Erotic massage to restore harmony in the family: types and techniques of erotic massage

on 13.06.2016

Sexual life takes not the last place in relations between a man and a woman. Family life eventually turns into a routine, and sex becomes a “fulfillment of duty,” rather than immense pleasure. To return the former "iskrinka" and to establish sexual relations, try to make a husbandErotic massage.This will help to diversify intimate life, make it brighter and more desirable.

The main thing in the article

What is erotic massage for a man?

For centuries, humanity has known its body and its capabilities. Throughout the ages, new ways of obtaining pleasure and seduction of men have been sought. And found: it is the pleasure of erotic massage can be compared with the pleasure that you get from having sex.Such a massage is perceived by a man as a game in which gentle touches and gentle strokes with kisses lead to a logical conclusion, but at the same time prolong the prelude, and therefore pleasure.
Coming from work, a man seeks relaxation. He finds him mostly on the couch in front of the TV, where he falls asleep. And if he was able to make an erotic massage with the ensuing consequences, then in the morning coffee in bed is guaranteed.

In the Land of the Rising Sun, women who know how to do erotic massage are very appreciated. As they say, in our common people: “They don’t leave them.”

Types of erotic massage

4There are many types of erotic massage, since this skill has been refined for more than one century. New trends have made their adjustments, changing the original appearance of such a massage. The following main types can be distinguished from the entire mass of air massages:

  • Thai body massage- doing it, they pay attention not only to local zones, but also work all parts of the body. The masseur works with his whole body, including in the hair, nipples, and genitals. Particular attention is focused on erogenous zones.
  • Tantra massage- it refers to the direction in Indian yoga. Here the genitals of the partner are mainly massaged. The massage is performed by the naked body using fragrant oils.
  • Aqua massage- spend it in a bath with foam. Warm water relaxes, bubbles of fragrant foam caress the skin. And pleasure is achieved by friction of the bodies with one another.
  • "Sakura branch"- Mysterious Japanese massage. Mysterious - in this case, intimate. The main feature of such an action is the elements of touching the tongue, lips, and gentle biting are also possible.

How to do erotic massage?

5Initially, you should relax your partner. This can be done by offering him a warm bath, rubbing the back, which is also included in the relaxation process. All further actions should be transferred to bed, taking with an aromatic oil.

Start with your legs and arms, do not forget your palms and feet. Rise up to your back, add oils to your hands and iron your skin with smooth movements. In this case, the main thing - do not rush, except for the hands, also engage your chest and ass. Cuddle up to your loved one so that he feels well every movement of your body.

From the back slide on the buttocks. Here the intensity of the movements can be enhanced.Many men in this moment in a hurry to go to sex, but the most "tasty" is yet to come. Finger swipe from the neck to the navel. Massage the nipple area, do it not only with your hands, use your lips and teeth. Go down to the stomach, nipples may be involved.

If you are counting on rough sex, then finish the massage in the genital area. What parts of the body do this - choose for yourself.

What is needed for erotic massage at home?

Initially prepare a place where you will do the procedure. It should be moderately hard. Perfect sofa, bed with a hard mattress.

For a "sweet" massage, you must purchase a special oil or cream. You can use baby oil “Johnson baby”, in extreme cases, use high-quality, odorless olive oil.

To enhance the effect, use the auxiliary elements:

  • rose petals;
  • candles for intimate lighting;
  • not a bottle of champagne or wine.

The most important thing is that no one bothers you. Send the children to the grandmother with an overnight stay, tell everyone that you are leaving for a day and turn off the phones.

Massage music

Massage with quiet, romantic music is much more pleasant. She sets up to relax and comes with more enjoyment. You can turn on pleasant, relaxing music with the effects of birds singing and the sound of the sound of water, or prefer slow soundtracks. The main thing is that you and your partner like the music, have the ability to open up, it is pleasant to perception. Here are some options for massage songs.

Cream and massage oil

According to statistics, 95% of massage therapists use oil or cream; 5% to hand slid, choose talc.

Good and widely used, as well as quite affordable is the mineral oil "Johnson baby". It is quite liquid, and forms an excellent sliding film on the skin. It is not recommended to use it for a long time, as it can cause dry skin.

As mentioned above, olive oil is widely used. His density is greater than that of mineral, and it is perfectly absorbed.
6Salons often use aromatic oil. It may be:

  • almond oil;
  • grape seed oil;
  • Peach oil;
  • avocado oil

The shops sell ready-made cocktails for massage, they are made by mixing a variety of oils. Also found a special cream, made on a water basis: it facilitates gliding, while easily absorbed. You can use the usual nourishing cream, but it is not suitable for massaging the genitals.

Erotic massage technique

10If you want an erotic massage to become your chip, then you should follow a certain technique. In this case, remember this rule:

Erotic massage is not a therapeutic and therapeutic procedure, according to which they press on the necessary points. Here you should apply light touch, aggressive pressing, patting and biting.

Since only a woman knows everything about her partner, then how to start a massage is up to her. You can initially massage your feet, followed by sucking on your fingers, or your hands with kneading each joint on your fingers.

After - go to the lower back. The ass needs to be carefully massaged while increasing the force of depression. Next - turn the partner and take a belly.Try not to touch the genitals, because everything can end very quickly.

When all parts of the body of the beloved will be caressed by gentle touches, you can proceed to the main erogenous zone. It is her in the technique of erotic massage that is of primary importance, since this part is the final and, therefore, the most pleasant. Do not pounce on the genital organ, first stroke the testicles, gently squeezing them with your fingers, and only then move your hands along the penis, rub, press.

Using the thumb and index finger, wrap the head, the other fingers should be located below and twist the trunk. When the partner is ready to finish, press down the head for 4 seconds, and then stimulate the sexual organ again. There should be no more than three such “detentions”, otherwise the partner will lose interest. Before allowing you to take yourself, swipe over his body - yours, while not allowing yourself to touch until the moment of entry.

Relaxing massage for men

9For a strong half of humanity, it is extremely important to feel a sense of comfort, so that the condition of the man - the physical and the mental - is in harmony with each other. This is the best way to help a relaxing massage.How to make it a loved one, you can look at the video below.

Thai erotic massage

Thai experts say:

A woman with a Thai massage technique can control a man subconsciously.

11The first thing that is needed before the start of the session is complete relaxation of the partner. Next, use the science of Thai culture, which has been honed for centuries. Thai massage is unique, although it is built on the following main elements:

  • StretchingEverything here is aimed at improving the elasticity of muscle tissue and joint mobility. Do such manipulations very carefully so as not to harm the partner.
  • Twisting.The procedure is similar to stretching, but an inexperienced massage therapist should not practice it at home.
  • PressureThis is the main element of massage, the secret lies in the gentle pressure on the soft tissues of the body. You can perform such pressure not only with your hands, but also with other parts of the body (elbows, feet). The pressure increases gradually.

Thai erotic massage helps partners not only get closer, but also to maintain family relationships.A woman who will master all new types of erotic massage techniques will always be able to surprise her man, and he will not want to leave her anywhere.

Classic body massage

Massage, which is called classic, is mainly prescribed for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. With it, exercise pressure on certain points of the body. It uses the principles of a mechanical nature. These include:

  • stroking;
  • rubbing;
  • massaging;
  • light tapping;
  • vibrating movements.

Each element that a massage therapist does is aimed at solving a specific medical task. Classic massage has a positive effect on improving overall health, minimizes pain, helps relieve fatigue.

If you add to the massage in a classic style a little romance, scented oil and fantasy, then it will result in a very effective erotic-therapeutic massage.

12You can express your feelings with sweet speeches or a look, but the best way is to show your love with the language of touches, and an erotic massage will help. Knowing your partner, you will not be difficult to give him pleasure.In addition to physical pleasure, such a massage will help to improve relations, will contribute to the creation of harmony in the family, will force the husband to return early from work. After all, an intimate touch is very powerful.

Love your soul mate, overcome family troubles and by all means try to give an erotic massage to her husband today. Good luck to you, lovely wife women.

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