Congratulations on March 8, 2018

Spring will come soon, which means that the first spring holiday, March 8, is not far off. This holiday is eagerly awaited by women. It is this day in our country that is associated with the female image when they pay tribute to those thanks to whom we all live. Every man seeks to express his feelings to his mother, his faithful companion, sister, and all the women of the fair sex who surround him. The best way to express your emotions will be greetings from March 8, 2018.


Very often, the representatives of the strong half are lost and do not know how to convey their feelings beautifully and meaningfully. We hope that this material will help them overcome this indecision.

Congratulations on March 8, 2018. Beautiful, short, in verse and prose

Beautiful verse greetings

Yes, not all men have the talent to write poetry, but this does not stop them from wanting to congratulate their beloved women in a poetic form. In order not to search for suitable rhymes for a long time, we have prepared a selection of beautiful poems for women dedicated to the spring holiday.

For moms

May this day spring come happiness!
Let the wind of change rustle,
Let him blow away from the fate of your bad weather
And the sun will light up your everyday life.
With a fair wind you go through life
Do not change the way, do not be disheartened.
May happiness for you wonderfully erupt.
You do not forget about your dream.
Let luck does not leave you,
Let luck never betray
Let them give you a chance of success.
And let not one step behind.
Let the desired be possible!
Let your life be aloof.
Keep being masculine shoulder reliable.
Love and be forever happy! ...


You are all flowers today,
To make you happy,
To all admired you,
To become amicable with fate.
Let spring reign in the soul.
Let you not be sad
Depressed, annoyed,
The problems are tense.
Let your eyes burn with joy.
Let life always gives you
Delight, fun, beauty,
Support loved ones, kindness.
You bloom every moment
And do not consider the days of beauty.
Life will always be successful
But happiness will not frighten trouble ....


Beautiful mother is not in the world
About such a mother - just dream.
For this we are like children to you
Must on the spring day say:
Dear, you are more gentle than mimosa,
And your hands are no more valuable.
Always give you roses.
From us now accept a bouquet
Which is the day of March 8th
... please your clear eyes.
Joy, happiness and excitement!
Know how bad weather to fight back.


You are the best in the world
And you'll always need me.
I congratulate you heartily
On March 8, my dear.

You always understand me
And you give me your care.
My sweet, kind mother,
With all my heart I love you very much!

And I wish you today,
May your dreams come to life
So that you just shine with happiness,
So that all the days were good!


Mom my dear
Sweetheart love
Congratulations on March 8
The most beautiful.

You are my support in life,
My example, my reward.
Always be near you -
Do not need anything else!


Let the sun shine for you
Flowers bloom in the soul.
Let it come true always
Cherished dreams.

Shine your smile
And be happy yourself.
Happy International Women's Day
My dear mother!


Mom dear,
Spring holiday!
Let love be
Days are illuminated.

Smile more often,
Let the soul sing.
And good luck in the house
Let him live forever!


No need to look for love words
In the heart they are mine.
You, mummy dear,
Congratulations on Women's Day.

I wish that smile
On your face bloomed,
So that you, mom, not sick,
That was great.

I am on the eighth of March
I will give my love.
Mom, the best in the world,
I love you the most.


My mummy dear
8 times I kiss,
Hug tight,
8 times I will say "I love!".

"On March 8!" - I will shout.
In the circle dance,
I wish a sea of ​​laughter
Peace, joy, success.

Be like the sun, fun,
Bright, young, healthy,
The most tender and beloved ...
Mom, always be happy!


My mummy dear
I love you without an edge!
Congratulations on March 8,
I wish you happiness.

Lots of light, kindness,
Dreams come true
Joy for many years.
You are no better in the world!

Congratulations on March 8, 2018

For the beloved

The sun is my dear,
Congratulations on Women's Day.
I want to be comfortable
It was always our two.

That feeling inspired,
So that love leads forward,
So from the gentle attention,
Like a rose, you bloomed.

To give me a smile
Never sad
To forgive all mistakes
To be happy you were.


Spring - all women are beautiful,
Everything blooms on earth.
March 8 - Women's Day,
All thoughts are about you.

Thanks for meeting you,
What is on this earth?
Usually the gods are all in heaven,
And you came to me from heaven.


Happy Women's Day, my love, with the spring!
You, like the sun, radiate light,
I became close and dear to me
As if we have known for a hundred years.

I want you to be happy,
To multiply love in the heart
Life was cloudless, beautiful
And gave happiness again and again.


Wonderful day of the eighth of March,
All congratulations are for you,
Be happy on any date
I wish, anxiously loving.

Honey, you're gorgeous
Beautiful as spring itself.
Let sorrows pass without a trace
Know, I love you always.


For me, you are alone in the whole world
Only I love you so much.
So cute you are smart and beautiful
I am with you in sweet captivity.

Talk, walk, smile ...
I adore everything in you, I appreciate
And only you since March 8
I want to congratulate so much.

Be the happiest of all, my joy
Smile, always have fun.
Let good luck with you walks,
Luck is not angry at all.

And also magic, warmth, caress,
Only delight, triumph, good.
All happier on this planet
There will be life where you are and I am!

Greetings in prose

Sometimes simple and sincere words can be said more than verses. The main thing is that the words come from the heart.

Moms: Beloved Mom, with the holiday of spring! I want your face to always shine with a joyful smile, your well-being was excellent, and your plans should be fulfilled. May close people bring you only joy and good news. Be always a source of love and light for us, live a long, long time, dear! I love you!
Beloved: My precious, I congratulate you on March 8! You are my muse, my inspiration, my reason to be better! I love you very much and I want you to be the happiest. Your charm bewitches me. Darling, may all your dreams come true, hopes come true, wishes come true. You are my universe! Happy holiday!
Friend: My dear, with the holiday! With love, I wish you to bloom all year long and to please your loved ones with a great mood, laughter, beauty, inspiration, your unique femininity and a delightful smile. Live brightly, boldly, fulfill your dreams. And let fate help you in this as often as possible!
To the girl: Honey, I congratulate you on International Women's Day! I wish spring mood, warm relations with family and friends, pure sincere love. So that in your life you get everything that you want.Attentions, care, touching moments, emotional conversations and meetings, pleasant acquisitions, development and confidence, realization and demand, beauty, youth, smiles and a lot of all sorts of benefits! You are adorable! Happy holiday!
Sister: My good, sweet sister, I congratulate you on March 8! I really want you to shine like the long-awaited spring sun. So that every day was full of good, hope and love. May your whole life be bright and easy. You need, important, beautiful, beautiful, intelligent and self-sufficient! Great success to you! Happy holiday!


Colleagues: Dear colleagues, I congratulate you on March 8! I wish you a wonderful mood and lots of smiles. Let the work give the desired results, everything is easy and without obstacles. Huge female happiness, incredibly strong love and tenderness, attention and caring participation. Get ready for the best, it will happen! Happy holiday!

Short wishes for SMS

Sometimes there are moments in life when you need to quickly congratulate a large number of people on a holiday. In this case, SMS with short greetings from March 8 will come to the rescue:

With a wonderful spring holiday
I sincerely congratulate you.
Love and believe in miracles
And I wish you be happy!


March 8 is a glorious day:
Ringing, singing in the morning drops.
I congratulate you from the heart,
I wish you happiness and love.


Since March 8, Happy Spring Day!
Let the dreams come true.
Let the daisies please you
And in the shower chirping birds!


There is nothing more wonderful than spring
In her holiday there is goodness and beauty.
I wish a lot of happiness and flowers,
The most pleasant and beautiful words.


May spring bring happiness,
Life will be joyful,
So that all cherished dreams
Easy done you!

Personal greetings

Any woman will be flattered if she receives congratulations just for herself, that is, with her name. Such appeals are one hundred percent in the heart. If you want your congratulations to touch you deeply, be sure to contact your loved ones by name, especially on March 8.

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