Happy New Year 2018 Congratulations

The New Year is a fun holiday, so congratulations on the New Year 2018 are funny - an essential element of this magical and joyful celebration.


Funny congratulations allow you to wish dear and close people all the most important and essential, and even to confess your love, but do it without heavy pathos, in an easy, humorous manner. After all, all the same, as we hope and believe, all desires and sincere words made and spoken on New Year's Eve are sure to come true.

What can you wish for Year of the Dog?

According to the Chinese horoscope, 2018 is the year of the Yellow Earth Dog. There is a big difference in the perception of this animal in the Eastern and Western traditions. For a Westerner, a dog is the personification of loyalty and friendliness, devotion and selflessness, a favorite member of the family.

In the East, there is no such piety before these animals, the attitude towards them is more pragmatic and devoid of excessive emotion.In Chinese mythology, a dog is a symbol of wealth, protection and justice, which, however, did not prevent the Chinese from raising dogs for slaughter. Recently, however, attitudes toward “friends of man” have begun to change, and they are already contained not only for pragmatic purposes, but also as favorite pets.

Happy New Year 2018 Congratulations

In the Year of the Dog is best to wish:

  • financial well-being;
  • stability;
  • good luck;
  • good health;
  • true friends;
  • peace and understanding in the family;
  • success in work.

All these phenomena, according to Eastern sages, Yellow Earth Dog will patronize and, moreover, multiply their positive impact.

Happy New Year 2018 Greetings

Congratulations on the New Year with humor can be composed in a variety of forms and genres. Of course, it is necessary to take into account many factors:

  • venue and the general atmosphere of the celebration. It’s not exactly the same thing to say cool greetings at the official (albeit dedicated to the New Year's meeting) meeting with business partners and a corporate party;
  • especially the nature of the recipient, the presence of his sense of humor.Without this gift, comic words can be perceived as an insult, which is completely inappropriate on this good holiday;
    degree of closeness with the addressee. You must admit that not everyone, even the most loyal boss, will enjoy a friendly banter, even with an indication (albeit a joke) of some of his flaws;
  • degree of irony and humor. This is also an important aspect. The main thing, they say, is not to overdo it, or a greeting can turn into a malicious one in the meaning or a vulgar message.

Congratulations can be in verse or prose, short or long. It all depends on the circumstances that dictate the nature and characteristics of New Year's greetings. Good helpers in this - the sense of proportion and humor.

Examples of congratulations in prose

Happy New Year! Let him always manage to look soberly at life, but at the same time be drunk with happiness. I wish the champagne to wash away past insults and sorrows, so that in the New Year there would be so much luck and fun as the peas in the largest bowl with Russian salad.
Congratulations on the New Year and with all my heart I wish, if it’s crap, then only to the brawn, if you fall, then only in the arms of your loved one, if you are afraid, then only among the enemies, if there is garbage,it is only in the form of bottles of expensive alcohol and containers of black caviar.

Happy New Year 2018 Congratulations

Congratulations in verse

Favorite Parents Friends and colleagues
With an ax went to the forest.

Christmas tree - a miracle of miracles! Tinsel decorated house, Rain unraveled com.


Paul washed, wiped dust.

And a champagne bottle. Olivier in the pelvis mountain.

Happy New Year dear!

A wonderful holiday is coming to us!

I wish you a New Year,

My mom, look younger,

And to manage everything, and everything is in time!


Let your dreams come true! So that you feed us deliciously, So that Dad would help in everything, And our home was full of happiness!

Check in your problems

And forget to pick up later

In the New Year, with a new theme -

In any state!


All be fulfilled, believe me,

And do not think about the other

Happiness is waiting for you at the door.

Happy New Year! All a bunch!

Let Santa Claus come to you on New Year's Eve. Let him find in his pocket

Dress straight from Armani.


And it is better that he looked like Apollo.

In general, my dear, I congratulate you!

I wish dad a New Year, Let success come to you, A man that you need to be happy?

Friends always be near

To drink beer together, Football and women discussed,

Let your dreams come true, So that you were the happiest!

Changing the themes of the days of the past,

And reigning triumph

Dog year is coming has come

Dictated something really their own.

We do not mind his arrival,

After all, we always have a dog - a friend!

That knew and knows exactly everyone

A colleague knows, I know!

And congratulations on this year,

And I wish you all from the heart,

So that all colleagues will certainly

That year, happiness would be found!

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