Forecasts of Faith Lyon for 2017

The modern world is so mired in problems, experiences and financial difficulties that people try to turn away from everything that happens and plunge into their universe. Many do not even watch the news in order to forget a little about wars, cataclysms and catastrophes. In such a difficult time, the services of fortune-tellers and clairvoyants begin to acquire great popularity.

Predictions from such people, endowed with supernatural abilities, help to know the future, cope with the resulting difficulties and even find their love. True, you need to apply only to proven clairvoyants, who actually proved the ability to see hidden from the common man.Forecasts of Faith Lyon for 2017- this is what may come in handy now. This well-known prophetess always speaks clearly, without any extra “water” and all fiction. Let us find out what thoughts she has regarding the near future, and what changes humanity should expect.

Future of Ukraine

Predictions for Ukraine for 2017 are not comforting - the problems of this state, unfortunately, will not dissolve, but, on the contrary, increase. The tense situation with Russia will reach its peak and the heads of these powers will already be ready to resort to the most radical measures. This state of affairs will affect not only the economies of countries, but also the morale of its inhabitants. Tired of long quarrels and quarrels, people will begin to protest massively, thereby causing another wave of discontent in power.

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But, despite this depressing state of affairs, the matter will not move beyond the already existing conflict. And if you take into account the current unstable era - this is a very good sign. Moreover, Vera Lyon still saw the resolution of this problem with a positive outcome. So it remains only to wait, when this outcome will come.

As for the situation in the Donbas, in 2017 all the regions of this region will unite into one strong region, not controlled by Kiev. Because of what reasons it will happen the great clairvoyant did not see, but this fact was still voiced.

The future of the global economic crisis

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Vera Lyon claims that throughout 2017 the crisis will continue its attack on the developed powers.But closer to the end of the year of the Fiery Rooster one can see a slight positive dynamics, which will gradually grow into a stable improvement.

In addition, the energy factor will influence the formation of the global economy. As soon as specialists can resolve this issue and find the right solution to current problems, the curve of the economic situation will gradually level off and rise upwards.

The future of climate and ecology

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The melting of glaciers in 2017 will not end, but, on the contrary, will pass swiftly and mercilessly. Despite the fact that such a phenomenon is the greatest problem for all life on earth, Vera Lyon is convinced that you should not give in to panic. Why pre-tune yourself to a bad end if it can still change radically. Nature is not fully understood, so it’s not worth arguing that all of humanity will disappear in the future, says Vera Lyon. She does not understand her “colleagues in the shop”, who raised such a fuss about this issue and set many people in the negative.

Clairvoyant declares that no flooding of the continents, the island, as well as their speedy departure under water will occur for a long, long time. No, there will be flooding, of course, but they will become local.Well, modern humanity has long been accustomed to such natural manifestations of character.

In the near future there will be a larger problem, which is unlikely to keep silent because it will reach enormous proportions. The publicity of this problem will occur almost immediately, but not because the “top” cares about its citizens, but because they themselves will be threatened. Pleases one, that the catastrophe can be localized and completely destroyed.

Another important point that Vera Lyon has noticed is the eruption of volcanoes. People should stop being afraid of such natural phenomena, because in 2017 they will not be a threat to human life. All that is said about the possible consequences of eruptions is mere speculation.

Future people

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Will not be in 2017, according to Vera Lion, Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev. The seer explains his demise by the fact that the time allotted for this man has ended, he has outlived himself and devastated his soul. In this situation, the psychic's prediction should be understood as follows: Gorbachev will not leave because of illness; sickness in this case is only the reason for the stopping of the functioning of all organsAnd the truth is that the higher forces decided to take this man to him, having decided that his stay on earth was meaningless.

In the upcoming 2017, Vera Lyon saw the mass revolts of Catholics against the institution of the Popes. From what the protests will arise, the clairvoyant did not say, but the consequences of people's discontent might lead to the destruction of the sacred statues of the current and previous heads of the Vatican.

So, another prophet claims that 2017 will be a difficult, but decisive year. It is he who will initiate new trends, new large-scale projects and incredible events that will soon help humanity to open up and enter a new era of well-being.

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