Fashionable hats fall-winter 2017-2018

Many women of fashion believe that in the cold months it is difficult to create a stylish and fashionable image, because often you have to choose not only beautiful, but also warm things. Experienced stylists, in turn, argue that you can be fashionable, even having one single coat in your wardrobe. The main thing - to choose the right accessories. That is why the collection of a modern woman should have as many hats as possible, which not only protect from the cold on a rainy day, but also help to create a stylish bow in different styles.

We bring to your attention a photo review of the most fashionable hats for the autumn-winter 2017-2018 season, as well as recommendations from stylists who will help you find your unique style, taking into account the most current trends in classical and youth fashion.

Stylish knitted hatsYouth hatsElegant classic hatsWomen's hats

Types of hats for the season autumn-winter 2017-2018

The fashion of 2017-2018 provides fashionable women with the broadest opportunities for self-expression, because this season will be relevant a variety of hats, from hats in the gangster theme to elegant wide-brimmed hats.And young girls who prefer street fashion, and stylish women who prefer the classic style, will easily choose a stylish and warm accessory in a fashionable variety.

A variety of hats

Designers offer in the fall-winter 2017-2018 season to pay attention to such hats:

  • caps;
  • hose clamps;
  • hats;
  • bandanas;
  • shawls;
  • caps;
  • berets.
Classic Beret 2018Gray knitted hatStylish hatBeret or cap

Fashion Hats 2018

Without a doubt, a hat is the most popular headdress. This fact will not change in the coming year. Fashionistas will be able to choose from a wide range of models:

  • light knitted;
  • warm knitted;
  • stylish fur.

White fur hat

Connoisseurs of luxury fur underlie ideas in the collections of Sonia Rykiel and Louis Vuitton, youth - in the works of Faith Connexion or Marcelo Burlon. In addition to the ever-relevant classics in 2018, extravagant options will be fashionable, women's “earflaps” of various kinds, Peruvian hats, as well as models in the style of American gangsters.

Fashion hats 2017-2018Fur Hats 2018Knitted hats with pompomsGangster hats

Fashion Loose 2018

Snood (collar or pipe) is a fashion accessory that combines the function of a hat and a scarf. Besides the fact that such a headdress looks very stylish, it does not compress the head, and therefore does not spoil the hairstyle. In the warm autumn months, you can wear models of thin fabrics, and in winter - beautiful knitted clamps or original options on the fur backing.

Fashionable yokeStylish and comfortable snudHat-clampFashion hats, pipes for 2018

Fashionable hats 2018

Most women are used to the fact that a hat is an elegant classic. In 2018, famous couturiers seemed to have decided to debunk this well-established myth, offering a variety of models of unusual and extravagant styles.

Based on the creations of great fashion designers, such as Gucci, Armani and Yamamoto, it is safe to say that in 2018 they will be popular:

  • Fedor;
  • cloch;
  • fez;
  • current;
  • trilby;
  • tablet;
  • BBC in retro style.

Look for an extravagant option - feel free to choose unusual fur hats or jockey models, which this season will be at the peak of popularity.

Jockey hatJockey hatFur hatStylish hats 2018

Fashion bandanas 2018

You think that a bandana is a headdress for summer. And here and there, stylish knitted bandanas will be an excellent alternative to hats, because they perfectly fit both the classic coat and the youth jacket.
Having decided to supplement the image with such a stylish accessory, you can choose one of two options:

  1. Buy fashion bandana, which can be independently tied in various ways.
  2. To pick up a bandana hat, dressing which one does not have to learn to knit special knots and correctly lay the fabric.

Knitted bandanas

Fashion shawls 2018

Plantin or a scarf - universal elements in the female wardrobe.This accessory can not only be beautifully draped over the shoulders, but also be tied over the head. There are many ways to wear a scarf, the most popular of which are:

  • turban;
  • eight;
  • Hollywood;
  • Gypsy;
  • in a peasant way.

This fall, these hats should be paid attention to anyone who loves classics, although designers suggest wearing a scarf not only under a coat or jacket, but also as a supplement to a fur vest or fur coat.

HeadscarfFashion shawls for womenScarves - the trend of autumnStylish scarf for autumn

Fashion caps 2018

Appearing initially as an element of men's wardrobe, caps quickly won the love of the beautiful half, becoming an integral component of stylish youth bows. Moschino, Gucci, Philipp Plein were used as an addition to exclusive caps. In the coming autumn-winter 2017-2018 season, designers offer to combine trendy hats with oversized sweaters, leather and denim jackets or stylish fur coats.

Fashion caps 2018

Trendy Berets 2018

In 2018, Giorgio Armani, Christian Dior, Elisabetta Nicholas K., Franchi and Osman offer to recall how comfortable and beautiful are berets, made in the classical and youth style.

As a decor for the design of female models are widely used:

  • applications;
  • embroidery;
  • pearls;
  • beads;
  • rhinestones;
  • payers.
Classic black beretBerets in bright colorsTrendy BeretsBeret leather and with sequins

How to choose a hat in the fall-winter 2017-2018 season

Although in the collection of every woman of fashion there should be a variety of hats, the choice of each hat, cap, hat or scarf should be taken seriously. Stylists advise to choose such an accessory, taking into account such factors as:

  1. fashion style;
  2. combination of colors and shades;
  3. face shape.

Tall and slender girls can safely choose any headdress, whereas miniature women of fashion should rather refuse strongly voluminous models, and owners of magnificent forms should choose caps and headscarves that fit the head.

Choose and experiment by creating stylish bows. The most beneficial look such combinations:

  • leather jacket and fur hat;
  • oversized coat and large-knit hat;
  • classic coats and hats or fur hats;
  • light autumn jackets and shawl, bandana or cap;
  • down jackets can be combined with any headgear with the exception of hats of strict classical style.
Hats under a raincoat and coatCaps under a fur coatHats under a fur coatHats fashion 2018

It is also worth noting that in the new season the combination of fur coats and fur hats from one fur is not relevant.If you wish, you can choose a white hat to a black fur coat or a model that differs in tone.

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