Fashionable dresses for autumn in 2017

Dress - perhaps the most versatile part of the female wardrobe. It is not necessary to choose the top or bottom for the dress, although if you have such a desire, the dress can be completed with T-shirts, turtlenecks, sweaters, cardigans, trousers and even skirts - current trends contribute to this!

In this article we will consider what offers usfashion dresses autumn 2017of the year. You can choose the best options for yourself - for all occasions. Well, let's start our preparations for shopping?

Dress combination

Autumn is almost the last opportunity this year to use the actual dress combination. You can choose minimalistic silk dress on the straps or satin in combination with sexy lace. In conjunction with heavy fall shoes, such a dress will look especially bold. However, the outfit can also be supplemented with classic boats.

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Dress combination, - or dress-nightie, - we would recommend using in multi-layered dresses.We hope you managed to show off your graceful shoulders in the summer, and now, after all, we are talking about autumn. Put on a plain white T-shirt or a tight turtleneck under the dress - and get a stunning trendy bow. You can also use a dress instead of the top: with pants.

And the most unusual option is a dress with a skirt: pick one that will be a little shorter than the dress, so that the hem is peeking from the bottom, creating the sheer feeling of a combination. On the shoulders, you can throw a jacket.

Sequins and shine

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The following trend is most relevant for the evening, but not only. We are talking about sequins and all sorts of brilliant textures. It can be metallized fabric, silk, velvet.

In combination with shoes with heels and a spectacular hairstyle, such a dress will serve as an excellent outfit for going to the theater or for a party at the club - depending on the specific style. However, the same dress can be used during the day.

Yes, for the office it may be too much, but in a cafe with friends or on a modern exhibition - why not? Simply “soothe” the bow with loafers or minimalist low shoes, complete with a simple cardigan, take a large bag.If you need a touch of shocking, you can create the effect of "smeared" makeup.

Open shoulders

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Another trend worth pursuing is bare shoulders. Of course, such a cut is associated primarily with almost weightless summer dresses, but the designers presented more warm options this fall. You can choose a sweater dress with a wide neckline or a lapel at the shoulders.

You can also use the shirtless dress left over from the summer or bought on a sale (remember, they were in many stores last summer). Use it as a shirt: with pants, jeans or a skirt.

Asymmetrical fit

fashion dresses autumn 2017

A great way to add dynamics and life to an image is asymmetry. This season in fashion dresses that demonstrate this reception. Asymmetrical can be a hem, collar, neckline - anything! Asymmetry can also appear in prints: in their richness, direction, size.

Country style

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For girls who love the bohemian and ethnic elements in the images, suitable dresses in country style. The multi-level skirts of such dresses will bring back the sensation of summer in your images.And natural fabrics and cozy prints will add a warm mood.

To make your dress create the image of American country, and not of Provence or an indefinite country style, think over the bow entirely. Use lace-up boots or Cossacks, throw a leather jacket over your shoulders or put on a fringe vest, add a hat.

Velor and suede

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For those who love more rigid forms, we can recommend such materials as velor and suede. Tight dresses with a trapezoid bottom or straight cut - a great option for all occasions. This dress will look great in the office, and for a walk, and at a party with friends. If it is sleeveless, under it you can hook a variety of shirts, T-shirts, turtlenecks - each time changing mood.

To the floor

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The most relevant length in the fall is maxi. Such dresses allow you to create very complex multi-layered ensembles: with elongated cardigans, vests, coats. Such combinations are fascinating, they want to be considered endlessly.

And if you have too slushy, so that you do not dare to buy a long dress for every day, then allow yourself a maxi at least for special occasions.


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As for the decor, pay attention to the dress with lacing. This element has been used in the work of many stylists and designers, so you definitely will not go unnoticed. Lacing can open very spicy sections or just decorate the sleeves - it all depends on your preferences.

To make the image harmonious, be sure to consider the materials used in lacing. Accessories must match the color of accessories and jewelery. Do not forget to consider the cord itself: is it cloth, leather?

In general, the main advantages of autumn dresses this year can be reduced to their practicality. Almost all options are very variable, many have come to us from past collections, so you can easily create a fashionable capsule for this autumn. Be sure to try for yourself new combinations, they are largely responsible for the "freshness" and originality of your style. Use your wardrobe for 100%!

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