Dream to drink, what is the dream To drink in a dream to see

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What do you dream about Drinking?

The conditional interpretation of this symbol is due to the postulate that thirst is one of the phenomena extremely harmful to the body. This is probably why most of the interpretations that dream of drinking something are associated with danger or risk. For example, if you dreamed that you really wanted to quench your thirst, and there is no glass or source, this symbolizes the need to be ready for the hassle in real life.

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However, the images of drinking do not necessarily promise trouble. If, as a result, the dreamer finds water and gets drunk enough, this foreshadows a painless resolution of the old financial dispute, conflict in the family or at work.

Have you noticed in dreams a stranger taking a sip from a flask? Get ready for a happy event, greetings from forgotten friends or for a profitable acquaintance. The exception in the series of positive interpretations will be dirty water: use it - for a long illness.

Psychological interpreter

What dreamed of Drinking according to Gestalt psychology:

Alcohol instead of water in a dream replaces just positive emotions on a noisy holiday. In the psychoanalytic aspect, to see in a dream drinking or experiencing thirst can be regarded as a positive symbol, but only when it is associated with some vital functions. I dreamed that you were drinking healthy drinks, whether it was water, milk, compote or good wine, which means you are projecting your own desire for love, fertility, strength and power into a dream.

But if in a dream you had a chance to drink something right out of the bottle - this is a reflection of the subconscious desire to return to childhood in order to be again the object of someone’s care and not to know about the need to cope with the fuss of everyday life. Often, such scenes symbolize parental instincts, when the dreamer wants someone to patronize, nurture and protect.

Romantic dream book

If you dreamed of Drinking, what does this mean for you:

According to most love interpretations, to see in a dream drinking is a good premonition: the dreamer is waiting for his spiritual anguish to be quenched, to calm his tormented heart. However, drinks can be different, and depending on them - and interpretations.For example, if you have a tea in a mug, it can symbolize appeasement when you enjoy family comfort and the company of a loved one.

But when I dreamed of alcohol without impurities, it embodies a deep grief, parting with a spouse or a serious quarrel, the usual vodka means your personal guilt in the happened break.

In a dream, the second half takes a sip from your cup? Do not escape the conflict. Positive connotations of the vision, in which water the lover or accept the drink from his hands: it is a sign of respect and all-round support, mutual understanding in the family.

Idiomatic dream book

Dreaming of Drinking, what does this symbolize?

“Drink sorrows and sorrows”, “drink from the sacred vessel” (grace), “thirst for glory”, “quench thirst” (satisfaction), “eat grief”, “drink from grief”.

The dream of psychologist A.Menegetti

Dream Interpretation: Drink if you dream

A positive symbol, especially if associated with other vital functions. Five milk, water, good wine means the desire for love, strength, power, fertility. If a person drinks directly from the bottle - this image reflects the unconscious desire of a person to return during infancy, at the time when he was protected, cared for him, when he did not have to cope with the horrors of everyday life.On the other hand, this image may reflect a feeling of resistance to parents, friends, someone who treats the subject as a small child. If a person sees someone drinking from a horn, then this reflects his belief in this person and an unconscious desire to treat him as a younger one and to cult him. Drinking alcoholic beverages most often symbolizes good mood, pleasant company, joy, fun. This image, as a rule, reflects the desire of a person to enjoy life. However, if a person with alcohol problems sees himself drinking wine, this image has a negative sound. Unconscious reminds him that he is a loser, that he lacks the strength to self-control.

Drinking can have many different interpretations, so it is very important what kind of people are involved in this action and what feelings a person feels towards them.

Dream Esoterica E. Tsvetkova

What is the dream Drink in dreams?

Want to drink - hassle, immediate concerns; clean water is a good thing; dirty is a disease; kvass is health, so the interpreter tells about the essence of sleep.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Why dream Drink in a dream:

To drink in a dream from glassware - to danger; use good healthy drinks - to well-being, sick - to recovery; water from an ironware dish is a sign that you need to beware of falling from a bruise. To drink something bitter in a dream - to quick profits, an improvement in the material situation. Hot drinks - the forerunner of happiness in love, wedding. Salty drinks can dream of joy. On brotherhood, a warning against rash actions.

Small Veles dream

What do you dream about Drinking, dream interpretation:

Good drinking is happiness; from a round vessel - peace; from glass - danger; clean water is a good thing, wealth; dirty water - a disease, grief; kvass - health; want to quench thirst - empty efforts; drink moderately - consolation in grief, help; exorbitant - shame, illness.

Dream interpretation of the Wanderer (T.Smirnova)

Sleep value by author:

To receive refined energy, pleasure, pleasure - satisfaction or dissatisfaction. Hot - happiness in love, marriage. Sucking is a child's need for something (for example, weasels, attention).

Drinks, in the next interpreter you can find out what this dream is about.

French dream book

What is the dream and how to interpret Drink according to the dream book?

To drink in a dream is a bad sign, beware of a protracted illness. If you saw a man drinking cold water in a dream, that is a happy omen; hot water - to the disorder of health.

The dream of the witch Medea

What is the dream and how to interpret Drink?

Drink clean water - you are waiting for success or marriage. Agree to any proposal that came to you now Drink milk - you need help. But, before you get it, you need to master new knowledge. Sign up for courses. Read a useful book. Drinking tea, coffee, juice - you will meet with friends. Do not avoid her Drinking wine, alcoholic drink - Someone will deceive your expectations. Count on yourself better, you have the makings of a creative person

The dream of psychologist G. Miller

Why dream of drinking on the dream book:

Drinking - drinking dreams for various reasons. If you dream in a dream you are offered to drink alcohol - this is a sign of rivalry or quarrel over small property. To think in a dream that you quit drinking or have discovered that others have done it, foreshadows that your present position in society will improve and material wealth will bring you satisfaction.

Culinary dream book

Drinking dream in a dream, what?

Drinking good drinks in a dream is well-being; drinking from a clean and round vessel is an honor or a great profit, and often an inheritance. Drinking simple wine is a big loss and a quarrel with others. Drink a beer, porter or something thick - to attack or illness.

dream about drinking

Esoteric dream book

Drinking what dreams, interpretation:

Drink - Clean (clear drink, water) you come closer to the truth or you learn the truth. Thick, dark, you have to learn the depth of your "I", to plunge into the world of the subconscious. Dirty, unpleasant, tasteless - the truth will be bitter. You will have to learn some dirty side of life. Do not lose yourself and do not fall into depression.

The dream of the witch Medea

What is the dream and how to interpret Drink?

To drink (water) - To drink in a dream is to absorb the surrounding atmosphere - joy or sorrow (see also Alcohol, Glass). Drink cold clean water - to good health. Drink warm, unpleasant water - to the disease. To experience thirst - the need for help (if there is no physiological thirst for real).

Why dream Drinking in a dream?

Have chores.

dream about drinking

Sensible dream book

What is the dream Drink in dreams?

I had a dream about drinking from glassware - danger; good drinks eat healthy - well-being, the patient - ailment; from iron utensils to drink water - a fall with a bruise.

Dream Feng Shui

Why dream of Oriental traditions Drink in a dream?

Drinking alcohol - Seeing yourself drinking alcohol is a symbol of wealth. If someone drinks alcohol - to the loss of money. To see a woman drinking alcohol in her slumber is a great misfortune.

Assyrian dream book

Why dream of drinking the book of dreams?

Water is a symbol of the unconscious, drinking water can mean saturation of the unconscious. Drinking alcohol can symbolize either pleasure or escape from reality. Alcohol intoxication is sometimes used as a symbol of divine ecstasy, so drinking in a dream can mean "thirst" for spiritual experiences.

Sonnik O. Smurova

Drinking what dreams?

Why dream that you tune the words through your teeth, or see how others do it - means that you will soon have a very unpleasant conversation that you are trying in vain to avoid.

Why dream that you flow something through a sieve or cheesecloth - this is a sign that you have to work hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Dream Interpretation Rick Dillon

Why dream Drinking in a dream?

Drink a sip of water in a dream - to self-doubt.

why dream of a sip of water in a dream

Dream interpretation E.Avadyayeva

If a dream is to drink, what's the point?

Drink a sip of water in a dream - to the disease.

Sonic birthday

Given the date of birth Drink what dreams:

If you were born in the spring, what is the dream, how kittens drink milk - to the birth of twins.

If you were born in the summer, what a dream, like a cat or dog, lap up, drink water or milk, it means that someone will be able to use your labors and leave you with nothing.

If you were born in the fall, what you dreamed of drinking milk or water - it means that you have shamelessly drawn all your savings.

If you were born in winter, why dream of drinking water - in reality you just want to drink.

The value of sleep by day of the week

Whether a night vision is fulfilled depends not only on its content, but also on what day of the week and what time of day the dream has occurred.

In addition, that means what he saw, will tell the alignment of the dream by Lenormand. A more accurate understanding of the dream will help the lunar calendar of dreams.

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went with the girlfriend to the toilet from the boards, pulled the bottle out of the closet, and there was blood and water in it, the girlfriend did not drink, and I took one sip.Can I interpret such a dream? Thank you in advance!

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