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Coaching that form hollywood

You can envy the star-shaped forms of Hollywood beauties, and you can get such forms in the shortest possible time. All you need is nothing: your desire, a little time (only 14 minutes a day) and a set of exercises that I want to share with you.

exercises for the buttocks

sit-ups (3 min). Legs shoulder-width apart heels, back straight. sit on 4 bills, get up very slowly. Perform non-stop for a minute. Then stay in a squat for half a minute, without getting up, do springing movement still half a minute. The legs are wide apart, we perform the same movement more than one minute.

2. Side kick (2 min.) Get up on all fours, take one straight leg to the side at the hip level and move it forward towards the head as far as this is possible for 10 seconds. Do the same movement but backwards Perform within 2 minutes with each leg.

3. Lunges (3 min). Step right foot forward and bend it. Left straight, put back.Torso in upright. Hands on the hips. Slowly, on 4 accounts, lower left knee to the floor. Also, slowly return to the original position. The right knee does not move forward. Perform 2 minutes. Then poluprisyad with your left foot hold for half a minute. Another half a minute to perform a springy movement. Repeat all the same the most with the left foot in front

4. (1 min.) Stand with dumbbells in hands. With arms outstretched, the body creates one line. Stay in it position, strongly drawing the belly.

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