addition to the sofa in the living room, there will be organic Chinese low dressers no higher than two drawers on which you can place vases or bamboo souvenirs. Lamp shades need red corrugated paper, wallpaper - also paper, but white, curtains - red linen, brushes to curtains - silk gold.

Китайский интерьер гостиной

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