Decorative bridges for a country site

The landscape design of the modern suburban area is often accompanied by the installation of decorative bridges. They decorate the flowerbeds, become elements of the road leading to the gazebo, help people cross to panoramic islands in the middle of large bodies of water, and give the area a complete look. Similar designs are made in a variety of styles and are made from various materials.

Location and style
If landscape design provides for the existence of an ornamental bridge, it is necessary to consider the placement of the latter. You can see decorative bridges and not only at

When the garden area is equipped with an artificial pond and a stream flowing from it, a safe bridge of small length is thrown over the water surface. If the dacha landscape is devoid of a water element or owns a small pond, the ferry is built through a stream imitation that is lined with pebbles and lined with compatible plants.

Landscape design cottages in any famous style requires that the outlines of decorative bridges harmoniously complement the area and be an integral part of the garden. The crossing, which plays the role of a track element, increases the interest of a relaxation walk or allows you to move between functional zones.

When the gardens are decorated in a landscape style, the decorative bridge is assembled in the most narrow area of ​​the reservoir with an irregular shape. Then the design illusory zones the pond to the deep part and the shallow with coastal plants or a water garden and a place of relaxation. If landscape design forces to use strict symmetry, the object considered by the article is constructed on the middle part of a rectangular reservoir, and the opposite shore is equipped with a gazebo. Then an aesthetically attractive composition containing many panoramic sites is formed.

A ferry with a gazebo and a pond can be seen from the shore, from the bridge - the surface of the water, from the gazebo - the main part of the garden. If the country landscape is decorated in the Japanese style, objects made of natural materials with curved outlines and of relatively small length are chosen.A direct crossing of wooden parts with balusters and fairly wide railings spreads over the garden-country stream. Landscape design of the site in the avant-garde style allows you to choose a design with asymmetrical shapes, unusual coloring options, and so on.

Materials and varieties
The structures of the objects under consideration are built from wood, stones, concrete solution or metal alloys. In form, they are divided into several types:

- Flat. They are easily assembled by novice craftsmen by means of simple adaptations. The elements of the budget products consist of pine, cedar or larch wood that has been treated using special technologies. Expensive options are built of oak material, characterized by a long service life and relatively high cost.

- Curved. Often found in regular gardens, decorated with Japanese style. Such objects of landscape design are mounted with a small height of the banks of the pond. In order to secure movement on the flooring, the greatest lift of the structure must reach ten percent of the length,and the bend angle is a maximum of twenty degrees. The canvas is equipped with railings made of stone, wood or metal.

- Step. They consist of two stair structures, which rise towards each other and are equipped with a middle platform. When determining the dimensions of their steps, the height doubled and folded with a width should reach a maximum of 60 cm. To prevent rainwater accumulation, each riser bends at an angle of 12 degrees towards the drainage holes.

- Concrete. Constructed by performing simple operations, but weigh a lot. Therefore, the design is illusory facilitated by arched details of architecture, and its surfaces are decorated with wooden coverings, patterned railings and other elements. Appearance may resemble a sunken ship, crumbling rocks, the ruins of medieval buildings and so on.

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