For many centuries, girls are trying to learnHis future by guessing at a betrothed. What is its appearance? When and where will the meeting take place? What is his name? A huge number of fortune-telling for all holidays can answer these questions. Epiphany, Kupal and Christmas fortune-telling on a spouse are passed from mouth to mouth for many centuries in a row.

Modern children who live in the twenty-firstcentury, refer to such fortune-telling with a certain amount of skepticism. Most likely, this mistrust is caused by the uncertainty of the situation, which we learn from the fortune-teller, as it is too rare to know the absolute result.

But, despite this, the girls continue to believe inpredictions and continue their fortune-telling fortunes. But it all begins with the school bench, when all the girls of the class just for the company were guessing at their second half, the present or the future is not important. But is it worth it to know your future in this way? Is it possible to trust what will happen? Let's try to figure it out.

Ways of fortune telling on a spouse

  • Holiday fortune-telling.Such divinations, as a rule, are folkcharacter. Think for yourself, letting the brooms into the river or throwing a boot through the whole hut is not fashionable, all this remains to us in the form of folklore from our ancestors. But, even if you are offered interesting fortune-telling fortunes,they are unlikely to work in urban areas.
  • Answers in dreams.If you put a container full of water nearbeds, and put two sticks in the form of a small bridge, and ask the prospective spouse to walk through this bridge, then the supposedly narrowed should come to your sleep. The same will happen if you put a comb next to you to comb your hair in a dream. Knowledgeable people say that very often in dreams comes a person who will become your love. In this case, it does not have to be narrowed. It's just a person you are constantly thinking about, and thoughts have the property of incarnating in dreams.
  • Candles and mirrors.Such fortune-telling fortunes are performed in an emptyroom at twelve o'clock in the morning. It should be checked that there are no sharp objects in the room, otherwise it is fraught with bad consequences. Usually, a stranger shows himself in a mirror, in front of whom the fortune-teller lights a candle. But such guessing, like all fortune telling with mirrors, causes more fear than interest, since it is believed that the image of the groom takes on an evil spirit. So it or not is unknown, but the impressions that you will have to experience before the mirror will not leave you indifferent.
  • Competition.These fortune-telling fortunes involve participationseveral girls who want to find out who will be the first to get married. There are many options for such fortune telling. So, for example, girls are planted in a row of bulbs, each bulb is a girl. Whose bulb first will rise, that girl first will put on a wedding dress.
  • Fortunetelling.Many people turn to fortune tellers to find out the fate. This method is understandable, so let's proceed to the next.
  • The Internet.This method of divination appeared relativelyrecently, but has already gained popularity among modern ladies. It consists that on specialized sites the computer program, using the theory of probability, answers your questions. Divination by the narrowed one can also be found on the Internet.

Is it true that fortunetelling is on a spouse??

Someone says that yes, but someone, that is not. Opinions are contradictory. But who is right then? This question has no exact answer. Most likely, based on the opinion of the fortune-teller, 50 per cent of fortune-telling on a spouse is still coming true.

The usefulness of fortune-telling

Such divinations strengthen faith. After all, almost all the troubles that surround us - this is the fruit of our shortcomings with you. We bring them with our negative thoughts, mood, behavior and expectation. When a girl guesses and gets a positive response - this has a certain effect on the setting she has defined herself, she begins to believe that she will have a family and children, and let not now, but in a few years, but, nevertheless , will be. Maybe it's self-deception, but at the same time positivity and self-confidence are the best criteria for building a life.

Harm to divination

But fortune-telling on a spouse can serve not onlyto strengthen faith, but vice versa. This happens when a negative result is obtained. So, for example, you are waiting for the appearance in your life of some brunette Dima, whom you guessed, and do not notice Sasha, which is an ideal option for you, especially since his feelings for you are sincere.

So, proceeding from all that we have determinedabove, we can conclude. Divination is good when they have a positive answer, they predict the expected results. Therefore, you should adhere to the rule that even if you have to meet Dima by the results of divination, you should not dwell on it, but just try to consider it as one of the options of your choice. To take such fortunetelling requires only positive moments. And whether you meet your destiny depends only on yourself.

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