Gamow Peninsula, Primorsky Krai: photo, how to get?

The Gamow Peninsula (Primorsky Krai) successfullycombines a magnificent clean sea and a coastline with picturesque landscapes. Another feature of this place is underwater landscapes, where you can observe the stones, quaint forms, and sunken ships.

These beaches are considered to be among the mostsuitable for an unforgettable diving. A beautiful and majestic nature is opened here, which creates a unique atmosphere, remembered for many years. The rocks of this area can be considered unique - they are pines, which are a rare rarity.

Gamow peninsula

In addition to everything, this glory brought to the island hisunusual bays. So, the bay of Astaf'eva is one of the favorite, because it is here that the beach and the seabed are lined with pure white sand. Bay Telyakovskogo has a wonderful beach and blue clear water, which reflects the mountains with a picturesque pine landscape. He very often becomes an ornament of various postcards and calendars.

The best recreation centers of the Gamow peninsula

Gamow Peninsula Maritime Territory

Rest in Primorye (Gamow peninsula) enjoys great popularity among tourists, and it is absolutely not surprising. There are several residential settlements where you can find suitable accommodation for yourself.

For example, a bay called Vityaz has 200a person of the local population, but it is in the spa period that this place becomes the center of pilgrimage of tourists. Due to this, a large number of recreation centers and small tourist houses are located here. When going to rest in this area, you need to carefully read all the reviews and make the right choice for yourself. Such a preliminary concern will help plan your vacation very well.

Landscapes of this area are unique in their kind,especially tourists recommend to visit Telyakovskogo bay. The water here is clean, like a tear, and swimming is a pleasure. The shore of the sea is a rock of bizarre shapes, and especially beautiful you get pictures on the background of wonderful landscapes.

In addition to natural conditions, prices for accommodation and food are attractive for tourists. They are absolutely inexpensive, and the only thing that can cost a tidy sum is transportation services.

The most popular places for rest

peninsula gamow seaside edge recreation center

Excellent conditions for accommodation are offered by the Gamow Peninsula (Primorsky Krai):

  • The recreation center "Aurora", located here, is one of thethe most popular hotels among tourists. It is dictated by the fact that it is surrounded by a protected area, so attractive for tourists. The base consists of residential buildings, its own park, a canteen and a huge house territory. Here all conditions for a comfortable stay are created.
  • "Sea breeze" is another wonderful recreation center. It is small in size, which adds a cozy atmosphere to it. The administration offers accommodation for small houses or a settlement in a common building.
  • "Marine" - this recreation center is considered one of thecentral in Primorye. It is bordered by protected areas, resting here you can see a lot of natural beauties, as well as bring wonderful photographs from your vacation.
  • "Beregovaya" - this recreation center is located on the coastline. Therefore, at night, the rooms can hear the surf. Under these sounds it is especially pleasant to have a rest.
  • "Dolphin-Knight" - this base is designed for family rest. Here all conditions for the maximum comfort of guests of the establishment are created.

Each base will please vacationers with affordable and pleasant prices, good service and hospitality. Particular attention deserves bays of the Gamow peninsula. Let us consider them in more detail.

Vityaz Bay

The bay has its sights thatattracts a large number of tourists. One of the main is the house of MI Yankovsky. This man was the founder of horse breeding and reindeer breeding in the Ussuri region. In addition, with his easy hand, the first ginseng growing farms were opened here.

The bottom of the sea in this bay is covered with clean sand. There are no seaweed, pebbles and seashells, so here very often they stop with children. The beaches are very pleasant and comfortable, besides this bay offers a variety of all kinds of boarding houses and recreation centers. Housing for yourself can be found on any pocket.

bays of the Gamow peninsula

At low tide, in the central part of the bay one can observe such a phenomenon as the exposure of Klykov's stones. The sight is amazing.

The Bay of Salvation

The name of the bay has an unusual history, and the mostthe main thing is that this story has a happy ending. The thing is that this lucky incident happened to Lieutenant KS Staritsky. In 1866, he crossed the Gamow Cape on his schooner. During this event there was a terrible storm, the only salvation was the bay. After that, she was called the bay of Salvation.

The decoration of this place is the islands, whichcompletely overgrown with pines. A particularly attractive bay is for fans of the underwater world. In 1982, it was in these waters that a ship called "Quartz" sank. Now this ship is a real artifact, which is very curious to look at.

Astaf'eva Bay

This bay can be called amazing andincredible. The place simply fascinates with its magnificent nature, picturesque beaches, snow-white sand. There is no room for noise and human fuss. It is very pleasant to stroll around the bay. The water here is so clean that even from a certain height it's easy to see the stones that are placed on the seabed. There is a large number of protected areas in Astaf'eva Bay, but access to some areas is closed to tourists.

Telyakovsky Bay

This bay is different from otherlandscapes. The thing is that there is a rocky terrain here. The rocks have a bizarre shape and seem to hang over. The landscape is unique, looks incredibly majestic and at the same time casts a series of thoughts. In addition, to the bay adjoins another island. The locals nicknamed him the Island of the Wearing Heart. "This romantic name came from a natural phenomenon - in one rock bath there is a stone that, when stormy weather starts to move, collides with other stones, causing a sound like a heartbeat. The fact that if you want to make a wish on this place, it will certainly become a reality.
Until 1891, the bay did not have its own name. But then it was named in honor of VA Telyakovskii. It was this man who conducted geographic research here on behalf of the government.

Bay Dangerous

Gamow peninsula photo

This bay is not by chanceprecautionary title. In the middle of the flooded territory, under the very water there is a rock, which is quite a serious obstacle, and many vessels try to bypass this place in every possible way. But, unfortunately not all ships managed to miss this rock.

In 1897 a ship called "Vladimir"got hit against the rocks. It was this situation that forced the authorities to take certain measures. In 1901, a special commission was assembled, which needed to decide on the establishment of the lighthouse. The decision was made, a project was created, special equipment from France was brought to the city. Because of the military situation in the bay construction lasted for five years. But still the lighthouse was built, in 1906 the object was discovered.

Local argue that this bay is especially mysterious and harbors a large number of stories. So, for example, to this day not found some sunken ships here.

Lovers of adventure and beautiful photos should definitely go to the Gamow peninsula. The photos of these places are so magnificent that they can easily get off the postcard.

How to get there?

Gamow peninsula

To get to these wonderful places, firstyou need to get to Vladivostok. From there there are two ways to drive to the Gamow peninsula. Best of all, by car. The route takes about 3 hours along the Vladivostok-Khabarovsk highway. At the entrance to the village of Kiparisovo there will be a turn to the right, from there it is necessary to move towards the village of Razdolnoye. Passing Slavyanka, it is necessary to get to Zarubino, and then to Andreevka.

Without your own car you can also get to the Gamow peninsula. How to get there by public transport?

Primorye Gamow Peninsula

From Vladivostok, a shuttle bus runs to the villageZarubino. In the summer, he calls in Andreevka, and the rest of the time - just before the turn. From there you can walk by foot or catch a ride. The journey will take about 5 hours.

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