Comedy Karaoke New Year 2018 on TNT

Only a few months will pass, and the New Year holidays, which are so loved by all the inhabitants of our country, will come. This is probably the only time in the year when all family members can meet at a big festive table and recall the outgoing year. Celebrate and relax, our citizens are accustomed to, along with satirists and pop artists. It is no coincidence that TNT channel made an incredible gift for all Russians by organizing a unique show, where they put together the performance of famous comedians and pop stars and movies. We hope that the Karaoke Comedy for the New Year 2018 on TNT will surprise us with new discoveries.


I want the new hits and humor of talented satirists and pop singers to make the future holiday truly unforgettable.

How it all began

Comedy Karaoke New Year 2018 on TNT

On the channel TNT comedians comedians from the club were constantly welcome guests. Their numbers were an obligatory attribute of all New Year programs of the channel. After all, the humor of these guys never ends. The energy of talented comedians has always been a guarantee of the success of any program.In 2016, the creators of the Comedy Club decided to go further. They combined a humorous show with a musical component. Now, in the newly created program, they began not only to joke, but also to sing famous songs. The concept of karaoke was adopted. This phenomenon appeared in Japan and has recently become very common in our country. An unprecedented success began to use karaoke bars. Taking into account this popularity, the creators of the new program began to invite guests, who also dare to perform famous hits. The transfer is competitive in nature and this increases the hype. The new format came to taste our viewers. After all, they saw many artists in a new role. So last year, in the team duel, participants of other TNT programs and TV series fought, such as:

Members What project was represented
K. Zvereva, T. Tania, I. Lastochkin, D. Dorokhov, I. Chesnokova “Once in Russia”
M. Nosova, L. Ilyashenko, M. Shumakova, A. Meskova "Sweet life"
K. Asmus, S. Kamynin, V. Demchog, S. Permyakova "Interns"
N. Naumov, M. Fedunkiv, V. Selivanov, Z. Berber "Cool guys"

The famous comedians: S. Svetlakov and M. Galustyan were the judges of the competitions at the Comedy Club Karaoke Star.In addition to them, the following residents of the club took part in the program:

  • S. Slepakov;
  • S. Gorelikov;
  • T. Batrutdinov;
  • D. Khrustalev;
  • V. Vasiliev and others.

The winner was the team members of "Once in Russia." The full version of this program has already appeared on the Internet. On occasion, you can return to it again and again feel the festive mood and fun that prevailed on New Year's Eve.

What will happen in 2018

As the New Year holidays showed, the first season of the new Comedy Club was a great success. The organizers of the show are not going to stop there. Of course, there will be new presenters, participants and will certainly change the prize. While all this is kept secret. The only thing that can be said with confidence is that the format of the program will remain the same, for it has proved its worth. The song-humorous battle, as before, will take place on December 31. Most likely, it will again consist of two parts. Part 1 starts at 23:00 and ends a few minutes before midnight. Part 2 will begin immediately after the chiming clock and will continue almost until the morning of 01/01/18. The multimillion audience of our country is already in anticipation of the new issue of Comedy Club Karaoke Star.Again there will be no joke about the pop stars and politicians. No one will leave the field of view of experienced comedians.

The best show in the country

Comedy Karaoke New Year 2018 on TNT

Every year, on New Year's holidays, a lot of new programs are being created on Russian television, in which new presenters and participants from all areas of life are invited. Nevertheless, all these shows are made as a blueprint and are somewhat reminiscent of the Blue Light, known since the fifties of the last century. On New Year's Eve, the Russian audience from year to year faces the same picture. Switching channels, he sees the same artists, politicians and other participants of New Year's programs. Many explain this condition on Russian television as the reluctance of channels to lose their ratings on New Year's Eve. It is easiest, again to include proven programs that have been successful for more than one year. However, at some point the end of the audience’s patience comes to an end and they want to drastically change the grid of the New Year broadcast. An example of such discontent is the appeal of the audience of the main channel of the country to the head of Channel One about the last New Year broadcast. They urged him to change something on Russian TV.

TNT channel was more far-sighted in this regard and was not afraid to change the format of the New Year broadcast. And I must say that the channel management was not mistaken. The new program “Comedy Club Karaoke Star”, the latest New Year show, has broken all records of popularity in recent years and is recognized as the most popular show in 2016.

If you still doubt that watching New Year's Eve in 2018, then we strongly recommend that you switch on TNT channel at 23:00 on December 31, 17 and enjoy the unbridled fun and sparkling humor of the Comedy Club residents.

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