Features of the strip foundation

July 19, 2018
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The reliability of the building depends largely on how well the foundation will be erected. In order to get a solid construction, it is necessary to take into account three basic conditions. So, initially it is necessary to determine the type of foundation. In this case, it is worth taking into account what type of soil, in what climate the house will be built and much more. Next, a calculation is made on how deep this structure should be. And the most important condition is that the method of building the foundation should be taken into account, as well as high-quality building materials should be used. High-quality fittings will give the foundation reliability and durability. Buy rebar in Kharkov is not difficult, if you click on the link.

Features of the strip foundation

If you are planning to build a multi-storey structure or use a brick as a building material, then it is best to use a tape type of foundation.The main advantages of this type include the fact that this foundation has a high level of strength, stability. But with all this, the strip foundation has its drawbacks. Thus, the construction of this type of base is accompanied by certain costs. Without the appropriate experience to cope with the task is problematic.

The tape base can be, both combined, and monolithic. In some cases, masonry is used, for which the best materials will be bricks or bricks. In order to make it more durable, you can use metal fittings, frames. In addition, the frame can be used in the event that the soil is movable. Indeed, in this case, the probability of rupture significantly increases.

In order to carry out the pouring, experts recommend purchasing concrete at the factory. In this case, you will spend significantly less money. In addition, shorten the period of construction of the strip foundation. In this case, you should pour the mortar at a time, in order to prevent the formation of cold seams, which lead to destruction.

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If you are filling the foundation in the summer, then it should be covered with plastic wrap. In addition, it is necessary to moisten it periodically with water. In this case, you prevent cracking. In rainy work, it is also worth covering the film to minimize the level of humidity. Otherwise, the foundation will harden for a long time.

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