Disk plow (planer) for plowing the land: description, advantages

Agriculture at all stages of its developmentIt is impossible to imagine without a plow - a powerful and simple tool for tillage. For its millennial history, it has not lost its popularity and is still used to cultivate a fertile layer of land. Only its design and specialization of certain species have changed, where the disk plow is one of the most popular tools.


It is known that the most popular isplowshare plow, which is intended for soil cultivation at all stages of its cultivation. However, the use of such a tool in difficult conditions - on wetlands, the site of uprooted forests, stony ground or heavy soils, terrain with overgrown vegetation, weeds - is inappropriate.

First, to achieve a qualitative resultit will be impossible - the device simply can not cope and get stuck. Secondly, the risk of breakage of the device increases, the cost of its maintenance and the amount of fuel necessary for the operation of the drive mechanism are increased.disk plow In difficult conditions it is preferable to usea disk plow. If the tool, having encountered an obstacle, drowns in the ground or breaks down, then its disc-like counterpart will roll over the obstacle and continue to carry out its work.

The scope of its application is extensive - from after the seasonaltillage, till stubbling with the aim of destroying and preventing the appearance of pests and weeds. It is also used in forestry and fire departments: it plows the land to prevent it from spreading deep into the forest zone or getting close to settlements.

The device of a disk plow

By its design, disk devicesare plane cuts, that is, cut the soil without the subsequent dumping. Its basis is the front and rear frame. For each rigid unchanged system of beams, two disk enclosures are "hung".

Front on the disk plow are mounted flatstabilizing knives that "break through" the track, mark ditches, along which the discs themselves are moving. It is important that the traces of flat knives and discs coincide - so you can achieve a better result of processing.plow the land The frame also includes a support wheel, which serves to regulate the depth of penetration of cutting components into the ground.

Directly working body - disk -It is made of steel of strong, but easily processed alloys, resistant to corrosion. Their diameter varies from 60 to 80 cm. There are also cutting elements in the form: now there are more than 10 varieties of round knives that can be used in various cases.

Advantages of a disk plow

Despite its wide scope and prevalence, the disk plow does not have a sufficient set of advantages to become the most demanded and indispensable device for tillage.plow disk plow Among the positive qualities of this device, agricultural specialists singled out:

  1. Reducing the load on the tractor - by rotating the components during operation, they achieve a reduction in the frictional force, which allows to reduce tractive effort.
  2. High quality surface treatment - due to the fact that the discs are located at a certain angle to the vertical axis, provides better penetration of the blades into the ground.
  3. Reducing the cost of production - due to"Rolling" through the barriers the risk of damage and dullness of the blades is very low. This also significantly affects the fuel consumption of the traction mechanism.

Like any other equipmentagricultural sector, plow disk - mounted. This, on the one hand, allows you to take a device for rent, reducing losses for a simple, and on the other - makes it affordable and simplifies repairs.

Types of disk plows

A wide variety of soils suitable forprocessing and subsequent seeding of cultivated plants encouraged the design engineers to create several varieties of disk plows for various soil conditions. For this reason, now on the agricultural market can be found:

  • tool for processing fields - the disks here have a diameter of 40-45 cm, which penetrate deep into the earth by 6-10 cm and are symmetrical with respect to the central axes;
  • garden tools - of the same diameter round blades are located in staggered or asymmetrical order, penetrate into the soil by 12-14 cm;
  • marsh disc plow - able to plow the land with an excessive amount of moisture, has a large mass and several dozen blades, penetrate into the soil by 20-25 cm.

Specially for forestry enterprises, a few additional elements are installed on a conventional plow - turfgrass, ripper shovel and cuttings.plow cutting machine This simplifies the work on the ground with uprooted trees, dense vegetation, near forest zones.

Mobile disc plows

For the treatment of soils in private or suburban areasThere is no need to spend a lot of money and efforts to purchase and use professional equipment. To facilitate the process of processing the fertile layer of the earth can be a disk plow-plane for the motor block.

Unlike industrial tools, suchthe tool has in its composition two or three discs fixed on a metal beam. The connection to the traction technique takes place through a rigid coupling. Adjustment of the penetration depth of the blade into the ground is carried out by an adjusting screw.flatbed for motoblock In cases where these devices are insufficientfor fast and high-quality processing, you can resort to installing attachments on the mini tractor. In this case, the disk machining tool differs from its perfect brothers only in dimensions.

Features of pricing

The cost of a disk plow depends on the setfactors. The first of these is the destination. Depending on what you need to plow the land, depends, the greater the increase you can get to the productivity. The choice should be based on traction technology.

The third important indicator is the regionacquisition. Obviously, for the middle zone of Russia, where there are practically no agricultural land, the cost of the device will be relatively low. But for the Volga region, bordering with Kazakhstan regions, the price will be at a fairly high level due to the demand.

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