EGE on physics in 2018

The unified state exam is one of the most discussed topics in the pedagogical community of Russia. Future graduates and teachers who are to prepare students for the Unified State Exam, are already wondering what will be the Unified State Exam in physics in the upcoming 2018 and whether it is worth expecting any global changes in the structure of examination papers or the format of testing. Physics has always stood alone, and the exam on it has traditionally been considered much more difficult than on other school subjects. At the same time, the successful passing of the Unified State Exam in Physics is a pass ticket to most technical universities.

We will try to give answers to such important questions for graduates:

Required subjects EGE 2018

At the moment, there is no official information on the adoption of any significant changes in the structure of the 2018 USE. Russian language and mathematics remain obligatory, and physics is included in an extensive list of subjects that graduates can choose for themselves additionally, orienting themselves to the requirements of the university they are going to enroll in.

In 2017, 16.5% of all the country's 11 classrooms made a choice in favor of physics.This popularity of the subject is not accidental. Physics is necessary for all who plan to enter engineering or to link their lives withIT-technologies, geology, aviation and many other areas that are popular today.

Back in 2016, the process of modernization of the final attestation procedure, launched by the Minister of Education and Science Olga Vasilyeva, is actively underway, from time to time information about possible innovations, such as:

  1. Expansion of the list of subjects required for the delivery of disciplines: physics, history and geography.
  2. The introduction of a single integrated exam in the natural sciences.

Innovation Exam 2018

While discussions are underway on the proposals that have been made, current high school students are thoroughly preparing for the delivery of the most relevant link of the Unified State Examination - mathematics of the profile level + physics.

Is it worth it to clarify that students of profile classes with in-depth study of the subjects of the mathematical cycle will mostly feel confident in this area?

The structure of the exam in physics in 2018

The main session of the Unified State Examination in the 2017-2018 school year is planned in the period from 28.05.18 to 09.07.18, but the specific test dates for each subject have not yet been announced.

In 2017, examination papers changed significantly in comparison with 2016.

Changes in the exam in physics in 2018

Tests have been completely removed from the tasks, leaving the possibility of a mindless choice of an answer. Instead, students were offered tasks with a short or detailed response. It is safe to say that in the 2017-2018 academic year, the exam in physics will not differ greatly in the structure and scope of tasks from last year. which means that:

  • 235 minutes will be allocated for the work;
  • total graduates to cope with 32 tasks;
  • І block EGE (27 tasks) - tasks with a short answer, which can be represented as an integer, decimal fraction or numeric sequence;
  • Block II (5 tasks) - tasks requiring a similar description of the course of thought in the process of solving and substantiating the decisions made, based on physical laws and regularities;
  • The minimum threshold is 36 points, which is equivalent to 10 correctly solved tasks from the first block.

It is the last five tasks, from 27 to 31, that present the greatest difficulty in the Unified State Exam in physics and many schoolchildren are working with empty fields in them. But there is a very important nuance - if you read the rules for evaluating these tasks, it will become clearthat by writing a partial explanation of the problem and showing the correct direction of the thought can be obtained 1 or 2 points, which many lose just like that, without reaching the full answer and not writing anything in the solution.

Unified State Exam in Physics

Preparing for the exam in physics

To solve most of the problems of their course in the subject “physics”, not only a good knowledge of the laws and an understanding of physical processes is necessary, but also a good mathematical background, and therefore it is worthwhile to wonder about expanding and deepening knowledge long before the upcoming 2018 EGE.

The ratio of theoretical and practical tasks in the examination papers is 3: 1, which means that for successful completion it is first necessary to possess the basic physical laws and know all the formulas from the school course of mechanics, thermodynamics, electrodynamics, optics, and also molecular, quantum and nuclear physics.

On the cribs and various other tricks should not count. The use of notebooks with formulas, calculators and other technical means, which many students do in school examinations, is unacceptable on the exam. Remember that the observance of this rule is monitored not only by observers,and the tireless eyes of the video cameras, arranged in such a way that they would notice every dubious movement of the examinee.

You can prepare for the exam in physics by contacting an experienced teacher, or once again by yourself repeating the school curriculum.

Teachers who teach the subject in specialized lyceums give such simple but effective tips:

  1. Do not try to remember complex formulas, try to understand their nature. Knowing how the formula is derived, you can easily write it in a draft, while mindless memorization is fraught with mechanical errors.
  2. The solution of the problem begin with the derivation of the final expression in alphabetic form and only then look for the answer mathematically.
  3. "Stuff your hand." The more diverse tasks on the topic you decide, the easier it will be to cope with the tasks of the exam.
  4. Start preparing for the exam in physics at least a year before the exam. This is not a subject that can be taken “unceremoniously” and learned another for a month, even while working with the best tutors.
  5. Do not focus on simple tasks of the same type. Tasks for 1-2 formulas - this is only 1 stage. Unfortunately, many teachers in schools simply do not go further, going down to the level of the majority of students, or relying on the fact that students of humanitarian classes do not choose a subject that is not relevant for them when they pass the EGE.Solve problems that unite the laws of different sections of physics.
  6. Repeat the physical quantities and their conversion. When solving problems, be especially attentive to the format in which the data are presented and, if necessary, do not forget to bring them to the desired form.

Excellent helpers in preparing for the exam in physics will be trial versions of exam tasks, as well as tasks on various topics that today can be easily found on the web. First of all, this is the FIPI website, where the archive of the Unified State Exam in physics for 2008–17 is located with codifiers.

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