Doram "Boys of Colorful Flowers": actors and characters, plot line

Films and series of South Korea is very easy and fastenter the everyday life of far from Asian residents. They reveal important social problems, thanks to which the cinematography is kept for a long time in the everyday life of not only children but also adults.

The main theme of doram is love. Although serial events have little to do with the real life of both foreigners and Koreans themselves, even indigenous people admit that looking at the development of events is always interesting, even if the plot is old enough.

The second most popular topic is genderintrigue. Here the main heroine or hero disguises themselves in the opposite sex to achieve certain goals: gaining fame, moving up the career ladder, etc. A similar theme attracts Europeans, if only because it is unusual and slightly different from the usual American, Russian and other television series.

In addition to the genres in which the dramas are removed, they are able to instill love for their country, culture and its customs. Koreans are true patriots, which is so lacking in the foreign film industry.

One of Korea's leading dorami - "Boys are more beautifulcolors". Actors - the first thing that pushes viewers to view. According to the inhabitants of Asia, personalities selected for filming are amazingly beautiful and perfectly cope with their roles. In this drama, starred actors such as Lee Min Ho, He Xe Son, Kim Hyun Joon, Kim Bohm, Kim Jun, Kim So Un, Kim Hyun Joo, Li Hye-yong and others. All of them have gained frenzied popularity in their homeland and in other countries of Asia.

boys are more beautiful than the actors

About South Korean Cinematography

Critics often take the majorityAmerican films because of the presence of vulgarity, vulgarity, monotony. This is true, however, Hollywood still continues to delight the world with powerful stories that will remain forever in the heart of the person watching and will not rot with time. Unfortunately, no other country in the world can boast of the same number of eternally living masterpieces, except for South Korea.

Over the past ten years, this peninsula has becomethe best in the field of Asian cinema. Here the government supports domestic cinema, invests a lot of money, and also prohibits cinemas showing mostly foreign films. Local paintings and so bring good earnings, and the population appreciates them.

A distinctive feature of South Korean storiesis that the directors cover those aspects of life that do not conflict with the mentality of other countries. This is what makes it possible for them to constantly flicker at international film festivals. Robber Mackey was surprised how passionate, interesting and amazing scenarios are born in Asian authors. Now the largest film companies in America are actively creating remakes for the most famous Korean films. When deciding to remove the American "Oldboy" Steven Spielberg (the most famous director), having looked at the original, refused to take part in this. All due to the fact that this work of art is recognized not by one critic, and attempts to remove a foreign version may simply fail.

Korean cinema has reached and to heartsRussian citizens. However, the development is rather slow, since the broadcasters are afraid that people, having a prejudiced attitude towards Asia as a whole, will not go to see the films.

Korean films and series (better known as"Doramas") teach a person to live, to correctly prioritize life. They are worth seeing not only ordinary citizens, but also foreign producers. All that this country creates is impregnated with nationalism, a belief in itself and its country.

The series "Boys are more beautiful than flowers" (or "Flowers after berries")

In addition to the two most common names,has also one working: "Better boys than flowers." Dorama was filmed for the story of the manga (Japanese comics). The premiere of the series was held on one of the Korean channels (KBS2TV) on January 5, 2009. Ended in the same year on March 31. In total there are 25 series, each for 60-70 minutes. "Boys are more beautiful than flowers" in Russian can be viewed on the Internet. There is both a version with subtitles, and with amateur scoring. Doram has been shown since its release to such countries and islands as Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada, Israel and Ukraine.

Story line

The main character, Guim Chan Di, a girl from a poorfamily, worked in dry cleaning. She had to take a clean uniform to a guy who is studying in one of the most important educational institutions in Seoul - at Shinhwa school. When she arrives at the meeting place, she understands that this student, who she needs, is trying to throw herself off the roof, and eventually rescues him. This event thundered all over the capital.

A scandal broke out around the Shinhwathe fact that only the children of rich parents study there, while the poor are constantly committing suicide. In order to settle the conflict, the administration of the institution decides to take Chiang Di on a budget to his school. Reluctantly, under the pressure of her parents, she still agrees and that's what turns her life around. Here she meets a powerful four of the guys who, even at such a young age, already have a huge influence both in Seoul itself and outside it. They are called simply - F4. Their leader is Gu Jun Pe (the main character), stubborn, frivolous and arrogant, preventing the main heroine from living peacefully. The culmination in the drama occurs when a friend of Chiang Di drops ice cream on the leader's boot. After his terrible reaction to this, she is forced to declare war on him.

whether min ho

Characters and actors of the series

Doram "Boys of Colorful Flowers", whose actorsbecame quite popular after its release, has many main and minor characters. They all have their own stories and characters, which will be described below.

Guim Chang Di (Gu Xe Son) is the main character. Stubborn, just, brave. He always knows how to stand up for the truth. For the first time she was in Shinhwa because of her parents' business. A pupil, whom she saved from suicide, received a card from F4, which meant "you do not live here". The four would do anything to turn his life into hell. After some time after training at school, the heroine herself receives this card. However, it has a strong spirit, it is difficult to break, especially on its side becomes one of the influential school guys - Ji Hu. First falls in love with him, and then begins to reciprocate in the feelings of the leader of F4.

Gu Jun Pe (Lee Ming Ho) is the main character. Cynical, selfish, and also the leader of the school four. He is the son of the director of the Shinhwa corporation, under whose leadership this school is located. Since childhood, the boy grew up without parents, surrounded by workers at home. Jun Pyo is used to the fact that they all indulge and love. It was the insubordination of Kim Chan-Di that aroused his anger. However, during the war with her, he begins to feel for the girl's feelings. Most likely, the love arose because the heroine reminded him of his sister: the same freedom-loving, independent girl who can always fight for the truth. In the beginning of the drama it can be seen that he is a normal major. But in the process of communicating with Chiang Di, he opens up in a different light: kind, caring, ready to always help his loved ones.

Yun Ji Hu (Kim Hyun Joon) is another guy from F4. He has a romantic nature and an unconventional mindset. He can play several musical instruments and has the perfect musical ear. It is closed in itself, does not like to open to people. This behavior provoked a car accident in which his parents died. His grandfather is one of the former presidents of Korea. Chiang Di helps the guy not only to reconcile with him (they did not communicate almost from the moment of the accident), but also to open up, to become different and to love this life.

Son U Bin (Kim Jun) - Don Juan from the mightyfoursome. For the state, his family is a construction magnate who owns the largest building conglomerate, hotels, casinos and nightclubs. Unofficially they are a mafia organization that has influence not only in South Korea, but also outside it. That's why Wu Bin has the authority of various gangs and thieves, he also in some series shows that he knows how to fight well. Chang Di loves as a close friend, always supports her.

Co & John (Kim Bohm) is a Casanova and one ofparticipants F4. Kind, but at the same time cynical. He is engaged in pottery, like his father. The family owns the museum. Under the mask hides his true face. In the depths of his soul he believes in love, but in reality he acts with the fact that it does not exist. This is due to his childhood trauma. Cope with it And John helped Ha El (the best friend of Chiang Di).

Chu Ha El (Kim So Un) is the girlfriend of the main character. Sincere, kind, honest, open. A true romantic and believes in true love for life. Initially, I thought of John as an upstart, however, having communicated more closely, I could "read" it and understand who it really is.

Ku Jun-Hee (Kim Hyun Joo) - sister of June Pe. Has the same character as Chan Di. Poorly communicates with his mother, as she forced her to marry a businessman from Europe and forget his love. Gusty, sharp; helps to come together, Gum Chang Dee and Gu Jun Pu, because he does not want his brother to repeat her destiny.

All the characters of the drama "Boys of Colorful Flowers", whose actors coped well with the roles, can not be counted: many episodic roles and a lot of unfamiliar characters.

Gu Xe Son

boys are more beautiful than flowers in Russian

She was born on November 9, 1984 in Seoul. The first fame of the girl found after the dorama, released in 2006, which is called "Pure in my heart." For the same role was awarded the prize, as the best ascending actress. Also, she received several awards for her role in the drama "Boys of Colorful Flowers". It's interesting that Xe Son works not only as an actress. She also showed herself as a director, painter, novelist and composer.

Lee Min-ho

The guy was born in Seoul on June 22, 1987. He starred in more than 10 dramas and 7 films. The greatest popularity gained after roles in projects "Flowers after berries" (2009), "City Hunter" (2011) and "Heirs" (2013). In 2013, he also began performing solo songs.

TV series boys are more beautiful than flowers

He studied at local Seoul schools "Namsun", "Panbo" and "Dangok", he graduated from a higher educational institution with decent marks, despite his busy schedule.

In the drama "Boys of Colorful Flowers", whose actors are now highly paid people, Lee Min Ho was awarded the title role.

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