How often to water the tomatoes in the greenhouse.

In the summer for summer residents, there are two treasured words: tomatoes and watering. Proper watering is important for all vegetables, not only for tomatoes. Especially for those that we grow in greenhouses. Here are excellent recommendations for when and how often to water the tomatoes in the greenhouse from planting seedlings to ripening excellent harvest of tomatoes.

Excess moisture is not allowed here. On the other hand, dry soil will not lead to good. For tomatoes in a greenhouse, conditions are needed when the air will have 50% humidity, and for the soil it should reach 90% of the value. If this is achieved, then as the temperature rises, the leaves will begin to evaporate moisture. That will lead to cooling of the whole plant.

How often should I water the tomatoes in the greenhouse?

It turns out that their need for water depends on the stage of growth. It is impossible to equally moisturize freshly planted seedlings and adult plants. When planting under each bush to pour up to 5 liters of water. Then a week they are not watered, because they must take root.

After 10 days from planting, the plants begin to develop. And the question of how often water the tomatoes in the greenhouse, becomes urgent. After all, their roots are still weak, there is no strength to pull moisture out of the depths. The frequency of watering is twice a week. Each time it is necessary to pour out 3 liters of water under a bush.

The next stage, when it is necessary to review the situation with how often it is necessary to water the tomatoes in the greenhouse, is their flowering. The amount of watering should be reduced to one in seven days. But you need to pour 5 liters of water over the garden again.

The signal to increase the frequency of irrigation is the appearance of fruit. How many times to water the tomatoes in the greenhouse at this time? Again 2 times a week. Only the volume of water should not be too large. An excess of moisture will certainly lead to rotting roots. Therefore, tomatoes will develop poorly or will die.

When tomatoes begin to blush, it is necessary to think again about how often to water the tomatoes. Since here the number of watering should again be brought to once a week. And again, the water should not be too much. From her ripe tomatoes begin to crack.

There is a significant sign that plants need moisture. The tips of the upper steel sheets dry and curl. This is a sure signal that tomatoes are not getting enough water. And such tomatoes also need additional feeding.

Rotting the lower part of the trunk or leaves will tell you about an excess of moisture. In such a situation, it is urgent to reduce the volume of water during irrigation and its frequency.

How to water the tomatoes in the greenhouse?

The main principle is to pour water strictly under the root. The moisture on the leaves of tomatoes in the sun will turn into mini-magnifying glasses and burns will appear. Before watering tomatoes in the greenhouse, the ground around the plants must be pooled.

There are several ways to water the tomatoes after planting in the greenhouse. The most common of them is manual. That is, using a watering can.

The second method of watering tomatoes is drip. It is often used in large greenhouses. This is due to the fact that manual watering will take a lot of time and effort. This watering of tomatoes allows you to get water directly to the roots. At the same time it is possible to reduce the humidity of the air.

Water for irrigation should be about 23 degrees Celsius.This is easy to achieve if you put a large container (for example, a barrel) filled with water in the sun.

When is it best to water the tomatoes?

Not at noon. Since the sun will now evaporate much moisture from the surface. From this, the air will become too humid. In order for the maximum amount of water to go to the soil, watering time must occur in the morning.

Why in the question of how to water tomatoes in a polycarbonate greenhouse, it is forbidden to do this in the evening? At night, its doors are usually closed, so evaporation will significantly affect the humidity. It will be harmful to tomatoes.

In the evening, it is allowed to water the tomatoes only if it is expected to have a warm night, so you can leave the greenhouse open. Or a long time to air it before closing the doors.

By the way, closing the greenhouse immediately after watering is prohibited in any case. After all, some of the moisture will evaporate. Humidity will increase, and this is harmful. Therefore, it must urgently be lowered, that is, ventilated.

Watering a tomato in a greenhouse through plastic bottles

This technique allows you to achieve drip irrigation without buying expensive equipment.For this it is enough to collect plastic bottles all winter. Or specifically buy a suitable container.

Bottles must first be prepared. Cut the bottom. In the part about the neck pierce a lot of holes. And they should be only in those places that will be immersed in the soil.

Since up to 5 liters of water are consumed per plant, it is desirable to use containers of exactly this volume. Or dig around the right amount of bottles around each tomato.

We hope that you have no questions about how to water the tomatoes planted in the greenhouse. It must be remembered that this is not the only condition that tomatoes need for full growth, especially in cold summers. Do not forget to feed the tomatoes during flowering and pasynkovat them. About these nuances can be read in detail in other articles of the site

Proper watering will reduce the likelihood of such diseases as phytophthora. Therefore, the harvest will not disappear, and will be used for food or canned.

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