Full Moon in January 2018

Two full moons in January 2018, when one falls on the beginning of the month, and the second on its last number is necessarily an emotionally intense period. At such times, it is important to follow the previously outlined plan, avoiding sharp ideas for changing the image, place of residence, and business partner. You should not give in to minute hobbies and run to collect suitcases for moving to a new object of your love. Allow time to quietly flow, the Moon to move from one Phase to another, and yourself - remain true to the principles and life course.

The Full Moon differs from the other synodal days in that the Moon is especially active on this day and many people feel its wave-like energy physically. The force field tends to strengthen and weaken. Energy is often so powerful that even a positive charge causes negative consequences for a person because of the inability to "control himself".

Those who consider themselves to be sensitive, temperamental and emotional should be taken as a rule in the days of the Full Moon to control their own mental balance.Sometimes it is during the Full Moon that chance and trivia may seem something meaningful and serious, which can cause a real mess in life.


Phases in january

The moon in early 2018 is still under the influence of the Fire Rooster. The period is characterized by relative calm. We should not expect the stormy phenomena of nature, cataclysms, dubious signs from the sky. The month is quite predictable, filled with everyday cares, solving everyday tasks. Taking into account seasonal features and long holidays, it makes sense to carefully monitor health, paying great attention to the gastrointestinal tract, throat, and state of mind.

Moon Phases:

  • Gaining strength and growing: 1 number, and from January 18 to 30.
  • Full Moon: 2 numbers at 05:04:03 and 31 numbers 16:26:32.
  • The New Moon: the 17th at 05:17:12.
  • The first quarter: the 25th at 01:20:20.
  • Quarter Last: 9th, 01:25:13.
  • Decreases: from 3 numbers to 16.
  • At the apogee: at 02:11, January 15th.
  • In perigee: 1 numbers at 21:56 and 30 at 09:55.

In the days when the satellite of the Earth is growing, a small risk is allowed, for example, in financial investments. Such periods are favorable for mental and physical work. New Moon will help in planning the near future.On the Waning satellite you need to deal with health, avoid litigation, rest and get enough sleep. The moon in the perigee, then you should be careful in words, not to succumb to bad thoughts.

January cycle

People are individual, so the influence of the moon on everyone is individual. There are general criteria that concern the majority, however, those who are really not indifferent to the help of natural resources need to observe their emotional and physical reactions to the changing Lunar Phases.

The lunar cycle table in January 2018:

Date / day of the week



Synodic day

Zodiac sign

Favorable days (Bl.) And unfavorable (N.)

Number 1st. Mon

Phase two. The moon is rising

Day from 14 to 15

From Gemini to Cancer Constellation

2 number. W.

Full moon in


15 – 16


January 3 Wed

Phase Three. Decay

16 to 17

From Sign Cancer to Sign Leo

4 January. Thu

The moon is waning

17 – 18

a lion

Number 5, Friday.


18 and 19

Lion and virgin

Jan 6 Saturday.

Is decreasing

Day 19 and 20


Jan. 7. Su

Is decreasing

20 – 21

From Sign Virgo to Sign Libra

January 8. Mon

Descending. Still Third Phase

Day 21


9 number. W.


21 to 22

From Sign Libra to Sign Scorpio

10 number, Wednesday

Descending, Quarter Fourth

22, 23


January 11th. Thu


23 and 24


January 12th. Fri

Is decreasing

24 – 25

From Scorpio to Sagittarius Constellation

Number 13 Saturday.


25 to 26


The number 14. Sunday.


Day 26 and 27

Sagittarius and Capricorn

January 15. Mon


27, 28


January 16th W.

Ember Quarter Four

28 and 29


January 17. Wed

New Moon at 5:17

Day 29, 1 and 2

From Capricorn to Aquarius

01.18.2018. Thursday.

Moon in Growth. Phase One

2 and 3


January 19. Fri


3 – 4

Aquarius and Pisces

January 20th. Sat


4 and 5


January 21. Su


5, 6


January 22. Mon


6 – 7

From Constellation Pisces to Aries

January 23. W.


7 and 8


January 24, Wednesday.

In growth

8 to 9

Aries and Taurus

The number 25. Th.

Growth. Quarter one

9 and 10


26 number. Friday.

Second Phase. Growth.

10 – 11

Constellations Taurus and Gemini

January 27th. Sat


11 and 12


28 January. Su


12 and 13

Gemini and Cancer

29 number. Monday.


13, 14


January 30. W.

Growth. Phase Two.

Days 14, 15

Cancer, Leo

31 number. Wednesday.

Full Moon at 16:26

15 and 16

a lion

Full moon

The January Moon abundantly sends positive impulses to Earth, which can be safely used to improve relationships with loved ones. This is the time for reconciliation, forgiveness, joint events, friendly meetings.The first full moon in January 2018, the date of which falls on the 2nd number - a great time for love victories, family reunion. The energy of the satellite of the planet does not encourage dramatic changes in life, rash risks in search of quick benefits and a thirst for danger for the sake of adrenaline rush. One should hold one’s ambitions of one’s nature, not put on luck, but give priority to prudence and caution. The best solution is to devote a day to communication with relatives.moon

31 numbers The moon will be held under the sign of Leo. The first half of the day should follow the usual rhythm of life. Those who work in a close team, it is necessary to ignore the taunts, otherwise quarrels with colleagues are possible. This day is favorable for people who want to make a career. You can slightly "push" on the authorities, but you must be consistent, otherwise there is a chance to be on the list of those who are not trying to finish the job. The moon will help those who are ready to go further and not afraid of difficulties.

Fast rhythms, endless streams of news and information, deprive the modern person's ability to manage their time. Accepting the help of the Moon is becoming more and more fashionable in our information and digital age.Based on natural and cosmic resources, you can take a deeper look into yourself and feel the taste of life to the fullest.

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