Dishwasher tablets do-it-yourself: effective recipes, comparison with professional products

Tablets used for washing dishes in the car, cost a lot of money. This is one of the reasons for thinking about alternatives. The second reason is chemical composition. The tablets contain substances harmful to health and the entire ecosystem.

Homemade detergents from inexpensive and harmless components will help solve the problem. How and from what to make tablets for the dishwasher with your own hands?

The composition of preformed dishwashers

Before proceeding to the manufacture of tablets for dishwasher, find out what they consist of, we argue the feasibility of our venture. Most buyers do not look at the composition and buys money, trusting advertising.

Manufacturers claim that the harm from household chemicals is minimal, forgetting that with the combined effect of the components, it increases significantly.

The most dangerous components are chlorine and chlorine-containing substances, formaldehydes, phosphates and phosphonates, surfactants and hydrochloric acid. Many of them are part of the tablets for dishwashers. Even with repeated rinsing in hot water from the chemical compounds completely dishes are not cleaned.

Household chemicals
Statistics confirm that in a year up to 0.5 liters of detergent gets into the body of every person. This happens due to poor rinsing dishes

Chlorine and its compoundscan cause a number of diseases, such as hypertension, allergies, anemia and other common ailments. For this reason, some chlorine-containing substances are prohibited in EU countries.

Surfactant- substances that connect the molecules of water and fat, so they clean the surface well, but at the same time break down human sebum. They are divided into three types:

  • anionic - the most effective, cheap, but also harmful, since they tend to accumulate in the body;
  • cationic - cause less damage and have a bactericidal effect;
  • non-ionic - the most harmless, 100% decomposable.

Frequent and abundant use of household chemicals containing surfactants, leads to a decrease in immunity, defatting and aging of the skin, the development of allergic reactions.The action is enhanced by phosphates, which promote the penetration of substances through the skin into the blood.

Accumulating in vital organs, they lead to dysfunction. By sanitary standards, the amount of surfactant should not exceed 5%.

Making pills for PMM do it yourself

After reviewing the composition of the tablets, we come to the conclusion that this is not a harmless tool and it makes sense to spend time making it yourself.

Soda and Lemon Juice
Baking soda and juice, squeezed from a lemon in the composition of the tablets make them absolutely harmless. Soda ash can also be used as a detergent component.

Household cleaners are also cheaper than factory-made ones.

Ingredients for homemade products

For homemade do-it-yourself tablets for the dishwasher you need simple and accessible components:

  • Baking soda - 2 glasses.
  • Water - 1 cup.
  • Salt - 1 cup.
  • Citric acid - 1/2 cup.

For the formation of tablets need silicone or plastic containers for ice.

One glass of soda is poured out on a baking sheet and an oven is placed for half an hour at a temperature of 200 degrees. So that the soda does not burn, in the process of heating it is mixed.Removed from the oven, it becomes more friable and matte consistency, suitable for the formation of tablets.

The mixture for tablets in the palm
Ingredients for the preparation of tablet detergents should be thoroughly mixed to a uniform plastic mass, from which it is easy to form tablets of the desired shape.

Soda from the oven poured into a bowl, there is added a glass of ordinary soda, citric acid and salt. Everything is mixed and some water is added. The mixture foams, you need to wait for the foaming process to stop, and then add a little more water. This is done several times.

Then everything is thoroughly mixed and laid out one or one and a half teaspoons into ice molds. This should be done quickly, as the mixture rapidly thickens. Leave the molds for half an hour, then remove the homemade pills and put them in a jar, close the airtight lid.

Popular soda-based recipes

To create tablets for this recipe is taken:

  • 150 g of soda;
  • 500 g of magnesia (English salt);
  • 200 g borax (sodium tetraborate);
  • 40 grams of lemon juice.

A mixture of dry ingredients is mixed with lemon juice and poured into molds.

Tanks are installed in a dry place. Dried tablets are ready to use. To the composition, you can add more and children's washing powder, just one glass is enough. A pleasant fragrance of detergent will give a few drops of any of the essential oils, it is better citrus.

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Ingredients for homemade pills
Ingredients for homemade pills
Add essential oil to dry mix
Add essential oil to dry mix
Adding water to the mixture
Adding water to the mixture
The mixture for the formation of tablets
The mixture for the formation of tablets
Mixture for tablets in the form of ice
Mixture for tablets in the form of ice
Dishwasher tablets dry out
Dishwasher tablets dry out
Ready pills in a container
Ready pills in a container
Laying the pills in the dishwasher
Laying the pills in the dishwasher

Consider a few more recipes for dishwasher tablets.

Recipe # 1.Take 7 parts of regular powder and 3 parts of soda ash. It is recommended to use dishwashing detergent and filtered water as a binder. Mixture fill the forms. After drying, the tablets are ready for use.

Soda Ash Packed
Soda Ash - a natural product obtained in several ways: from natural or nepheline raw materials, by the method of carbonization of sodium hydroxide and ammonia method

Recipe # 2.Children's powder - 8 parts, soda - 1.8, washing liquid for dishes - 0.2 parts. All mix and form tablets, filling with a mixture of the form.Children's powder less aggressive, removes protein contaminants at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees. Tablets of baby powder used in a mode not exceeding the specified temperature.

Children's washing eco powder
Eco-friendly powder for washing children's clothes does not contain phosphates, surfactants, zeolites and other harmful components. The basis of the powder is a safe natural soap.

Recipe # 3.Combine detergent (160 g) with soda ash (40 g), add glycerin (5 g). Stir and spread in molds.

Recipe # 4.Mix a mixture of two tablespoons of finely chopped powdered mustard and one spoon of soda to combine with 1.5 beds of hot water, stir, spread on molds.

One of the options for the manufacture of the drug from a mixture of mustard powder with soda is shown in the video:

Recipe # 5.Stir 3 tbsp. spoons of salt with 2 tbsp. spoons of powder and 1 tbsp. Spoon of concentrated 70% vinegar.

Comparison of factory and homemade pills

The main differences of ready-made and homemade pills, as already noted, is the composition and price. Household chemicals of industrial production contain harmful components and are much more expensive.

Industrial Dishwasher Tablets
The substances that make up the pressed tablets do not dissolve simultaneously, but at a certain moment. When using them, the dishes are washed and refreshed, the machine is being taken care of.

Consider the main categories of factory tablets, differing in chemical composition and price:

  • Relatively inexpensive basic tablets, consisting of three components.
  • Ecological biodegradable tablets without phosphates. Ideal for allergy sufferers.
  • Capsules - tablets in a dissolving shell.
  • Universal multicomponent tablets, to the basic composition of which the components for washing crystal, antimicrobial substances, rinses, fragrances, etc. are added.

Expensive tablets are more effective and safe than cheap analogues of industrial production.

Washing quality testing

The quality of washing homemade tool closer to the basic tablets. When testing self-made tablets, it was found that in terms of their effectiveness, their effect is almost as good as inexpensive factory-made products. Biodegradable eco-friendly pills, like those made by hand, do not contain harmful substances, but they are much more expensive and guarantee excellent results.

Dishwasher tablets in pack
Modern tablet detergents 3 in 1 or 7 in 1 are effective, provided that they will be used in machines of the new type that have the ability to recognize them. The most popular trademarks are Finish, Frosch, Bio Mio and several others.

Capsules provide high quality washing, convenient because the soluble shell provides protection against accidental ingress of moisture. Comparison of the results of washing with multicomponent tablets is not in favor of self-made. The first ones are much more efficient because they contain basic and additional components.

The purity of the dishes and the machine itself in the composition of the tablets provide:

  • detergent, as the main component;
  • salt to soften water and protect the inside of the machine from scale, in the case of its absence on the dishes stains, whitish coating and smudges remain;
  • rinse, reinforcing and fixing effect of detergent;
  • antiscale agent that does not allow lime to form if water in the aqueduct is hard;
  • degreaser, splitting fatty layer, deposited inside the machine;
  • deodorant, eliminating unpleasant odors;
  • additional substances of various actions.

The composition of homemade tablets is limited to a set of improvised tools used in the household.

Ingredients for tablets
Soda, citric acid and other ingredients are versatile tools, perfectly coping with the tasks

Components in the composition of the factory tablets are consistent, including work at the right time. In the tablets, made with their own hands, this technology is absent.

Tablets for home-made dishwashers are cheaper and safer, and their composition can be adjusted to fit your needs. This has a negative point:

  • busting with liquid detergent for dishes will have a negative impact on the quality of washing and can harm the machine;
  • excess soda will cause the tablets to dissolve poorly;
  • excess citric acid can cause damage to plastic parts.

The dosage of industrial tablets, in contrast to self-made, is regulated in accordance with GOST, TU and other standards.

Other signs to match

Do-it-yourself pills have an imperfect appearance - this is another argument not in favor of self-made counterparts.Released in the factory means look much more aesthetic.

When choosing factory pills you do not have to spend your personal time on the selection, searching for ingredients and manufacturing.

When mixing the mixture for tablets you need to take care of safety. Gloves and a mask will protect you from the aggressive effects of soda and powder on the mucous membranes.

An ordinary tablet weighing 16 grams, obtained industrially, costs 9-10 rubles. Multi-component products are even more expensive. The cost of homemade tablets, based on the price of ingredients, is much lower. A simple calculation shows that you will spend 54 rubles per 31 tablets, that is, one tablet will cost 1.75 rubles.

Both types of pills are worth a look.

Dosed industrial and home-made packaging has a number of common advantages. They can not be scattered, poured or loaded over the norm. They do not take up much space and are convenient to store. The finished tablets are stored in their original packaging, made their own hands - in a closed glass jar or plastic container with a lid.

The girl puts the dishes in the dishwasher
Dishwashing detergents should not be used in machines.At the same time, the active ingredients of the tablets, powders and gels used in dishwashers have a negative effect on the skin of the hands.

The dosed composition of the factory tablets is regulated by regulatory documents, home - recipes, proven on their own experience.

Tablets clean the dishes not worse, and often better than other detergents.

Useful saw on the topic

The process of making tablets for the dishwasher with their own hands and washing dishes using homemade tablets:

Video with instructions for the independent production of extremely cheap tools for PMM:

How to make detergent tableted tool quickly at minimal cost:

If you trust manufacturers and believe the magic formulas that ensure the perfect cleanliness of your dishes, and you do not care about the price, choose ready-made tablets. There is another option: in one evening, stock up with inexpensive dishwashing pills in a dishwasher. How much they will be aesthetic depends on the correct ratio of ingredients and forms in which the mixture will be laid.

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