Decorative plaster "Bark"

"Bark beetle" is a decorative plaster, which is a dry mix on a mineral basis, with small granules included in it, creating after applying the effect of cutting off a panel from an old tree, eaten away by a bark beetle, and this is where the name of plaster came from. "Bark beetle" can finish the walls and the outside and inside the room - it is resistant to rain, snow, low temperatures, normal wear and tear. This plaster, originally white, can be tinted in any chosen color, which allows you to get the whole choice of colors and shades, if you need it, you can paint it.

For applying bark beetle the following tools and devices are needed:

1. Spatula 300 mm.
2. Plastic grater
3. Drill with a mixer to stir the mixture
4. Bucket for mixing.

The wall on which the bark beetle will be applied must be even, without pits and potholes. Minor roughness and fossa bark beetle closes to remove significant defects, the wall must be pierced. The basis for decorative plaster, must necessarily be well primed.

Put plaster in the bucket, add color, and mix well.The mixture should not be too thick or too thin.

Apply a layer of uniform thickness to the plaster on the wall, then wait about ten minutes and begin to rub it with a plastic trowel, creating a pattern. An excessively thick or insufficiently dried layer cannot be rubbed. The thickness of the standing is determined by the size of the granules of plaster. Since the granules can sink to the bottom, it is necessary to re-mix the composition every 15 minutes.

The pattern is determined by the direction of movement of the grater: arc movements create a pattern of circular arcs; straight up and down movements are straight line segments, wavy - winding curves.

In the process of drawing a picture, one should avoid overflows.

Plaster "Bark Bird" will last a long time, you only need to tint it occasionally.

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