Fighting shrews. Methods

The shrew is an insectivorous animal that looks like a mouse, which is familiar to almost every trucker. It has a movable elongated proboscis and short legs.

struggle against shrews

In Russia there are severalvarieties of this animal. Their home insectivorous arrange under the earth, a hole out. Many truck farmers, noticing on their site the presence of this animal, decide how to get rid of it, and consequently, from the troubles that it brings. The problem is very urgent. The shrew feeds on insects. During the extraction of food, it breaks through numerous branched passages under the ground. In this case, the rhizome of plants and root crops are damaged.

Fighting Shrews

An animal that breaks through numerous burrows ongarden plot, very active. As a result, the struggle with shrews should begin immediately after the appearance of signs of their presence. If this is not done on time, then in a relatively short period, the entire site will be ransacked. In the winter season shrews also remain active, continuing to damage the crop. The method of struggle, which will make it possible to liberate the site from these insectivores, should be as effective as possible, accessible and simple. To achieve the goal you can use chemicals. The most accessible are physical methods of struggle. However, the most effective way to save the crop today is to install on the site of repellers.

Chemical method

On the site appeared shrew. How to get rid of it with the help of chemicals? To expel the hated animal in the hole, you can lay odorous substances, liquids. For these purposes, gasoline or diesel fuel, bleach, dust, tobacco, naphthalene or makhorka are suitable. Some truck farmers use poison gas or smoke bombs. Applied in the fight against pests and fragrant reagents - Kreatol, Ekar, Pometanol, Fitorodent, etc. However, it should be remembered that the use of chemicals can cause significant harm to human health and pets.

shrew how to get rid

Physical method

If on the site began digging shrews moves, asto fight with her improvised means? You can make several turntables, the material for which will serve as a lid can and a wooden stick. The rotation of this self-made wind vane through the pole transmits vibration to the soil and discourages pests. The struggle against shrews can also be carried out with the help of traps or traps set in burrows. An effective way is also the periodic digging up of the land on the site to a depth of at least seventy centimeters. A reliable physical method, in which the struggle against shrews will be effective, are sheets of sheet metal or slate stuck in the perimeter of the plot. The material should be digged to a depth of one and a half meters. You can also pour water holes pierced by pests. The method is sufficiently effective in the absence of large branching of the moves.


shrew how to fight

Fully solve the problem of disposalfrom shrews modern means of pest control. Their use does not imply the mastering of certain skills and the costs of a large amount of material. The principle that deterrents work is very simple. Sound vibrations, issued by the device, cause the shrews a feeling of discomfort. That is why they are in a hurry to leave the territory on which the device operates.

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