Decoupage on a tree


In this article, you will learn how to do decoupage on a tree with your own hands. For the decor in this master class, we will use wood cuts, but we will immediately make a reservation: in the same technique, you can also decorate cutting boards, boxes and much more - this is just an example. We have prepared step-by-step instructions and useful tips for you, with the help of which you will easily and quickly learn the technique of transferring images to a tree at home.

decoupage on a tree

We have already told you what decoupage is and how it happens. We advise you to read this material, if you have never worked in this technique before. If you are familiar with decoupage, but have never tried to apply it on wooden surfaces, this article is for you. Beginners should not retreat immediately: working with wood is not much more difficult than with other materials. Is that throw out the failed crafts will be a pity. However, it is possible that you will succeed in everything from the first time - there is nothing supernatural in decoupage a tree.

What do we need?

  • wooden cuts (or any other wooden surface)
  • adhesive paper tape
  • wax paper
  • sandpaper

How to transfer the picture?

Pick up the image you want to transfer to the tree. The size of the picture should correspond approximately to the surface you are planning to decorate. There are no special nuances in colors and format - choose to your taste.

wood cuts

Take a regular A4 sheet for your printer. Prepare wax paper (its size should exceed the size of the sheet for the printer 1 cm in length). Glue the sheets together with adhesive paper tape. It is important that it fits tightly and does not leave folds. Leave an extra centimeter of wax paper hanging up at the top: then you will need it to remove the desired layer. Insert the blank into the printer and print the image for future decoupage on the tree.

We take sandpaper and level the surface of the wood saw, if necessary. Remove a layer of wax paper from the printout.


We apply a picture for a decoupage to a tree with a bright side.

transfer the picture

We take a special plastic knife (or an ordinary plastic card) and gently straighten the image on the surface.Swipe card only in one direction; hold it not vertically, but slightly tilted so as not to tear the picture.

decoupage on a tree

Carefully peel off a layer of wax paper.

decoupage on a tree

Take the sandpaper again and very carefully rub the joints of the picture and cut it, if they are noticeable.

decoupage on a tree

Such a decoupage on a tree is kept very well, but if you plan to use your craft often, it is better to close it with a special non-toxic varnish for wood.

decoupage on a tree

Try decoupage on other wooden surfaces. If you are a beginner, use it in this way, and not with napkins, as waxed paper is usually not gathered into folds - the image is translated exactly and completely.

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