Handicrafts from chestnuts

In the autumn in many city parks you can find chestnuts. This is an excellent material for creativity, which you can add crafts or use separately. Especially children like to work with chestnuts. Perhaps this is because of them often make funny animals or men.

ideas for crafts with children
We have made for you a selection of 10 interesting ideas for crafts from chestnuts. All workshops are designed for children of school and preschool age, but you can learn some tricks for your own compositions. If your child is preparing for the autumn crafts competition, use the entire lesson or combine it with something else.

Earlier we already told you what can be done from acorns. If you do not have chestnuts, some workshops you can adapt to them. We also recommend to view collections of handicrafts for children from cones, leaves and other natural materials. Chestnuts can be used in crafts on the theme of "autumn" in combination with them.

How to prepare the material?

Before you begin, you need to estimate the approximate number of chestnuts, and then go to collect them. For some compositions, the whole fruit will be needed (it is worth taking chestnuts together with a prickly shell). For other handicrafts you need only the nut in the shell.

Chestnuts should be washed with water at room temperature, wiped with a cloth and let them dry a little. If you need to make holes in them, it is best to use a sharp awl. In some cases, the knife is suitable, but be very careful - if you collect chestnuts in late autumn, their shells will be quite hard. Such chestnuts are best used for crafts entirely.


This option crafts from chestnuts suitable kids for the competition in kindergarten. Well, or just for fun.

chestnut caterpillar

We will need:

  • chestnuts (7-10 pieces);
  • plasticine;
  • matches

It will be great if you can find chestnuts of different sizes so that the caterpillar turns out to be long and become smaller towards the tail. If you want to help the child, then you can fasten the nuts with each other with an awl and a fishing line. If, according to the terms of the contest, it is necessary for the children to do everything with their own hands, then clay will act as a “glue”.

We also make a muzzle of a caterpillar from plasticine, and extend the horns with the help of matches. If the work of chestnuts should be autumn, just add to the composition of dry beautiful leaves.


This work is also suitable for kindergartners, but be careful - the prickles of chestnuts are still quite unpleasant.

chestnut hedgehogs

We will need:

  • chestnut with peel;
  • plasticine;
  • paint (optional).

If you have acrylic paints, you can draw a face to a hedgehog. Also suitable for nail polish. However, see that they are not toxic - otherwise you should not work with them with your child.

Chestnut spikes are attached to the shell on the clay. A muzzle can also be completely made of it. Add the legs so that the hedgehogs are stable.

chestnut hedgehogs

Such animals can be made part of great crafts from natural materials.


And this hand-made article especially like girls. With a bit of effort, you’ll get cute chestnut beads that will decorate the outfit of a little princess.

chestnut decor

We will need:

  • chestnuts;
  • fishing line or silk thread;
  • beads;
  • paint (optional).

Chestnuts are best to take the same size. We pierce them with an awl.The line can be inserted into the hole, and the silk thread will have to help the needle. To make the beads look more interesting and more beautiful, alternate them with small beads.

chestnut beads

If you want to make a necklace more interesting, chestnuts can be painted. The most convenient way to do this is with a school pen putty. This white liquid fits perfectly on the surface of the shell and does not roll.

A heart

This craft you have to tinker with your child. He can insert a wire, and you can make holes in chestnuts.

chestnut beads

We will need:

  • 30-40 chestnuts;
  • thin durable wire.

Flat chestnuts of small size are most suitable for this craft, but you can pick up the ones that are in stock. We make holes with an awl. String chestnuts on the wire and bend the crafts heart.

Such a heart can be a great decoration for the home or part of the autumn composition. For example, if you add leaves or ribbons, you can get a kind of wreath in the autumn style.


Funny owl - one of the most favorite children's crafts from chestnuts. It can be not only attributed to the exhibition, but also fun to play with it.

chestnut owl

We will need:

  • whole chestnuts;
  • toy eyes;
  • 2 acorns;
  • branch;
  • Super glue.

From acorns, we need only hats. Carefully remove them, put a little glue in the inside, and then put a toy eye in there. So we will make for our owl huge eyes. Attach them to the chestnut. The beak can be made from paper or a small dry blade of grass. Or just draw.

Connect two chestnuts to each other. The wings will be made of barbed shell to imitate feathers. If the child will play with this craft, they can be replaced with dry leaves.

If you are planning to take an owl from chestnuts to an autumnal craft contest for school or kindergarten, plant it on a branch so that it is sustainable.

Cheerful flower

It is impossible to look at this craft without a smile - it is so funny. These brown geeks can live in a flower in your home or become part of crafts.

chestnut flower

We will need:

  • whole chestnuts;
  • culinary skewers;
  • toy eyes;
  • glue.

Cut the shell of chestnuts so that large holes are formed. In some cases, one is enough, and sometimes you can do two or even three. Eyes for our funny prickly flowers will be made from artificial blanks or from clay.You can also simply draw or cut out of cardboard.

The hole in the chestnut is better to make an awl. Culinary skewers, if necessary, you can sharpen a little.

If your child was asked to do a handicraft on the theme of “autumn”, then you can simply add an autumn bouquet to such thorns. Plant them in a pot and complement the composition with leaves - it will be fun and creative.


This hack is suitable for the little ones. It can be made literally in 5-10 minutes. For the competition in kindergarten - the most it.

chestnut mushrooms

We will need:

  • 2 chestnuts;
  • plasticine.

Chestnuts can be cut in half. If they are flat enough, use them entirely. Roll out green plastic on cardboard. Then make two columns of white clay and firmly install it on the base. Sit on top of the cap. It remains only to supplement the mushrooms plasticine berries.

To make the crafts more autumn, you can put a small dry leaf on the mushroom.


We are talking about children's chestnut crafts, but this option is slightly different from the others. It is designed to manufacture not with children (although it is possible, of course, and so), but rather for children.

chestnut alphabet

We will need:

  • chestnuts;
  • acrylic paints.

Instead of acrylic paints, you can take a nail polish or a permanent marker. They can successfully replace the school putty-pen. It is best to choose, of course, flat chestnuts, so that they do not roll on the table. Write letters or numbers on each one.

With this chestnut game, your child can learn the Russian or English alphabet. It can also be used for teaching math or reading. This is an analogue of our usual cubes, only here we change the material and make the game with our own hands.


You can make a chest of chestnuts with your own hands not only with a child for a competition to school or kindergarten, but also to decorate the house. Complete your own version with a beautiful decor and fix chestnuts with glue. The children's version will, of course, be simplified.

chestnut tops

As a basis, you can take an unnecessary rubber or tennis ball. You can also use ready-made balls for topiary or foam. If there is nothing at all, make a ball out of paper (for example, papier-mâché).

We will need:

  • basis for topiariya;
  • chestnuts;
  • plasticine;
  • thick branch;
  • any decor;
  • flower pot;
  • stones

First we form the top.The ball should stick around with a thick layer of clay from all sides. Then we begin to set chestnuts in such a way that there is no distance between them. If they are large, add beads or other decor.

In the central part, install a thick branch on a layer of clay. Fill the bottom of the pot with plasticine, put a stick in it. Then lay it up to the top with pebbles to make the construction sustainable.

Now you can add any decor. These can be bumps, leaves, ribbons or something else. Such an odd job is definitely worthy of the first place in children's creative competitions.


Play with these animals will not work, as they are made of clay. But you can take them to the competition or put them in the children's room.

chestnut animals

We will need:

  • two chestnuts on one animal;
  • plasticine;
  • matches

Choose who to do, depending on what kind of chestnuts you have. Approximately equal in size suitable for large animals that you plant. Flat and small - for horses, goats, giraffes and other animals with long legs / paws.

Muzzles made of plasticine. If desired, you can add not large beads.Everything else is also made from plasticine. Even preschoolers can master this craft.

We hope that you liked these workshops on working with chestnuts, and you noted for yourself interesting crafts. All lessons can be adapted to the autumn theme, if your child is faced with just such a task.

Chestnuts are an excellent material for creativity, so if you are in the park - take as much as you will carry. You can make a huge composition at home on whatman paper and sit there dozens of chestnut animals or just decorate the house with them.

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