How is hemorrhoids treated during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, the risk of "catching" hemorrhoidsand in women who give birth to this disease is much more common than those who have a baby for the first time. The following are the causes of the delicate disease:

- due to the fact that the uterus is constantly growing, the outflow of blood is difficult. Therefore, stasis, widening of vascular plexuses and a decrease in the tone of the vascular wall occur;

constipation, which is one of the mostthe main causes of this disease. Treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy in this case is due to a special diet that can regulate the evacuation of the intestine;

- women "in position" move little, so the blood flow slows down and stagnation occurs in cavernous bodies;

- the disease may not appear duringpregnancy, but it appears in the process of the birth itself. In this case, intra-abdominal pressure rises, the vascular plexuses are squeezed, thereby traumatizing. The more time it takes for attempts, the more likely it is that hemorrhoids will occur.

This disease can be avoided if one followscertain moments - do not get involved in alcohol, sedentary and sedentary lifestyle, do not suffer from obesity and play sports. Treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy should always be accompanied by a diet that is prescribed by a doctor. In this case, the expectant mother will need to eat those foods that have a large amount of vegetable fiber. You need to eat vegetables, wheat bran and fruit, which have a lenient effect. Fermented milk products are also useful in hemorrhoids, as well as nuts, black bread and cereals, but not to get carried away with wheat and semolina. For constipation, dried fruits such as dried apricots and prunes help. To treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy happily, it follows the future mother to abandon strong tea, biscuits, cocoa and macaroni, and also completely eliminated spicy food and alcohol.

The rules of hygiene should be observed especially importantwith this disease. From usual toilet paper it is necessary to refuse, she prefer wet wipes. It should also be washed with cool water after defecation. If the hemorrhoidal nodes come out, then sedentary baths are recommended, which are done 10 minutes a day. Usually such baths are added with potassium permanganate or chamomile, which have anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effects.

Treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy is notin the admission of medicines, and in the conduct of special gymnastics. Women who are waiting for the baby, take pills, ointments and suppositories are not recommended. But it is in most drugs that contain ingredients that are contraindicated to pregnant and lactating mothers. Nevertheless, some medicines are quite acceptable, but in case of appointment by a doctor. Therefore, doctors advise women "in an interesting situation" to conduct the following exercises:

- in the sitting or standing position, first strain, andthen relax the gluteus muscles and the muscles of the anus. The plus of this exercise is that it can be performed even in a crowded place, since it will not be noticeable to others;

- in the prone position, raise, and then lower the pelvis, while leaning on the shoulder girdle and feet;

- Twist the bicycle.

Treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy cancarried out by popular means, only very carefully. The most common method is using potatoes, a candle is cut from the vegetable and inserted into the anus every night. Such treatment of hemorrhoids in pregnant women is not dangerous. Also there are all kinds of broths, but many are not recommended to women in the situation.

And in the end you can add that the treatment of hemorrhoids during pregnancy should be done carefully, so as not to harm yourself and your beloved future baby.

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