Grinding concrete by one's own hands: technology and equipment

Before you finish the finishconcrete floor, you should make sure of the evenness of its surface. Before applying impregnation, dedusting, coating with varnish or paint, it is necessary to prepare the surface. The first stage of work is the grinding of concrete. Next, consider how it is conducted and what tools can be used.grinding of concrete price

Characteristics of the process

Sanding concrete is one of thevarieties of surface treatment. With its help, the old coating is removed, the screed is leveled before applying the strengthening impregnations, protective varnish, liquid coating, decorative thin-layer paint. Preliminary surface treatment is performed 3-5 days after pouring. The final grinding is carried out after the base has completely hardened.

Why is it necessary to grind concrete?

Today, the floors are very popular. The technology of their application assumes absolute evenness of the surface. Properly executed grinding of concrete not only will allow to level the base. It will ensure its reliable adhesion to polymer coatings. High-quality grinding of concrete gives strength to the floor. This will save later on the materials to care for him. In addition, there will be no need to carry out frequent restoration of the foundation. The polished concrete floor is suitable in almost any interior. Such a surface perfectly tolerates the conditions of the external environment: the base is moisture resistant, resistant to aggressive influences, high permeability, the movement of heavy equipment. All these properties are acquired during the grinding of concrete.

Where are the treated surfaces used?

Grinding of concrete, the price for which starts from 220 p / m2, is held in the premises of different purposes. The most widespread use of such surfaces was in supermarkets, large stores, residential and office buildings, restaurants and cafes. The polished floor can be seen in hotels, salons, theaters, medical institutions and educational institutions. Within the private domain, such a foundation is made in the courtyard in front of the entrance, in the cellars. Grinded concrete floors are an excellent covering in garages, economic and country constructions.grinding of concrete

Important points

With a new concrete floor, it is necessary, in the first placeturn, eliminate the milk of lime. It appears in the process of pouring in the course of the separation of the solution. If the surface is old, the aim of grinding is to remove the uppermost damaged layer. In addition, the treatment allows to eliminate any contamination. In the process of grinding, aligned deformed areas with cracks, chips, rips, jags, ripples and other flaws. After treatment, the top layer of the surface becomes fresh. In this case, the adhesive properties of the substrate also increase.

Types of processing

Sanding concrete is carried out wet and drymethod. However, regardless of the method, the equipment is used the same. Wet treatment is usually carried out on a base covered with mosaic or marble chips. With this method, an abrasive disc is used to grind concrete. As a result, an almost perfect surface is formed. On a normal concrete base, a dry grinding method is usually used. Here it is necessary to say that this option takes more time, and there is a curtain of dust in the air. But, according to most experts, this is better than a wet sludge, covering the eyes. Visibility in dry handling is better. This means that the wizard can immediately fix them if there are any shortcomings in the work. To eliminate dust from the room, special industrial vacuum cleaners are used. In the process of wet surface treatment, water pumps are used.grinding of concrete by a Bulgarian

Equipment and tools

You can buy the necessary devices inany store of building materials. The equipment is produced mainly by European and American manufacturers. Professional grinding machines are quite expensive. But at the same time the quality of their work is quite high, and the service life is very long. Many units are endowed with additional functions that are substantially obeying the process. The greater the weight of the machine, the better the quality of the processing. However, for working at home, even simpler tools will do. For example, many owners are grinding concrete with a Bulgarian. Actually, there is no need to purchase expensive equipment for small-scale works. To treat the floor at home, a diamond cup is used to grind the concrete. For one or another type of coating uses its own granularity. Specialists recommend using a disc with a score of 25-30. For the processing of the first layer, grain 40 is suitable. The larger the nozzle for grinding concrete, the higher the load the tool can withstand.diamond cup for grinding concrete

Features of the screed

Grinding can be carried out on any concretesurface. The result of the treatment will depend on the fillers, the time during which the coating lies, and its brands. The screed can have a thickness of 3 mm. At the same time, pits and hillocks are allowed on the surface. However, the difference in the difference should not be more than 5 mm. When choosing the material for screed, it is necessary to take into account the purpose of the room. For a warehouse of a small area, a garage, a production hall, the concrete of the brand M150-M300 is perfect. The solution has high strength and necessary qualities for processing. To make the floor more durable, concrete of the brand more than M300 is used. With regard to the filler, then the best option is today the fine fraction of metamorphic and igneous rocks. If polishing work is subsequently assumed, then the use of marble or granite chips is allowed. With such a filler, you can create a rather original surface. The material with marble chips is processed quite easily. Granite and gravel are considered as the hard bases for grinding. Specialists do not recommend the use of a high density filler. At the same time, too low an indicator can worsen the quality of the floor.disk for grinding concrete

Preparation of the substrate for treatment

This stage is very important. First you need to remove the previous cover. After this, different potholes and scratches may appear on the base. As a rule, such defects are removed with the help of continuous grinding. This, in turn, may entail additional costs. At the preliminary stage, you should check the smoothness of the surface. If there are defects, you will have to increase the number of diamonds on the disk. If necessary, all cracks on the surface should be sealed. Also, make sure that there is no reinforcing mesh or reinforcement bars in the top layer. The obligatory stage is to determine the strength of the coating. To do this, tap the entire area of ​​the base. If it detects a fragile area, then you have to re-fill the entire floor. To determine the rigidity, it is sufficient to process a small area with a grinder.concrete grinding head

Grinding concrete with own hands

The work can be carried out after 2 weeksafter the solution has solidified. During this period, the base will gain the necessary strength. Before polishing the floor is treated with a reinforcing agent. This mixture reacts with calcium hydroxide, as a result of which a mineral-binder is formed on the surface. It closes the pores and makes the screed more resistant to moisture. Surface treatment with grinder is carried out gradually in any direction convenient for the master.grinding concrete by one's own hands

The final stage

After finishing the grinding, you can install skirting boards andperform surface treatment. To create a glossy base, polyurethane varnishes are used. They are applied by brushes and rollers directly after grinding to the surface, cleaned of dust. The varnishing of the floor is usually carried out in several layers.

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