Dark beige color: how and with what to wear things of this shade?

Beige - an excellent base to which you canadd different colors and shades, combine and experiment. Light beige shades are also called "powder" or "nude". They can personify tenderness and maidenhood or open sexuality and temptation. You need to understand this face and, choosing a style, for example, a cocktail beige dress, do not find yourself in it "naked."

Dark beige color is similar to the color of tanned skin -warm, soft - and goes to any color appearance. There is also a cold side of this shade - gray-beige. It is ideal for owners of cold color appearance. Emphasizes light skin and hair with an ashy undertones.

But first things first. In this article, we will analyze what colors are combined with dark beige and gray-beige colors.

dark beige color

Camel coat

One of the most common things that is alreadybecame a classic, - a coat of the color "Camel". From the name it is clear that this shade is similar to camel's wool - a warm dark beige color (photo will be lower). Even the simplest style of the product, made in this shade, looks incredibly feminine, stylish and expensive. With what colors is it advantageous to combine a dark beige coat?

  • The black. A classic combination. Wear a coat with black pants, a turtleneck or a black tight dress.
  • Denim. Dark blue jeans or a denim shirt will playfully win over the background of a warm beige coat.
  • White. Very refreshing combination. To wear under a coat a snow-white sweater of large mating or white broad pants-palazzo.
  • Light gray. Top or T-shirt of light gray color, perhaps with a picture or an inscription will give the image a lightness and remove the plaque of officiality.
  • Red. A very feminine and elegant image can be created by combining a beige coat and a red flared skirt just below the knees in the style of the work of Christian Dior.
  • Yellow. In the combination of yellow and "camel", the image becomes more everyday and youthful.

dark beige color photo

Warm outerwear

In such a completely non-winter range can bea fur coat or a winter jacket insulated. Color dark beige is usually associated with the fall, but for winter it also fits. With what to combine warm outer clothing beige shade?

  • With a black "bottom": trousers, jeans, warmed leggings. Wear a black skirt with tight black pantyhose.
  • With blue and blue jeans, boyfriends.
  • With a white sweater or volumetric sweater.
  • With accessories in a range close to beige: brown, mustard, light beige, gold.

jacket insulated color dark beige

Beige skirt

The dark beige color is very suitable for the skirt. Legs in such clothes visually seem longer, and the figure - more slender. The skirt can be made both from dense heavy fabric, and from light and flowing. For the "top" is ideal:

  • White shirt of a man's cut.
  • Black narrow turtleneck with cuts on the shoulders.
  • Olive crochet-top with long sleeves.
  • Light purple t-shirt.
  • Dark brown leather jacket is a scythe.
  • Light beige top in linen style.
  • Terracotta or bright orange cardigan of fine jersey.
  • Dark blue short-cut patterned jumper.

dark beige color in clothes

Beige trousers

Pants with a dark beige color, just likeskirt, help visually lengthen the legs. They can be narrowed, sporty, strict straight with arrows or light, flying, wide. That will approach to trousers of such color:

  • Short jacket of color "fuchsia".
  • A jumper with a large leopard print, orange or mustard color.
  • White silk top on thin straps.
  • Elongated sleeveless aubergine jacket.
  • Light-gray fur vest with a long pile.
  • Light turquoise shirt.
  • Black chiffon blouse with ruffles on the chest.

what colors are combined with dark beige

Beige shirt

The shirt made in such a range can be attributedto the basic wardrobe, as it can be combined with any other garment. It can be fitted, according to the figure, elongated or asymmetrical. An excellent pair of such "nude" shirt will be:

  • Suede dark green pencil skirt.
  • Narrow leather pants of the color of Marsala.
  • Black trousers-kyulots.
  • Dark blue elongated jacket.
  • Dark blue jeans.

Leopard print

From season to season, leopard print is included in thefashion, and despite this, fashion critics do not cease to scold women who abuse it. Virtually every woman in the wardrobe has a dress or a blouse with a leopard print. Color dark beige - one of the most common in the basis of "predatory" pattern, it is harmoniously complemented by black and red specks. So with what to wear leopard print, not to look vulgar?

  • Calm beige color perfectly balances the "leopard". A skirt with a leopard print can be combined with a beige bouzka, and on a bright "ravenous" dress you can wear a trench coat.
  • The black. It is important that the thing of black color is not made of leather, lurex or lace. To "leopard" blouse it is possible to put on black shortened trousers and the same jacket.
  • White. A great combination for summer. With a blouse in the spots you can wear white shorts or a knee-length skirt.

blouse with leopard print color dark beige

Cocktail Dress

When choosing a cocktail dress, pay attention toDark gray-beige color. You can wear it both in a matte texture, and in shiny. Gray-beige dress, embroidered with pawns or bugles, will look very elegant, reserved, but festive. Such a cold shade will favorably emphasize any shade of the skin, both tanned and "porcelain" pale, but ideally it will look on a cold color.

Dress dark beige can look liketoo simple, and look incredibly sexy because of its powdery hue. It all depends on the chosen style and the material from which it is sewn. This dress can be combined with a black jacket and body shoes.

dark gray beige color to wear


What colors are the accessories suitable for, if there is a dark beige color in the clothes?

  • A larger bag is best to choose a dark brown orterracotta color. A small bag on a belt or an evening clutch can be black, blue or green. To the gray-beige shade the fittings for silver are more suitable, to the warm beige - gold. In summer, the bag can be more juicy saturated color: yellow, orange, bright blue.
  • Under a beige dress, not only shoes intone, but also in contrasting colors, for example, red or bright pink. Black will also burden the image. With a long chiffon or silk dress, golden sandals with a high heel or sandals on a flat sole will harmoniously look.
  • Coat colors "camel" can be supplemented with "leopard" ankle boots on a thick low heel. The scarf can be white, pink, black.
  • The most winning and stylish lookornaments made of brown leather. These can be straps, bracelets and necklaces. Also suitable are large adornments made of turquoise and amber. Thin gold chains and rings also accentuate the outfit. And white cold shine, on the contrary, is not the best way combined with a warm beige.


If you have decided to dress from head to toe in beigeattire, then pay special attention to makeup. "Nyudovoye" dress in the floor must be supplemented with a bright accent on the face, for example, scarlet lipstick and clearly outlined cheekbones. In this case, the eyes should not be painted too brightly, there will be enough mascara for eyelashes, padding of the intermittent space and underlined brown eyebrows. If the bright lips are not your option, then draw your eyes with a coal-black eyeliner, making a wide long arrow, and dab the eyelashes densely. On the lips, apply a gentle peach shine or matte pale pink lipstick. Also, make-up of a fig-ice, but not in black, but in a brown or emerald color, do not forget to work the eyebrows with a brown gel.

For daily make-up, you can emphasize the fold of the upper eyelid with brown, olive or bronze shadows, apply a warm peach blush and a transparent lip gloss.

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