Do traders need forums?

On the exchange, every man for himself. Traders operate with financial resources for which they are responsible. The trader himself decides whether to buy him any financial instrument or sell it.

He always risks, and, often with a lot of money, with his personal or trusted clients. Everyone on the exchange is in the same conditions, no one has any benefits or concessions. Only the strongest survive in the world of finance, as in natural selection. Weak awaits the unenviable fate.

Therefore, when it comes to communication between traders, most people imagine it in the same way as communication between sharks. In trading, all the losses of one trader, is the profit of another participant or group of participants, because every trader is interested in the loss of his colleagues, without which his success is impossible. So it turns out that people consider impossible normal communication between traders.

But not everything is as bad as it seems at first glance.Still, traders are also people, and the level of their intellectual development is far ahead of the average. After all, they have to constantly make difficult decisions based on good education and a lot of experience. Therefore, any https: //forum-traderov.rf - this is a very common thing. There are many such forums on the Internet where traders can communicate with each other, share their problems and experience. The financial market is so large that all competition on it is impersonal. In theory, traders earn on someone else's mistakes, but in practice this concept is so impersonal that it is impossible for a trader to determine on whose losses he made a profit. The progress of information technology has reached the level that one trader per day can perform a huge number of operations, of which some will be successful, and the other - unprofitable.

After such a busy day, a trader can visit a large forex forum where he can share his impressions of the stock exchange day, read the opinions of his colleagues on recent events, and take part in an unofficial contest of analytical forecasts, without which no forum can do.

But the investment forum is not only a virtual event.Very often such events are held in real life. They gather participants from around the world, where they can personally meet their colleagues with whom they compete on the stock exchange.

Such forums are held in different countries of the world, but among the financiers there is no language barrier, they use terminology that has been around for many years among them.

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