CSKA uniform for the season 2018-2019

In May 2018, the PFC CSKA and Adidas cooperation contract is completed, so the football club obtained a new technical sponsor by signing an agreement with the British company Umbro. In this regard, the players of CSKA will receive a new form for the season 2018-2019, which will differ significantly from the season 2017-2018. It is the Umdro logo that will embellish each of the sets of the team uniform. By the way, CSKA has already collaborated with the British in the period 2000-2008. and then managed to get the first echelon of Russian football and achieve impressive victories of the European level.

As for the title sponsor, everything here remains unchanged, they still mean the operator of electrical networks of RosSet.

Home form

The UK company Umbro is one of the oldest developers of sports equipment. In its arsenal of cooperation with such football stars as Manchester United, Chelsea, the English national football team, etc. Recently, the brand has lost its former popularity in world football, but it is likely that things can change in the near future.

In the design of the home form for 2019, the designers did not depart from the traditional club colors of CSKA and offered the option in a red and blue color scheme. In the shorts and leggings of this kit, mostly blue is used with small decorative details in red. As for a T-shirt, here everything is the other way around, on the red field certain areas in the shoulders, back and underarms are highlighted in blue. The design of the new set is reminiscent of the shape trends of the 2005 season.

Interesting! The 2005 form kit became the most famous and successful set of CSKA during the previous cooperation with Umbro, because it was in her team that the army team managed to become winners in the UEFA Cup.

Home form FC CSKA season 2018-2019

Guest form

In the CSKA guest uniform for the 2018-2019 season, the team’s traditional white color was also used. A striking element was the red and blue stripe, which runs along the front of the T-shirt and is interrupted by the inscription of the title sponsor of RosSet. An additional decoration was a blue edging on the neck and sleeves, gray inserts on the shoulders. Shorts with white leggings also contain separate red and blue elements.

This exit kit can be considered a kind of remake of not only the guest form CSKA,presented in 2004, but also the form of the French Lyon, which was developed for the club in 2016 by the designers Adidas.

FC CSKA guest form in the season 2018-2019

Reserve Form

The third reserve set for the club CSKA for the game season 2018-2019 was developed in orange with decorative elements in blue.

On a note! In the previous season of 2017/2018, the army team had already played in the orange form, developed for them by the company Adidas.

The original detail of the new form 2018-2019 is a “needle” pattern placed at the bottom of the T-shirt. The execution of shorts and leggings remained the same as that of the home and guest sets, with the exception of color.

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