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Portrait - the art of image reproductionperson or group of persons with absolute accuracy. As a rule, this is an artistic drawing that obeys a certain style. The artist who painted the portrait can belong to one or another school of painting. And his works are recognizable due to the individuality and style, which the painter follows.

great portraitists

Past and present

Painters-portraits portray realisticallyexisting people, drawing from nature, or reproduce images from the past from memory. In any case, the portrait is based on something and carries information about a particular person. Often such a picture reflects an era, be it modernity or the past. In this case, portrait painters, instead of the usual background, depict several concomitant conditional signs, such as the architecture of that time, indicated in the background, or other characteristic objects.


Fine art is diverse, and itsseparate genres can exist independently of each other, but can be synthesized. So in a portrait different subjects are combined in one whole, but the person's face always dominates. Great portraitists of the past owned the art of artistic representation in perfection. To such masters can be attributed the Dutch artist Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669), who painted many portraits. And each of them is recognized as a masterpiece of painting. True art is immortal, because the canvases of Rembrandt van Rijn are more than five hundred years old.

great portraitists of the past

Engraving - fine art

Great portraitists of the past are nationalthe property of the countries in which they were born, lived and created their paintings. A notable trace in the history of painting was left by the German artist Albrecht Durer (1471-1528), who worked in the genre of engraving. His paintings are exhibited in the most prestigious museums in the world. Paintings painted by the artist at different times, such as "Portrait of a Young Venetian", "Portrait of the Emperor Maximilian", "Portrait of a Young Man" and others, are unsurpassed masterpieces. Great portraitists differ from all other artists in high level of self-expression. Their canvases are exemplary.

Women's theme

Giovanni Boldini (1842-1931), Italianartist, occupies one of the first places in the list of "Great portraitists of the world." He is recognized as an unrivaled master of female portrait. His paintings can be considered for hours, so accurate and picturesque images. Juicy colors, mostly cold shades, contrasting strokes, a game of halftones - everything is collected in his paintings. The artist manages to convey the character of the lady depicted on the canvas, and even her mood.

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Famous portrait painters of Russia

In Russia at all times there were great artists. Portrait art originated in the 14th century AD, when talented painters such as Andrei Rublev and Theophanes the Greek appeared. Their work was not fully correlated with the genre of the portrait, as these artists painted icons, but the general principles of creating images coincided.

In the same period, he created a famous artistDionysius (1440-1502), the protege of Ivan III, the Tsar of Moscow. The monarch instructed the artist to paint the cathedral or church, and then watched as he creates his masterpieces. The king liked to participate in such a charitable deed.

One of the first masters of Russian portraitart was Ivan Nikitin (1680-1742), trained in Europe. He enjoyed the goodwill of Emperor Peter the Great. The most famous works of Nikitin are the portraits of Augustus II, the King of Poland and the Duke of Mecklenburg.

Zubov Alexey (1682-1750), an outstanding masterportrait art. He was the favorite of Peter the Great. Together with his father, the famous artist-icon painter Fedor Zubov, he took part in the design of the Armory Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin.

famous portrait painters

Great portraitists of the 18th century in Russia, as a rule, wrote to order.

Vasily Tropinin (1776-1857), the famous Russianartist, truly famous in 1827. He created a belt portrait of Pushkin Alexander Sergeevich, the brightest representative of Russian poetry. The order was made by the poet himself. And the picture was intended for a friend of Alexander Sergeevich, Sobolevsky. The portrait became the most famous creation of all, on which Pushkin was ever portrayed. Painting "Alexander Pushkin" Tropinin forever became a classic of the genre.

Orest Kiprensky (1782-1836) began to write in 22of the year. The first portrait was created by Kiprensky in the style of Rembrandt, the canvas was depicted by AK Valbe. The most famous work of the artist is "Portrait of E. V. Davydov", written in 1809. Several paintings by Orest Kiprensky are in the Tretyakov Gallery.

Alexei Venetsianov (1780-1847) - Russianan artist who is considered the founder of the plot style in portrait art. He was a pupil of the venerable painter Vladimir Borovikovsky. The young artist Venetsianov gained wide popularity thanks to the painting "Portrait of a Mother", created in 1801.

portraitists of Russia

Borovikovsky Vladimir (1757-1825), a native ofMirgorod, became famous and famous after meeting with Catherine II, traveling within the framework of her tour of 1787. The painter created a series of art paintings in the palace, which was on the path of the empress. Catherine was delighted with the work of Borovikovsky and awarded him a large sum of money.

List "Great portraitists of Russia of the 19th century"headed by Ivan Nikolaevich Kramskoy (1837-1887), an outstanding painter, master of mural paintings of a religious nature. The portrait art of Kramskoi allowed him to create a series of images of famous people, among them PM Tretyakov, SP Botkin, II Shishkin, ME Saltykov-Shchedrin, LN Tolstoy and others.

The most famous portraitists of Russia are modern

Igor Belkovsky (born 1962), Corresponding Member of the Russian Art Academy, member of the Union of Artists of Russia, laureate of the "For a Bright Future" Award, established by the Governor of the Chelyabinsk Region.

Alexander Shilov (born 1943), People's Artist of the USSR, member of the presidential council for culture and art. He is the author of numerous portraits of his contemporaries.

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