Easter baskets do it yourself from scrap materials

And now the brightest and beloved holiday of Easter is approaching. In the shops for a long time all the shelves are filled with souvenirs of the relevant subjects. But it is much more interesting to prepare Easter souvenirs with your own hands.

Even children prepare Easter crafts in kindergartens and schools. Very often in school and before school institutions organize entire competitions for the best invention. It is very interesting and entertaining. And having decorated your house with Easter decorations, you seem to let spring and sunny mood into it.

Dear friends, today I want to tell you about several methods of making Easter baskets, which you can easily make at home from scrap materials.

And if you want to learn more interesting ideas to prepare for the feast of Holy Easter, read the previous articles of my culinary blog about pasta crafts, decorating Easter eggs and cooking delicious Easter cakes.


Easter basket from the newspaper

This craft is the perfect solution for any interior. No one will even guess that it is made from ordinary newspaper sheets. And it looks just amazing and not even a lot of elegant.


  • Tubules from newspaper sheets - 50 pieces;
  • PVA glue - 1 piece;
  • White paint - 1 piece;
  • Scissors - 1 piece;
  • Bow for decor - 1 piece.

Let's start:

We collect two bundles of six tubes each and we press them a little in the middle. Making the tubes not a lot flat.We stack them on top of each other and start wrapping them with one newspaper vine.Must be wrapped several times.Then we divide the posts by sex, so that we would drop three strips and wrap it already.Add another vine and begin, twisting their cross to the cross, twist further.Here's how you should get it.Having made four rows, we divide all the columns into separate vines and already twist each separately.For convenience, it is better to put a voluminous pot and weave a basket around it.Try to lift each strip.When the vertical stripes will end, then attach more strips to them.After making ten rows, remove the pot, and in its place you can put a dumbbell for stability.Now we begin to twist them together to complete the weaving.Take two pieces.Excess simply cut with scissors.Glue on three vines on each side for the handle. Trim the excess and glue them together.Thoroughly pour all the glue.And we weave them first, separately, and then into one pen.Very carefully we paint each strip.When the basket dries to sew to her decor.

Basket  Easter cake made by their by hands

  Light Easter,  traditionsbelievers  present  boyfriend sweet Easter Cakes.    to issue,  made by own by hands basket,  I think to the recipient will be doubly nicer.


  • Bucket — mayonnaise –  thing;
  • Wood clothespins –  packing;
  •  moment –  thing;
  • Twine –  hank;
  • the cloth –  centimeters;
  • Needle  strings –  thing;
  • Lace –  centimeters.

Let's get started:

Carefully disassemble clothespins   every   halves. For this work it is better to use pliers and a husband. using  of the moment to glue   a bucket. Pre-wipe the bucket with acetone. fabrics to sew pouch. In principle, you can take a fabric of any color, but white still looks festive.To decorate  lace. It is better to take a wide strip that would bend it on the bucket.To place pouch  a bucket.  handle wrap string. So create a sense of rustic comfort. to wish  you can to paint cart  any color and apply any decoration. Both inside and outside.

How to make products for the holiday of paper

Sometimes you really want to make something bright and spring, so that the holiday of Bright Easter would be even more joyful. Making this basket will be the solution to this problem. Material costs are minimal, and the result is simply enchanting. The color of the design depends on the selected fabric.


  • Cardboard of different colors - 3 sheets;
  • Scissors - 1 piece;
  • The cloth -1 meter.

Let's start:

From cardboard cut into longitudinal strips five inches wide. And it is necessary to cut a circle with a diameter of fifteen centimeters from one sheet of paper. The fabric is also cut into strips five inches wide. For convenience, roll them into rolls.

For such crafts it is better to use chiffon or old tulle.

Pile the cardboard sheets together and glue them together. Attach the bottom from above, it will be better if its color matches the color of the fabric. Bend the strips up. Take a strip of cloth and wrap the strips of cardboard in a circle. Between each vertical strip the fabric should be twisted, so the basket will be more volume of it. And do not firmly tighten the tissue strips.
When you go to the top, then hide the end of the fabric between the rows. A strip of cardboard wrap in fabric, bending them as tightly as possible. That's it, the basket is ready.

Paper products for Easter

On the feast of Easter, it is customary to give eggs not only in baskets, but also in interesting stands. Or they can be issued individually for each guest and put on a festive table. In a word, there would be a desire, and it is up to you to decide where to apply such beauty.

What is required:

  • Carton of eggs - 1 piece;
  • Postcard - 1 piece;
  • Paint - 2 pieces;
  • Brush - 1 piece;
  • Glue gun - 1 piece;
  • Office knife - 1 piece;
  • The decor is at the discretion.


I cut four boxes from the carton, but you can take the whole or just the amount you need. Use the brush to paint the blank in turquoise. And give it a good dry.Then we do not paint the stand very well with white beauty.Then, using a clerical knife, cut off the excess.From one edge, in the center, we make a small cut for the postcard.You can tint the card with special ink, I had green ones and I walked them along the edge of the whole picture.Then gently with a brush made a few green drops on it.We insert the card into the stand and decorate each cell with artificial grass.Add a variety of flowers. I stuck them on a glue gun.Stand ready.

DIY Handicrafts for Easter

And do not forget about this technique as quisling. With its help, you can create a huge number of unimaginable baskets. It all depends on your imagination. One of those I want to show you today.


  • Color paper - 2 sheets;
  • Scissors - 1 piece;
  • PVA glue - 1 piece.

What do we have to do:

We cut the paper into strips 2 centimeters thick. And we twist them into not very dense rolls.Begin to glue the basket from the bottom row. To achieve the effect of expanding it to the top, each row should be glued by sliding three millimeters from the edge. Then add a pen and decorate with flowers. Your cart is ready.

Simple Easter baskets for kids

And finally, I prepared several short photo lessons on making simple paper baskets for children. They may need your help, but not much at all. And let it turn out not the same as in the storebut it is made with his own hands.

Basket of old glossy magazines

Surely at home, everyone has not needed glossy magazines. So let them into business and beautiful, and useful, and mini cleaning.

Necessary materials:

  • Multicolored glossy magazine - 1 piece;
  • Office knife - 1 piece;
  • PVA glue - 1 piece.

Let's start:

Using a clerical knife, cut two centimeters wide strips from sheets of a magazine. And another sheet divided in half and inside each half to make incisions 2 cm wide, but not completely.And now each strip is inserted into the sheet alternating cuts. Fill the sheets completely, sticking the ends and attach the handle.Add decoration to your taste and the basket is ready.

Easy basket for children

This option is very simple and requires a minimum of materials. Even children up to school age can make it on their own.


  • Color double-sided paper - 1 sheet;
  • Carton sleeve - 1 piece;
  • Scissors - 1 piece;
  • Glue - 1 piece.

Let's start:

From the sleeve of toilet paper or paper towels cut off a piece of 5 centimeters. From a color paper cut a rectangle 12 * 20 centimeters.And we cut strips in it, not reaching the end of 4 centimeters, but 1.5 centimeters wide. Glue the sleeve to the not cut side, then fold the stripes back and glue. Last glue handle. The cart is ready.

Handicrafts from old newspapers made by hand

And again we will use unnecessary newspapers, here the size of the baskets directly depends on the amount of waste paper in your home.


  • Newspapers are not limited;
  • Glue gun - 1 piece.

What we do:

We turn each sheet of the newspaper into a tight tube. For convenience, glue that they would not unwind.And start folding them. As soon as the sheet ends, drip glue on it, add a new straw and twist further.

To make a pen, roll up a couple of sheets of paper at the same time; it will be more voluminous.

Spin the sheets to get the basket of the desired volume. Do not forget to glue them. Attach the handle at the very end. It can be left unchanged, and you can, if desired, paint in any color.

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