Electric under floor heating

Underfloor heating can be a basic heating system, but more often it is used as an addition to it, which works great, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. Floor installation consists of floor wiring. They can be wires in which a water or electric cable is heated by a boiler. Each version requires good insulation of the floor and an additional layer of screed. Water heating is more popular, although its installation is more complicated and can cause problems during long winters when the cables freeze. On the other hand, there is a lower cost of ownership. You can order the installation of heating using the site atmosferatepla.ru.

Floor heating can be installed in all rooms or only in selected ones, treated as an additional installation.

The electric heater is not exposed to low temperature defects. In addition, they can be turned on at any time, without the need to start the central heating system. The heating cables used in the electrical system are resistance wires placed in a protective coating.These are prefabricated heating elements equipped with a power cord that are connected to an electrical installation. Before you buy them, you must design the entire installation and choose the length and power according to where they will be installed. The greater the specific power of the pipeline, the greater the distance that must be maintained during placement (no more than 20 cm). The interval should be planned in such a way as to ensure an even distribution of heat. Wiring, except for self-regulation, should not be interrupted. Two or more cables can be installed in one room, but one cable cannot be used in two rooms.


There are also heating mats on the market - a plastic mesh in which a heating cable is installed. They are made in certain sizes, they can not be shortened, in the large rooms are used several mats. They are laid directly under the flooring. Manufacturers also offer heating film - polyester films with recessed flat aluminum wires. You can cut and trim to the required size.Mats and foils are easier to assemble, they can also be installed when repairing premises, but they are more expensive than heating cables.

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