Electrician tools

If you plan to make in-house repairs, you will need special tools for working with electricity. Some items must be present in a special set, without which electricity cannot be repaired. In this article we will talk about what tools you will need for self-repair in the house. If you do not have time for repairs, use the services of an experienced electrician.

The main criterion in the selection of devices for electrical work is safety. In accordance with this, the handles on the tools must be insulated. Plastic, rubber and combinations of these materials are suitable as insulation material. In this case, pay attention to the insulation capacity of the insulation - it must carry 1000 volts.

As practice shows, for the greatest convenience you need to purchase 3 pliers: medium, large and small. Screwdrivers will also be useful when working with electricity, they must also have insulated handles that can withstand voltages up to 1000 volts.

What screwdrivers are needed for work? Depending on the size, you should have big, small and medium. According to the figure buy a shovel and a cross. During some work, it may be necessary to use very small watch screwdrivers, but their handles also need to be insulated, leaving only 10 mm free from the tip end.

Before you begin work, all the tools must be checked for serviceability. If you notice scratches or damage to the insulating material, we advise you to discard such a tool, because very often the uninsulated part becomes the cause of electrical injuries. To detect invisible instrument defects, check them with a laboratory method once every six months. In general, ideally, it is best to change the sets once a year.

If you want to check the voltage or quality of the contact, you can use a lamp (although this is officially prohibited). Before using such a lamp, make sure that the body protecting the lamp is in good condition.

For greater reliability, we recommend using a special voltage indicator. However, it often happens that the results of this test do not correspond to the true fact, therefore, before applying the indicator, make sure that this tool is executed properly.

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