Growing Oyster in the Home Conditions

Nowadays it is increasingly possible to meetenthusiasts - amateurs of homestead mushroom farming. Many gardeners and truck farmers have heard something about this area in the management of household plots, but do not know where to start, especially since there is not enough literature on this issue.

Beginners can be recommended mushroomsgrowing oyster mushrooms at home. This wonderful mushroom of an unusually pleasant taste is as if created by nature itself for growing at home. His growing popularity comes from those most valuable qualities that the oyster has. This mushroom is undemanding to the conditions of its maintenance is very fast and high-yielding.

Still - a few figures can literallybewitch any gourmet, and he, perhaps, himself will become addicted to such an interesting lesson as growing oyster mushrooms at home? From the moment of planting to the first harvest, only a month and a half passes. And 10 kilograms of delicious mushrooms, collected from one square meter of a mushroom plantation, and not just once, but every month, just enthralled!

The unpretentious and undemanding nature of the fungus tothe conditions of cultivation, perhaps, also do not know their peers: growing oyster mushrooms at home - and this mushroom grows well on wood, and on sawdust, even on paper, straw, corn cobs and sunflower husks - just fabulously cheap.

In nature, oyster mushroom is very common. It occurs in autumn on trees - weakened or even dead, on a fallen tree and on stumps. Veshenka loves the coolness and is not afraid of even strong frosts. Some inveterate mushroom pickers go "over mushrooms" even in winter, and in view of this there is a wonderful mushroom oyster mushroom.

Growing oyster mushrooms at home beganPractice more recently, only at the beginning of the century. But only at the very beginning of the history of home oyster mushroom grew according to extensive technology. Now this method is also relevant, especially for those who like to grow a culture in imitation of nature and for those truckers who always have a catastrophic lack of time.

Growing oyster at home in this old waypractice on logs, bars and pieces of other wood. In logs or sawn logs, drill holes and place in them pieces of mushroom head or mycelium. After that, carry the fungus "firewood" to a forest clearing and leave them there.

The method of growing oyster mushrooms "in imitation of nature"is extremely simple and does not require detailed consideration. In addition, this method has many drawbacks - the growth of fungi depends on the change in weather conditions, the yield is very low, and the overgrowing lasts three to four months. Hence, those who do not like to wait for the opportunity to collect the harvest of mushrooms at last, it is possible to recommend the cultivation of oyster mushrooms at home in a somewhat different way, allowing to get a good harvest of mushrooms, regardless of weather, but also of the season!

In fact, oyster mushrooms in the homeconditions on intensive technology is not at all difficult. To grow oyster mushrooms, a substratum is needed, which is best used for straw rye, barley or wheat. Straw must be dry, clean and free of mold and foreign odors. Straw can be crushed, and you can leave it unplated. Then, to prepare the substrate, you need to ram the straw into a large container, fill it with warm water, bring it up to 70 degrees with heating and hold for three hours. Then drain the water, cool and lay out the resulting substrate to remove excess water on any surface.

Now you can proceed to landing. To do this, polyethylene bags are used no more than 50 centimeters wide, in which the substrate and mycelium need to be laid in layers. After that, in blocks (so-called bags obtained with substrate and mycelium) at equal distances, you need to make small holes, into which the fungus will grow.

After that, the blocks must be carried to the basement and wait for the harvest. That's how you can grow oysters at home.

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Growing Oyster in the Home Conditions Growing Oyster in the Home Conditions Growing Oyster in the Home Conditions Growing Oyster in the Home Conditions Growing Oyster in the Home Conditions Growing Oyster in the Home Conditions